Ist mein freund mein lebenspartner

in English when a einer is bei a connection with one more man, he kann sein say he"s his boyfriend. In, saying "Freund" when both are of the same sex is normally understood zu mean die equivalent of "friend", notfall implying a relationship. Same goes zum women.

Du schaust: Ist mein freund mein lebenspartner

Is there a word for this?



Basically there ist no distinction, which periodically makes the difficult zu understand.

So when ich say das ist meine dich it"s notfall obvious even if it is she ist my girlfriend or just a friend.

Usually people then to speak something like das ist eine Freundin (von mir) for the 2nd case.

Concerning die same geschlecht - a colleague des mine zu sein homosexual and when i speak des his friend it"s not obvious zum others that ich mean his boyfriend.

So, pretty viel lacks a word here...


A boyfriend can be dubbed »fester Freund«, a girlfriend »feste Freundin«.

There is also the term Partner (Partnerin) or, to clarify that it’s not a unternehmen partner, Lebenspartner (Lebenspartnerin).Another term is Lebensgefährte (Lebensgefährtin).

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The only correct price is: no. Both friend and boyfriend space "Freund" an, and this often causes confusion. walk not have a einzel word zum this - and bei fact, this isn"t together easy kommen sie express as an english.

In, wie man you speak

Das zu sein mein(e) Freund(in)

most people möchte assume its your boyfriend/girlfriend.

However, if freundin say

Das zu sein ein(e) Freund(in) (von mir)

then many people wollen understand the just a friend, not your boyfriend/girlfriend.

So ns difference is bei mein(e)/ein(e), which renders it a little bit hard zu grasp.

With same-sex relationships, its not that easy. Many people wollen simply notfall assume freundin are gay/lesbian, unless you came out zu them before.

You can, however, use other terms zu refer zu your boyfriend/gilfriend.While young civilization (teens mostly) wollen prefer "Freund(in)", adults often use Partner(in) or Lebensgefährt(e/in) zu describe your romantic partner.This works an extremely well zum same-sex partnerships, too, und is an fact what I"d introduce using. If a male personen introduces someone together his "Lebengefährte", its fairly damn clean what he meant. No confusions. Very same applies weil das female and "Lebensgefährtin".

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Its also clear if you talk about other persons. If you oase a happy friend und talk about his "Lebensgefährte", everyone möchte understand. If you talk about his "Freund", not dafür much.