The all-new third-generation Isuzu D-MAX has landed in Australia, promising familiar workhorse credentials but in a shiny, modern exterior and interior. There’s a new engine, transmission and styling, plus a stronger chassis & suspension package. But the biggest changes have been made to lớn safety, technology, refinement & cabin kiến thiết, which will appeal to lớn a much broader audience that will have sầu lớn pay more for it.

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This is the Isuzu D-MAX lượt thích you’ve sầu never seen it.The popular pick-up may have sầu won over a legion of loyal fans in recent years on the baông xã of workhorse capability and a proven ownership record.

Now, Isuzu is stepping away from the no-frills approach that saw the D-MAX bemiyvue.come Australia’s fourth most popular ute for a more upmarket offering that has its sights mix on the nation’s top-selling hay-haulers, the Ford Ranger and Toyota HiLux.

The third-generation D-MAX range arrives in Australian showrooms next week with a huge boost in safety, giải pháp công nghệ and refinement – & a corresponding hike in prices.

However, Isuzu is quiông chồng to bức xúc it hasn’t diluted the robust appeal of its 20-svào D-MAX line-up.

Needless lớn say, it has a big point lớn prove.


High-spec, high-tech

The first all-new Isuzu D-MAX since 2012 arrives with a new engine, transmission and styling, plus a stronger chassis and suspension package.

The Isuzu D-MAX continues with 4x2 and 4x4 drivelines, and three body toàn thân styles – single cab, space cab, & crew cab.

Remiyvue.commended retail pricing for the new D-MAX range now spans $32,200-$62,900 plus on-road costs – see our separate pricing story for the full breakdown.

In short, prices have increased by at least $1900, with 4x4 ute models up by between $3300 lớn $6000 and the top-shelf X-Terrain driven here now $8100 dearer than the former LS-T flagship.

The trim grade hierarchy begins with the workhorse SX, before moving through LS-M và LS-U and then topping out with X-Terrain.

Even entry-level SX versions of the D-MAX now miyvue.come equipped with a 7.0-inch touch-screen with Apple CarPlay & Android Aulớn, plus a reversing camera, 17-inch steel wheels và a cloth interior.


Higher-spec LS-U và X-Terrain models receive sầu a larger 9.0-inch centre screen, dual-zone climate control, LED headlights & tail-lights và LED DRLs, among other features.

A highlight of the 20trăng tròn Isuzu D-MAX range is the new Intelligent Driver Assistance System (IDAS) package, which is standard across all models and features numerous cutting-edge safety technologies.

The IDAS system utilises a twin-camera set-up from Hitabỏ ra, which Isuzu says offers greater precision than single-camera systems to lớn help detect vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists and other potential hazards.

In addition to lớn staples like anti-loông xã brakes and stability and traction control, IDAS technologies include autonomous emergency braking, post-collision braking, Forward Collision Warning, Lane Departure Warning, Blind Spot Monitoring và Rear Cross Traffic Alert, ahy vọng other features.

There are also eight airbags including a segment-first centre airbag to prevent front occupants from head collisions in the event of an accident.

The 20trăng tròn Isuzu D-MAX is yet khổng lồ be assessed by ANCAP. but Isuzu says it is confident of achieving a maximum five-star safety rating.

The D-MAX’s six-year/150,000km factory warranty continues but miyvue.complimentary roadside assistance increases from six years khổng lồ seven.

A seven-year/105,000km capped price servicing scheme is also available, spaced across 12-month/15,000km intervals.

The price of the seven-year package has dropped by $470 lớn $3373, or an average of $481.86 per service.


Powering the entire Australian D-MAX range is Isuzu’s new 4JJ3-TCX 3.0-litre four-cylinder turbo-diesel. The triệu Euro 5 emissions-miyvue.compliant engine produces 140kW of power at 3600rpm & 450Nm of torque over 1600-2600rpm, with 450Nm available over 1400rpm-3000rpm.

That’s a decent hike from the outgoing Model, with more torque delivered lower in the rev range and across a far wider band. The outgoing Isuzu D-MAX produced 130kW at 3600rpm và 430Nm over 2000-2200rpm.

The engine is mated to lớn either Isuzu’s six-speed manual transmission or Aisin’s lakiểm tra six-tốc độ Rev-Tronic automatic with sequential sports mode. For a $2000 price premium, the latter is said khổng lồ offer faster, smoother shifting than before.

Fuel economy is up slightly for most variants due khổng lồ an uptiông xã in kerb weight (although it’s down for some), with the ADR miyvue.combined-cycle figure now pegged at 7.7-8.0L/100km, depending on the variant.

Elsewhere, Isuzu says the 2020 D-MAX’s new ultra-high-tensile steel toàn thân is 8kilogam lighter yet offers 20 per cent more rigidity, while wheelbase is up by 30milimet (3125mm) và the ute is wider overall, with a lower roof line & shorter front & rear overhangs.

The ute’s overall length is 30milimet shorter, yet the load cất cánh is larger across both ute & cab-chassis variants.


The new ladder-frame chassis is claimed khổng lồ be stronger thanks lớn larger chassis rails & an additional cross-thành viên, while the new suspension platkhung – independent double wishbones up front & lighter but stronger three-leaf springs và dampers at the rear – is said khổng lồ deliver a more controlled, responsive ride.

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Isuzu says the suspension, available in both standard and heavy-duty formats depending on the variant, has been tested & tuned for Australian conditions.

The range also now benefits from electric power steering &, for 4x4 models, a rear differential loông xã as standard.

Vented front discs have increased both in diameter & width (now 320x30milimet – up from 300x28mm), while 295mm drum brakes continue at the rear.

Elsewhere, a higher air intake increases wading depth lớn a sizeable 800milimet, an improved ‘Terrain miyvue.command’ system shifts from high range to lớn low range in under a second, & hill start assist & hill descent control are standard across the range (4x2 và 4x4).


Ground clearance has increased lớn 240mm (up 5mm) in LS-U & X-Terrain variants, while approach, departure and ramp-over angles have sầu also improved for virtually all 4x4 models. For LS-U và X-Terrain, that’s 30.5 degrees (approach), 24.2 degrees (departure) và 22.8 degrees (ramp-over) respectively.

The new rear suspension offers an extra 30mm of axle travel & subsequently better wheel articulation, while transmission gearing ratios remain unchanged.

All told, the new D-MAX continues with a 3500kg braked towing limit, 350kilogam maximum tow ball limit & trailer sway control as standard.

Gross miyvue.combination mass limits (5850kg to lớn 5950kg) carry over, but gross vehicle mass limits have increased by 50kilogam to 3000kilogam (4x2) and 3100kg (4x4).

Maximum payloads range from 970kilogam (X-Terrain, down 54kg) lớn 1320kilogam (SX single cab-chassis, manual).

Even after perusing its specs sheet và pouring over imagery of the new Isuzu D-MAX, the new model bears a certain wow-factor in person.

The styling upgrades lend a more striking appearance than before, especially in the khung of our top-spec X-Terrain, which punctuates its new look with striking daytime running lights and a gaping grille.

The new Ranger Wildtrak-themed roller tonneau cover is a nice touch, too, even though it does eat into lớn some tray space.

Inside, it’s a similar story. Soft materials now adorn many of the tương tác points and the stitched leather steering wheel feels nice in the hands – a significant departure from D-MAX models gone by.

There’s still a hard-wearing premise to lớn the cabin though, which suggests it will happily acmiyvue.commodate everything its users throw at it.

Isuzu’s new 9.0-inch centre display takes pride of place in the dashboard, offering access to its myriad functions and controls.

Navigating the various menus feels a bit convoluted và clunky miyvue.compared with many of its segment rivals – which could spawn from the fact your correspondent is more familiar with their software – there’s no physical volume knob và the reversing camera image is slightly clouded.

Elsewhere, the new D-MAX wins big points for its storage và passenger amenity, with an assortment of charging points throughout the cabin, ample cup and bottle holders và adequate proportions.

Our X-Terrain Mã Sản Phẩm offers face-cấp độ air-vents for rear seat passengers, but requires those fitting child seats lớn make use of a centrally-mounted anchorage point shared between the outer pews. Hardly ideal.

Depressing the starter button, the Isuzu’s new 3.0-litre engine feels, well, familiar. Despite Isuzu’s insistence the oiler is all-new, it wakes khổng lồ life with a similar diesel clatter, and produces an ever-present soundtraông xã at idle and on the road.

It might have higher 10kW/20Nm outputs, but the new D-MAX still gets up khổng lồ speed in a similarly audible fashion, slightly detracting from the newfound refinement of the rest of the vehicle.

The engine is quite reliant on the six-speed automatic gearbox lớn kiông xã down ratquả táo when overtaking; fortunately, the shifts are smooth và well-timed with the exception of during braking, where the gearbox doesn’t kiông xã down gears as enthusiastically as some segment rivals.

Once at tốc độ, however, the D-MAX settles inlớn a quiet rhythm và feels planted on the road. At highway speeds, the engine spins at a miserly 1700rpm, helping bring down real-world fuel consumption khổng lồ a respectable 8.5L/100km in a phối of conditions on-chạy thử.

Undoubtedly, the new Isuzu D-MAX has made significant improvements on the road. The new electrically-assisted steering is now thoughtfully weighted, accurate & devoid of unwanted kickbaông chồng, while the ride quality has improved significantly – without challenging segment leaders lượt thích the Amarok or Ranger.

On a bumpy B-road, the D-MAX is afflicted with the same tremoring that affects most dual-cab utes, with larger hits making a more pronounced impression through the cabin. It’s a major improvement though, helping the lademo Isuzu live sầu up khổng lồ its newfound brief.

We didn’t take the D-MAX off-road, but a brief tow kiểm tra with a 2800kg caravan reveals it may not be as stable or surefooted under tow as its rock-solid predecessor. However, we will reserve sầu full judgement for an upmiyvue.coming miyvue.comprehensive sầu tow thử nghiệm.

There’s no easy ride in the miyvue.competitive sầu utility segment, which is now heavily populated by new or updated models from Toyota, Mazda, Ford and, soon Nissan.

They will go up against a classy new Isuzu D-MAX that is decidedly more modern, better rounded and more miyvue.comfortable than before, và deserves to attract a bigger legion of fans.

miyvue.competition improves the breed, and the new Isuzu D-MAX is clear proof of that.

How much does the 20trăng tròn Isuzu D-MAX X-Terrain cost?Price: $62,900 (plus on-road costs)Available: NowEngine: 3.0-litre four-cylinder turbo-dieselOutput: 140kW/450NmTransmission: Six-tốc độ automaticFuel: 8.0L/100km (ADR miyvue.combined)CO2: 207g/km (ADR miyvue.combined)Safety rating: Not yet rated

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