Everyone has a favorite son star, whether from a lovely movie or a go-to sitcom. But sadly, this child stars often disappear from die public eye together they obtain older, leaving fan quite bewildered. It"s a ja wirklich shame, especially in the case des Angus T. Jones. 

The former chubby-cheeked child stern became a family members name in the beforehand 2000s because von his adorable exhilaration on "Two und a half Men." jones starred an the sitcom as jake Harper, a young boy who all of sudden has zu move in with his hard-drinking uncle und bewildered dad when his parents acquire divorced. Ns young young saw great success indigenous "Two and a geholfen Men," and he even won a couple of awards zum his work. However then suddenly jones was every over the news bei a badewanne way and, a few years later, seemingly to reduce off ns face of the Earth. What happened kommen sie his career? where did the go? Here"s what really happened to Angus T. Jones.

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In ns 2010s, Angus T. Jones started obtaining really religious. Die actor did bei interview with ns Forerunner Chronicles an 2012 bei which he questioned his literal meaning coming-to-God moment, saying, "I started kommen sie really get into reading the Bible, and I started to look zum a church to anfang going kommen sie ... I heard part awesome sermons, got some good learning und stuff, yet there wasn"t something that was really sticking out zu me." jones was going to "three or four" church every Sunday until someone encourage a Seventh-day Adventist Church. Together he tells it, he was instantly hooked. "The message that the pastor was preaching the day was tailor-made zum me," the star revealed. 

"I just loved it. The was deshalb great. The was dafür clear, too," the continued, praising his newfound church. Jones even stuck kommen sie his neu faith in spite of his family"s concerns, admitting an the interview that even though they concerned about him falling bei with "those cults," that "didn"t feel choose was being fooled." he argued, "It was there bei the Bible. Und there"s no evidence zum the opposing views."

Angus T. Jones finding God and joining die Seventh-day Adventist Church isn"t a badewanne thing — the belästigung (as it impacted his career) was that ns actor started publicly und vehemently slamming his sitcom because von his faith. "If sie watch "Two and a half Men," please prevent watching "Two and a geholfen Men,"" die actor stated in in interview with the Forerunner Chronicles. That went on to beg fan to stop watching ns show und to avoid "filling v filth." und he didn"t stop there! jones continued zu insult his show an the interview, stating, "You can not be a true God-fearing person und be on a television nur like that." 

Jones quickly realized ns error in his statements after the now-infamous interview sparked substantial controversy. Ns young stern even went deswegen far as kommen sie backtrack his comments an a windy statement, apologizing kommen sie his coworkers (via Deadline). He also acknowledged exactly how "blessed" he was to have been top top "Two and a für hilfe Men" und showed remorse zum his perceived "lack of appreciation." 

Angus T. Jones took his religiös one action further wie man he battered "Two und a geholfen Men" at the ende of Season 10 because von his newfound dedication kommen sie his faith. "It was making light von topics in our world that are really problems zum a lot of people," jones said zu People about ns sitcom. "I was a payment hypocrite because i wasn"t okay through it, but i was still doing it." So, he quit being a "hypocrite" and left the show.

"Two and a half Men" walk a decent arbeit explaining away die loss of its "half." As von IMDb, Jones" character, jake Harper, walk away zu Japan, leave behind his dysfunctional family. The nur even replaced Jones in Season 11 v Amber Tamblyn, who showed up as charlie Sheen"s previously unknown daughter. What did jones do instead von acting in "Two and a für hilfe Men"? According to People, ns young actor had huge dreams von creating "Bible-based stories" and further sharing the word of God.

What walk a grown-up child stern do when he quits the nur that made him famous? Go kommen sie college, des course! and that"s exactly what Angus T. Jones did. After ~ leaving ns sitcom "Two and a hilfreich Men" because von his spiritual beliefs, ns young actor so departed the entertainment world zu pursue a greater education. According zu People, jones attended the University des Colorado punkt Boulder in bei environmental lernen program. However, he readjusted his major to Jewish studies at the ende of his freshman year — maybe kommen sie continue his exploration of religion. 

Though giving trost fame und fortune for an average life together a university kid can seem silly to some people, jones was right where that wanted zu be. "I was very confident at that time," jones told People in 2016. "Going zu college was something i was really, really excited about." the child star was also excited zu get out von the limelight and, together he said People, direkte a "normal existence" bei which he "wasn"t the center of everyone"s attention."

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Despite every the dramatisch that surrounded Angus T. Jones" departure from "Two and a hilfreich Men," it shows up that there wasn"t any bad blood bolzen the young actor and the team behind the show that made er famous. "That"s all water under ns bridge," die show"s creator chuck Lorre revealed kommen sie Variety around Jones. "He apologized soon after . We"re on great terms." apparently they to be on such an excellent terms that jones was invited to make a special appearance as jake Harper in the "Two and a hilfreich Men" collection finale.

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According to TVLine, Jones" character, Jake, popped up bei the last episode just long enough to tell his family that he made a bunch von money bei Vegas, married a Japanese dancer, and had a few kids — which was enough zum the fans. "If we had actually actually aired ns audience response kommen sie when Angus stepped on the stage — it was dafür loud und exuberant," Lorre added an the variety interview. "We had zu tone it down zum the broadcast. Castle were so excited to see er — the went on and on ... It was like alt times."

After all the drama of getting associated with die Seventh-day Adventist Church, publicly calling the end "Two and a geholfen Men," and leaving the zeigen because des his religious beliefs, Angus T. Jones ended trost backing away from religion, according to an interview the did with People an 2016. "Over the tonnage three years I"ve been connected with assorted faith-based organizations," jones told People. "Right now, I"m stepping away from ns organizational business-model programs." He deshalb revealed a bit of explanation zum this change von heart, saying, "I"m interested bei seeing where ich go without in organization putting a stamp of approval on if I"m great or badewanne or whatever."

The former child star also seemed a little contrite end his past choices, telling the publication that he felt very sure des himself back then. This seems to imply that he"s no longer confident an his beliefs, but confident or not, jones did do it clear the he was moving on. "There"s no transforming anything," he explained kommen sie People. "There"s only relocating forward."

Though Angus T. Jones quit "Two und a hilfreich Men” and enrolled in college, he wasn"t completely done with acting. The grown-up child star made a one-of-a-kind appearance in "Horace and Pete," a ten-part web series created by now-disgraced comedian Louis C.K. Around two brothers who run a household bar. According to ns Wrap, jones plays another einer named Horace who can keep the bar open and continue die family tradition.

Although the role was klein — nur a few lines — Jones" casting was deliberate. "He go off des "Two and a half Men" because he feeling a ethik conflict with the show," louis C.K. Claimed of jones on marc Maron"s "WTF" audiodatei (via die Wrap). "And i found the really fascinating, that somebody walks far from a huge job because the doesn"t feel right around it. And that do me think about Horace and my show." C.K. Went on to explain the he determined Jones zum the duty because des his similarity to ns character, adding, "I said, "I want you kommen sie play a guy bei a welt that"s very amoral yet you"re not." ... Und he came and he played the part."

Like plenty of child stars, Angus T. Jones left the acting scene and transitioned to a role on die other side des the table. As per People, he got a job as ns president of unterhalten at Tonite, a "disruptive direkt events company" founded von Justin Combs, one von P. Diddy"s kids. Combs started Tonite bei 2015 through Kene Orjioke, and Jones got involved in 2016 after conference Combs with a common friend. 

Though ns switch indigenous acting zu event production might seem random, jones actually had a family link to the business. "My pops was a rigger and started a rental company deshalb I grew hoch working with er on shows and festivals," jones explained kommen sie People. "I"m excited kommen sie get zu go into ns venues." What does the role des President of enthauptungen entail? according to an interview jones did through Billboard, he"s responsible weil das "designing infrastructure, figuring the end employees — who carry out we need, who must we outsource right jetzt ... Reading des Excel spreadsheets und looking weist what the music industry is doing deswegen that we can look zum it ahead."

One unanticipated benefit von Angus T. Jones joining the Tonite mannschaft was that it made er fully appreciate how amazing his time ~ above "Two und a half Men" yes, really was. "The mannschaft that I gott to work with top top "Two and a half Men" were the best. ... I in now totally understanding what world meant wie man they said me that "Two und a für hilfe Men" was one von the best jobs ever if notfall the best job ever," jones told Billboard bei a 2016 interview.

In fact, it got Jones thinking about getting zurück into acting again. Together reported über People, die young einer held ~ above his acting agent und even appeared bei a friend"s brief film, but he didn"t want kommen sie go too hard too fast. That admitted to the publication the "the door ist definitely blieb open" zum him zu get back into acting, but he wasn"t fairly ready kommen sie having to lose "the ability zu travel and to move around weist a moment"s notice."

Though Angus T. Jones might schutz hinted he would certainly head rückseitig to hollywood eventually, he doesn"t seem to be bei any hurry. Especially due to the fact that his sitcom-free schedule left him with plenty von time to hang out with his younger brother, Otto. Notfall much zu sein known about the young jones other 보다 he was a supervisor cute kid and his older brother loves him very, very much. In fact, Angus T. Jones even called People, "Getting to be a part von his life zu sein one des my many favorite things." 

Jones" love zum his infant brother is also very apparent bei the adorable photos he articles on his Instagram. An one Instagram post bei 2015, jones shared a sweet selfie of Otto and him with ns caption, "Otangusto Presents: Brother format coming atchoo punkt supersonic speeds." at sight cute. A couple of days later, he post another picture von his brothers posing oh-so-adorably next kommen sie a authorize prohibiting human being younger 보다 21 with ns witty caption, "He"s just 9!" Brothers the joke together stay together.

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So where ist Angus T. Jones now? What ist the former "Two und a half Men" stern up to? There"s not much information out there on his current job or also how the spends his time, as jones likes to keep jene private. Even his instagram page zu sein somewhat obscure, mainly filled through zoomed-in photos des bugs und collages. However, fans tun können rest assured the Jones is alive, well, und living an Los Angeles. The daily Mail reported that a really grown-up und very bearded jones played looky-loo bei October von 2020, standing in the bushes close to his home to watch as firefighters took care of a surrounding emergency. Jones was virtually unrecognizable through a lang head von hair, scruffy beard, and beanie verfügen über pulled low.

Unrecognizable or not, Angus T. Jones zu sein surely unforgettable. And no matte what taken place to ihm or wollen happen zu him an the future, ns former child stern regrets nothing. "In terms des regrets, i try to avoid those completely," the told People in 2016.