J Lo From The Block

A look back at what freundin might have missed from ns Jenny from die Block music videoBy Bronte Gossling| 5 months ago

Jennifer Lopez's 2002 quit hit einzel 'Jenny from ns Block' — the das lied that coined produziert oft-used nickname — might be virtually two decades old but, many thanks to the Bennifer renaissance, die music video ist more relevant than ever.

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Featuring rappers Jadakiss and Styles P. Of The LOX and sampling lied like 20th Century steel Band's 'Heaven and Hell zu sein on Earth', Boogie under Productions' 'South Bronx' and Enoch Light's 'Hi-Jack', ns R&B monitor was the lead einzel on Lopez's dritter studio album, This zu sein Me... Then (2002).

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The music video builds ~ above J.Lo's lyrical message des wanting kommen sie stay humble regardless of finding fame und fortune von showing her relationship with then-fiancé Ben Affleck through die lens von the paparazzi in bei almost-lament about their lack von privacy.

Media overexposure and public interest bei their relationship is what the duo would danach cite as die reason behind ns breakdown of their engagement an 2004.

Here room five einzelheiten from die production sie might oase missed.

Ben Affleck (at die time engaged kommen sie J.Lo) und Jennifer Lopez attend the Los angeles Lakers v. San antonio Spurs playoff video game at die Staples zentral May 11, 2003 bei Los Angeles, California. (Getty)

Jennifer Lopez really provided Ben Affleck the watch

Although Affleck said in 2008 the starring an Lopez's music video nearly "ruined his career", the Gone Girl gibbs apparently blieb knows wherein he come from.

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Lopez, 51, und Affleck, 48, schutz been watched all loved-up out-and-about freshly since ns songstress' split from baseballer Alex Rodriguez.

Earlier this week, twitter users noticed that the Argo actor was wearing die silver-chain watch that J.Lo gave kommen sie Affleck practically two decades ago.

In one scene von the music video, Lopez zu sein seen gifting Affleck the watch bei a blue box with a white bow-tied ribbon — and it was apparently not just a prop.

Jennifer Lopez gives Ben Affleck a watch an the music video. (Epic Records)

Affleck was so seen wearing ns accessory at a see game with Lopez an 2003.

The video was filmed entirely bei Los Angeles

While J.Lo sings a homage to her Bronx block roots in New york City, bei a rather ironic twist von reality, ns songstress never actually left ns West coastline to film the video.

Filming of the four-minute clip took 3 days, indigenous October 18 zu October 20 2002.

J.Lo ist seen dancing on ns streets of neu York City. (Epic Records)

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The All i Have singer zu sein seen acting, singing und dancing in an apartment (from surveillance/paparazzi footage), top top a yacht with Affleck and out und about bei a jewellery store, restaurant and gas terminal with herstellung man.

She is also seen performing an the brightly-lit highways of new York city with Jadakiss and Styles P. — though that was all filmed from die comfort of a studio in Los Angeles.

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Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez carry out onstage during the 17th annual Latin Grammy Awards at T-Mobile arena on november 17, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Getty)

Jennifer Lopez supposedly wanted die video banned

After herstellung marriage to singer marc Anthony, 52, bei June 2005, the songstress apparently tried kommen sie ban ns steamy video from airing.

According kommen sie Us Weekly, die Second Act star's employee allegedly said MTV und VH1 that the video, i m sorry shows her canoodling up zu then-ex Affleck, must "not be thought about or shown" in their schedules.

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It was alleged that die reason zum this was that anthony supposedly jealous.

The couple danach divorced bei 2014, and share two children together.

Ben Affleck und Jennifer Lopez's connection was ns subject des intense media attention. (Getty)

The videos left movie critics divided

Some doubters applauded Lopez's explain of notfall forgetting herstellung roots, but others dismissed it as 'silly'.

Other movie critics thought die video missed ns mark in the post it was trying zu send.

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In a scathing review, Justine ashley Costanza wrote zum International business Times in 2012: "Back when Lopez was engaged to the wholesome actor, she chose it would be best kommen sie make a video about how difficult their leben were.

"Poor J-Lo couldn't lounge on produziert yacht, it is in adored bei a warm tub, or wear her $1 million engagement ring without someone taking produziert picture.

"It's not easy being overly well-off superstars," Costanza wrote.

Jennifer Lopez's white hair coat und red lipstick look from the video became iconic. (Epic Records)

Jennifer Lopez ausblüten remembers wherein she come from

Critics aside, Lopez still commemorates herstellung early job two decades later.

At the MTV VMAs an 2018, Jenny from ns Block performed a 10-minute medley of herstellung greatest hits as she accepted the michael Jackson videobilien Vanguard Award, honouring herstellung lifetime achievement bei music.

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Her power included zugriffszeiten such as 'Waiting weil das Tonight', 'On the Floor', 'Let's get Loud', 'Dance Again' and 'Love Don't cost a Thing' before die opening notes von the long-awaited 'Jenny From ns Block' soared from ns speakers.

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At one point, Lopez threw ~ above a white fur coat, using bei iconic fashion momente to litter it rückseitig to ns music videobilien that to represent a cornerstone of produziert career (and personal life) — 'Jenny from the Block'.

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