Ist Sperma Gut Fürs Immunsystem

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Du schaust: Ist sperma gut fürs immunsystem

Potency mittel mehr Sperma Men's Hochdosiert for increased production von Spermien Improved wahrscheinlichkeit To confident Pregnancy Tests – Pharmacy Product
✅ in 1x A boy recommended. Rises fertility and testosterone levels – Acts as a testosterone booster✅ high concentration of l Arginine + Maca powder + wie Carnitine + 20: 1 cranberry extract + Pumpkin seed Extracts + Sarsaparilla source powder✅ increases amount des Sperma without die side effects✅ take it 1 capsule v plenty des water einnehmen✅ Pharmacy product made bei Germany with 30 days money return guarantee.

L-Argininhydrochlorid, L-Carnitin- L-tartrat, Überzugsmittel: Gelatine, Füllstoff: Mikrokristalline Cellulose, Macawurzelpulver, Kürbiskernextrakt 4:1, Cranberryextrakt 20:1, Sarsaparilla-Wurzelpulver, Zinkoxid

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L-Arginine is an amino mountain produced von the human body itself. Nevertheless, Potentamed+ is the right choice especially zum athletes who desire a complement with prompt effect. However long-term use can so support afford sporting goals.


high quality from Germany.

Strict quality regulations and standards apply to die development and production of Potentamed+. Potentamed+ ist made and bottled exclusively an Germany.

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the L-Arginine contained in Potentamed+ kann support training, especially when it get its limits. Studies nur longer stamina under intense, anaerobic loads.

It ist recommended kommen sie take 3-5 g L-arginine before any type of sports cultivate or an the morning on bei empty stomach. Since L-Arginine is also a problem produced von the body itself, i beg your pardon is so absorbed durch natural protein from food, it ist non-toxic. Therefore, no side effects occur if sie follow ns recommended dose.