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News, entertainment, and more on your TV and mobile devices.1 No subscriptions. No credit cards. Just free TV.

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Your devices deliver instant, cost-free TV.¹ start the TV plus app and use the GUIDE to see what’s on now or what’s coming nach oben next.

start watching now" data-link_cat="learn more">See every channels anfang watching now" data-link_cat="learn more">Download the anwendung
continue to be up to date stay up to date Get e-mails about the newest channels and programming deshalb you never fehlschlagen a show. Get e-mails about ns newest channels und programming so you never miss a show.

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Stay up kommen sie date on ns newest channels und programming from TV Plus.

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Your devices kommen sie with TV plus –’s totally free ad-supported clever TV videos service, delivering prompt access to news, sports, entertainment, und more. No subscription, additional device, or credit transaction card needed. TV Plus ist 100% free. When we to speak no strings attached, we typical it. No subscriptions, no new fees, no credit card, just free TV. TV Plus is available ~ above 2016-2021 TVs and select Galaxy devices.

Eligible devices:

Galaxy S7 Galaxy S7 active Galaxy S7 sheet Galaxy S8 Galaxy S8 energetic Galaxy S8+ Galaxy S9 Galaxy S9+ Galaxy S9 add to Galaxy S10 Galaxy S10 5G Galaxy S10 plus Galaxy S10e Galaxy S10 Lite Galaxy S20 series Galaxy S20 FE Galaxy S20 FE 5G Galaxy S20 Galaxy S20 5G Galaxy S20 extremist 5G Galaxy S20 to add Galaxy S20 add to 5G Galaxy S21 collection Galaxy S21 5G Galaxy S21+5G Galaxy S21 ultra 5G Galaxy grad 7 Galaxy klasse 8 Galaxy klasse 9 Galaxy note 10 Galaxy grad 10 5G Galaxy note 10 add to Galaxy note 10 Lite Galaxy klasse 10 plus 5G Galaxy note 20 collection Galaxy grad 20 Galaxy klasse 20 5G Galaxy grad 20 ultra Galaxy grad 20 ultra 5G Galaxy Z Fold2 5G Galaxy Z flip Galaxy Z flip 5G Galaxy Xcover zum Galaxy A3 Galaxy A5 Galaxy A5 (2017) Galaxy A6 Galaxy A6+ Galaxy A7 (2017 und 2018) Galaxy A8 Galaxy A8 (2018) Galaxy A8+ (2018) Galaxy A8s Galaxy A9 (2018) Galaxy A9 pro Galaxy A9 stern Galaxy A01 Galaxy A02s Galaxy A10 Galaxy A10e Galaxy A10s Galaxy A11 Galaxy A12 5G Galaxy A20 Galaxy A20e Galaxy A20s Galaxy A21 Galaxy A21s Galaxy A30 Galaxy A30s Galaxy A31 Galaxy A32 5G Galaxy A40 Galaxy A41 Galaxy A42 5G Galaxy A50 Galaxy A51 Galaxy A51 5G Galaxy A52 5G Galaxy A70 Galaxy A71 Galaxy A71 5G Galaxy A80 Galaxy A90 5G Galaxy J2 core Galaxy J3 (2017 und 2018) Galaxy J3 popular music Galaxy J4 Galaxy J4 core Galaxy J4+ Galaxy J5 (2017) Galaxy J6 Galaxy J6+ Galaxy J7 Galaxy J7 (2017) Galaxy J7 core Galaxy J7 Duo Galaxy J7 pop Galaxy J7 oberteil Galaxy J8 Galaxy M01 Galaxy M01s Galaxy M10 Galaxy M10s Galaxy M11 Galaxy M20 Galaxy M21 Galaxy M30 Galaxy M30s Galaxy M31 Galaxy M31s Galaxy M40 Galaxy M51 Galaxy wrinkles Galaxy Tab S7+ Tab A7 + Lite (LTE) Tab A7 + Lite (Wi-Fi) Galaxy Tab A 8.0 Galaxy Tab A 8.0 (2019) Galaxy Tab A 8.4 (2020) Galaxy Tab 8.4 Galaxy Tab A 10.1 Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2019) Galaxy Tab A s Pen Galaxy Tab A ns Pen (2019) Galaxy Tab ns 8.0 Galaxy Tab S4 Galaxy Tab S5e Galaxy Tab S6 Galaxy Tab S6 5G Galaxy Tab S6 Lite Galaxy Tab S7 Galaxy Tab S7 add to Galaxy Tab Active zum Galaxy Tab energetic 2 TV plus delivers free direkt TV und on-demand. Don’t lakers something the fits your interest? No problem. Us are constantly adding new channels kommen sie our lineup to ensure the you can watch what you love, whenever you want. Seen our full channel perform here.
Yes! not only do freundin get cost-free TV through Samung TV Plus, but freundin get a free channel prefer Bloomberg in 4K too. TV Plus is easy to get to. Here are your options. TVs: rotate on her TV to start watching. TV Plus instantly starts playing dafür that you kann instantly anfang watching. Navigate to TV Plus über using the apps bar situated at ns bottom des your TV screen. Simply click the TV Plus app to enter die experience. TV to add delivers instant access deswegen you don’t oase to work kommen sie watch TV. Below are a few tips ~ above how kommen sie get die most out von TV Plus:

How do ich see those on jetzt or later? TVs: With the Guide you can see what"s top top now and what’s coming trost next.

Note: You kann access die Guide von pressing bei on CH top top a Smart Remote, or von pressing GUIDE top top a traditional remote.

Galaxy devices: You can access your the Guide an the direkte section of the app.

How do ich change ns channel? TVs: niederdrücken CH hoch or down zu change die channel.

Galaxy devices: Go kommen sie the direkt section und select a various channel from ns Guide

How tun können I access my freshly watched networks or gain recommended reflects or movies? TVs: drücken sie CH hoch or down to change the channel and access to tool tip when it appears on-screen. Click on DISCOVER and enjoy!

Galaxy devices: go to the DISCOVER section of the app.

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If you schutz a compatible Galaxy maker you kann simply visit die Galaxy Store und Google Play anwendung stores search for " TV Plus" und download or use these quick linke seite to download the app. Once you oase downloaded the app it"s easy! just launch the apps to discover what freundin want kommen sie watch.
While the feature is not available punkt this time, sie are able zu continue watching your favorite shows und movies bei the TV Plus find section.

press notifications are used zu alert customers of new channel android - press Notifications

1. Open android System Settings

2. pick App/Notifications

3. Tap ~ above the TV to add app

4. Under Notifications, Uncheck or on slide Off

No, you can watch totally free TV there is no a Samung account. If sie choose zu create a account, it wollen unlock extra features so you can personalize her streaming experience. The extra functions include proceed watching, favourite channels, modify channels, collection watch reminders, und create clock lists. Already have a account? No need zu create a new account, your existing account möchte work here too!
Don"t panic, her channel has been featured due to the fact that it"s awesome! nur scroll to ns top of your Guide zu continue watching her favorite shows. Once the featured home window has ended, it will move zurück down zu it"s home.
This ist the TV Plus encourage list of channels that wichtig the most popular networks on TV Plus. TV Plus provides a vast range of programming and just around anyone should be able zu find miscellaneous interesting. If you want zu remove the channels that you don"t watch, or sie decide sie don"t desire any von these channels hinweisen this time, you kann remove all von the TV to add channels.

Note: If you remove all of the channels, the TV Plus apps will not play immediately until neu channels are added. Neu channels room added kommen sie TV plus occasionally, deswegen if sie don"t desire to seen them, you"ll schutz to repeat this process.

niederdrücken Home on her TV remote, navigate kommen sie TV Plus, hover over ns app, choose Channel List, then choose Edit Channels.

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Select networks to markierung them through a check, and then choose Delete to remove ns channels from her TV add to Channel list. If sie select the kasten next to All Channels, all channels are selected weist once. TV to add is an integrated feature von your TV und it can"t be totally removed. However, if sie remove all von the channels, TV to add will not appear on her TV anymore uneven a new channel is added. Periodically, new channels are added und you"ll need zu remove lock if you don"t want TV Plus. You can deshalb remove the TV Plus anwendung from her TV"s home screen. Just highlight it, niederdrücken Down, and then choose Remove > Remove.
Note: You tun können restore die TV to add channels by performing a smart Hub reset. Yet this möchte sign sie out von all of your apps, deshalb you have to make sure you oase all von your login information and your TV"s PIN code (default ist 0000). Navigate zu Settings, und then choose Support. Pick Self Diagnosis, und select Smart Hub Reset kommen sie perform die reset.
We freshly removed die ability to purchase und rent content in TV Plus, deshalb while your movies and shows aren"t listed in TV Plus, they room all still available in the Fandango jetzt app. You tun können even verknüpfung your Fandango account through Movies Anywhere, and access your movies through other an excellent apps like google Play Movies and VUDU.
Yes, in internet connection ist required to stream complimentary TV on TV Plus. If sie are streaming on your mobile device, note that charme usage rates may apply.