Jake Paul Vs Floyd Mayweather

Unbeaten floyd Mayweather is a substantial favorite over amateur boxer/YouTuber Logan Paul in their Sunday night boxing enhance (8 p.m. ET, Showtime PPV).Mayweather vs. Paulus odds are not offered legally in the vereinigt States because ns fight isn't sanctioned über the florida State Boxing Commission.Raheem Palmer zu sein laying die big price with 'Money', und gives his full Mayweather vs. Paulus pick und preview below.

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Mayweather vs. Paul Odds

Mayweather odds-700
Paul odds+400
WhereHard Rock stadion (Miami Gardens, Florida)
TimeAbout 10 p.m. ET
TVShowtime PPV
Odds as von Sunday morning and via European sportsbook Betfair. Find out how zu read this odds here.
The truth is stranger 보다 fiction, isn’t it?

This Sunday the greatest boxer des our generation, ns retired and undefeated 15-time world champion in five various weight classes und former pound-for-pound king floyd Mayweather Jr. (50-0, 27 KOs) returns kommen sie the runde to fight YouTube stern Logan paul (0-1, 0 KOs) at Hard absent Stadium bei Miami Gardens, Florida.

If you’re doing a double take, you’ve read that properly — yes, Paul isn’t known for being a fighter however rather a YouTuber star who has actually 23 million subscribers on a buchseite featuring täglich vlogs the consist of everything native picking hoch girls using his puppy to buying und selling Pokemon cards zu pranks an which he startseite himself through peanut butter prior to walking through a dog park.

Before moving kommen sie YouTube, paulus gained popular on Vine, the now defunct society media platform which enabled users to post six 2nd videos, eventually structure enough von a following kommen sie appear on law & Order: unique Victims Unit and Bizaardvark, bei American comedy series that aired on ns Disney Channel.

His following ist impressive enough weil das anyone to take notification but participating an the Sweet Science ist another point all together. While Mayweather is an International Boxing Hall von Fame fighter, walk 50-0 during a career covering from 1996 v 2017, Paul is just 0-1 bei his fighting career, failing kommen sie defeat other YouTuber KSI in a break-up decision loss november 2019.

Roll her eyes, scrunch your confront up in disgust, dislike it or love it — this ist is a “legalized bank robbery” for the boxer who’s nickname zu sein ‘Money’ together this fight zu sein sure to garner plenty von eye balls v Mayweather und Paul gift two des the most polarizing figures an pop culture. In a sport primarily based on tribalism where the biggest fights feature boxers von opposing ethnic backgrounds fighting one another, this matchup as did Mayweather’s belastung fight, a 2017 match against UFC superstar Conor McGregor, capitalizes on the public’s hunger zum the next good White Übertreibung while deshalb delivering a spectacle that wollen entertain ns masses.

Hype aside, this is nothing more than in exhibition — in eight round non-sanctioned bout v no judges und no official winner declared. Although the fight tun können be quit due kommen sie knockout also as ns referee’s discretion, there will be no scorecards. Despite that, oddsmakers opened up Mayweather as a -5,000 favorite und similar to ns McGregor fight through square money betwing the dog, this has since been gambling down to a -700 with paul coming in as a +400 underdog.

Since there is no main scorecard and no main winner, die only way to win is von stoppage. Can paul shock die world and pull off ns upset or will Mayweather continue to show why he’s dominated ns sport von boxing weil das 19 years?

Let’s analyze ns fight und find out!

Fight Analysis

Let’s it is in honest, us all know Logan paul shouldn’t be bei the same runden as floyd Mayweather Jr. An many means it’s in insult the this fight is taking ar as Mayweather ist one of the greatest fighters an the history of the sport, bei International Boxing Hall des Fame fighter who’s unable to do undefeated in his 19-year career with a 50-0 record and 27 knockouts v wins end Manny Pacquiao, saul “Canelo” Alvarez, Oscar außerdem La Hoya, Shane Mosley, Diego Corrales, Miguel Cotto, Juan Manuel Marquez.

As Mayweather said bei his promotional interviews, ‘I ain’t gotta usage my A game, my b game, my samen game. I kann sein use my Z game,’ Mayweather said at die event bei Miami. ‘Don’t also gotta hit er hard. Result’s going zu be the same.’

He’s ideal but an ext importantly, Mayweather is one von the finest defensive kämpfer of every time. Mayweather’s patented shoulder roll and cat quick reflexes has actually shielded ihm from a lot of punishment, do opposing fighters feel frustrated if looking completely silly. Pacquiao zu sein a Hall von Fame fighter who is the only eight-division world champion in the history des boxing and the erste boxer to win die lineal championship an five different weight classes yet could only festland 81 the end of zum 429 punches bei a 12 ring fight against Mayweather.

Alvarez zu sein the existing pound-for-pound ideal boxer lively but in his 2012 match against Mayweather, Alvarez walk a better job connecting with ns ropes 보다 Mayweather. Mayweather has die highest plus-minus an boxing according kommen sie Compubox, landing 47% des his punches if opponents festland just 22% des their punches zum a +25 plus-minus.

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As Roy jones Jr said an his interview with TMZ Sports, “You’re talking about ns greatest defensive fighter von all time, deshalb it’s very hard zu hit him,” including that the doesn’t give paulus a gelegenheit as boxers couldn’t struggle him, so how could a no boxer hit him?

Mayweather zu sein 44 years old, five years gotten rid of from his belastung serious fight und three years eliminated from his match against Conor McGregor however unlike many von his contemporaries, he’s repeatedly kept himself in great shape post boxing career deswegen that won’t be in issue at all and he should still have superior conditioning zu his opponent in Paul. This fight is just eight, three-minute ring which ist light work zum Mayweather who on regular basis boxed 30 minute sparring sessions including sessions with 5 kommen sie 8 minute ring with different sparring partners moving in.

Both fighters will it is in wearing 10-ounce gloves as opposed to the 12-ounce gloves the they were going zu wear initially deshalb that should increase the chance for a stoppage. Die biggest thing unsophisticated fight fans und those unfamiliar with the sport of boxing room talking about in regards zu this fight zu sein Paul’s size advantage as he’s 6-foot-2 through a six-inch height advantage, hold a four-inch reach benefit with a 7- inch reach.

Paul will deshalb have a huge weight advantage, outweighing Mayweather on ns night of the fight von close to 30 pounds but he möchte be fined $100,000 zum every lb he weighs bei over the 190-pound weight limit. Given the size advantage, Paul’s coach has most likely tried to have him arbeit on zu sein jab kommen sie control distance but given the discrepancy bei skill, it most likely won’t matter. 

Its most likely we lakers Mayweather put on a show zum the audience to keep the entertaining, carrying paulus as that did McGregor by simply walking him down with die high guard, knowing paul can’t pains him. In an interview with facility Magazine, Mayweather said, “We want zu give ns people entertainment. If ich wanted to, ich could go the end there and if i want to ich could knock er out in the first-round. If that’s what ich want zu do, ich could do it rough. What ich want zu do is oase fun and I nothing want zu knock ihm out best away. Sie know why? i really want to lakers his skills. I want kommen sie show er that there’s a difference between the elite level, real elite boxing, und YouTube boxing. We’ll see. Ns movement is totally different.”

Mayweather is expected zu come an at 160 pounds and hasn’t come an for any kind of fight over 154 dafür he will be ns smaller fighter kommen sie fight night. This isn’t unusual however as we’ve checked out Mayweather overcome enormous height und weight advantages throughout his career.

Tony pepp was ns tallest fighter Mayweather has faced at 6-foot-1 und a half and he made simple work des him, out working him über landing 250 des 490 punches (51%). One von Mayweather’s signature wins hinweisen featherweight was his success over Diego Corrales, who was die No. 1 ranked supervisor featherweight an the world and fifth on runde Magazine’s pound-for-pound list, ranked ahead von Mayweather an both.

Corrales had countless size advantages, two inches bei height und inch in reach und was tall, explosive und powerful. Mayweather made simple work des him, winning every round and knocking him down 5 times, including three times in round 7 and twice bei round 10. With Mayweather relocating up in weight kommen sie fight bigger fighters an Canelo Alvarez und Oscar dach La Hoya and also his time in the gym in which the fights larger sparring partners, Paul’s height und weight benefit won’t be bei advantage weist all provided his lack of skill.

Mayweather vs. Paulus Pick

The 1996 comedy movie, the “Great White Hype” certification Samuel wie Jackson, perfectly explains the floyd Mayweather mit Conor McGregor fight and this weekend’s fight against Paul. A boxing promoter create a “white” contender zu drum hoch interest zum a prize fight with die best boxer in the sport und everyone buys into it despite ihm not having a worthy resume.

This isn’t the betting opportunity that the 2017 Mayweather mit McGregor fight was. That was a sanctioned boxing match in which ns public overwhelming bet on McGregor, pushing die line indigenous -2000 zu -400 on Mayweather. You could even get almost even money ~ above Mayweather winning by knockout against an MMA fighter who never prior to stepped into ns boxing ring. The was the greatest betting opportunity of our life time if you bet Mayweather an that fight and I’m not sure if we’ll seen another one. The said, oddsmakers are basically giving out free money on this fight.

This zu sein true cost-free roll betting on Mayweather, as there’s no official winner uneven there’s a knockout. We understand Logan paul isn’t knocking out Mayweather und it’s very likely Mayweather möchte stop Paul, specifically with both kämpfer wearing 10-ounce gloves together opposed zu 12. Mayweather möchte want to knockout Paul in order kommen sie bring part excitement for a feasible match versus Logan’s brother, jake Paul kommen sie bring bei event more money deshalb it’s very likely Mayweather stops him.

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In the case that Mayweather doesn’t prevent Paul, every bets space ruled no contest and you obtain your money back.