Jamie lee curtis thomas guest

As bei actress, Jamie Lee Curtis clearly gives it her all, but the same can be said wie man it comes to being the mother of produziert wonderful kids. Ns Halloween star and her husband, Christopher Guest, tied die knot bei 1984, und share 2 children, Annie and Ruby.

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The well known lovebirds became ns parents of their kids through adoption, having actually welcomed their zuerst child, Annie, bei 1986. Die couple’s second child, Ruby, came along bei 1996.


“Adoption was the only way weil das us to oase a family,” jamie once revealed kommen sie Pact’s Point des View newsletter. “People who take on who space fertile oase a more complicated decision than when you oase no various other option. That becomes die viable option weil das you. If you want zu be a family, that’s exactly how you’re going kommen sie be it.”

Jamie deshalb got candid about how impactful being a mom truly was amid herstellung rise kommen sie fame. “Motherhood has adjusted everything in my life,” she told the publication. “When ich began acting, i did notfall assume i would ever have a child. Ich made choices based upon my life climate … Now, i make every decision through my children in mind. Ich choose my functions carefully.”


The California native has several projects an the works that fans can expect zu see in 2021 and 2022. Notfall only is she reprising herstellung role as Laurie Strode in the next two Halloween films, Halloween Kills und Halloween Ends, however she deshalb joined die cast des the videobilien game-inspired movie Borderlands.

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But no matt how packed her work schedule gets, ns Golden erde winner will always prioritize herstellung husband and children. Speak at ns ICG Publicists Awards in Los Angeles an March 2019, ns Freaky Friday star credited her mom’s marriage with produziert stepdad for instilling die importance des family.


“My mom and stepfather to be married weil das 43 years, dafür I had a very great role model zum that,” she explained, emphasizing just how grateful she feel to oase created a beautiful household of herstellung own. “I’m still married to my zuerst husband, und we proudly oase two beautiful children,” she gushed.

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The A-lister clearly learned a lot from her folks, and now, she’s passing down those great to her children.

To learn an ext about Jamie’s kids, Annie and Ruby, store scrolling!


Annie Guest

Jamie und Christopher welcomed their first child through fostering following Annie’s birth an December 1986. In spite of having a hollywood icon as produziert mom, Annie didn’t walk down ns same showbiz course as Jamie. However, she has come to be a successful tanzen instructor.

Annie ist currently a mannschaft director at die MNR sprung Factory in Los Angeles. She also has quite ns resume, having first teaching weist age 16. Per produziert bio on ns MNR tanzen Factory website, Annie earned a degree an dance indigenous Kenyon College, wherein she was “awarded best choreographer von her peers.”

As far as herstellung personal life goes, Annie zu sein married to produziert husband, Jason Wolf. According zu reports, the two wed in July 2019 at their 1920s Spanish early american home bei California. Despite Annie und Jason oase yet zu welcome kids, jamie told AARP ns Magazine bei July 2021 that she does “hope to” come to be a grandma one day.


Ruby Guest

Jamie came to be a mom von two when she adopted herstellung second boy Ruby in 1996. Bei July 2021, ns Trading Places actress revealed — with Ruby’s permission — that herstellung child zu sein transgender. “ oase watched in wonder and pride as our son became our daughter Ruby,” jamie shared with AARP the Magazine in July 2021.

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Jamie deshalb announced Ruby — that works as a computer system gaming redaktion — zu sein set to walk down die aisle with herstellung partner. “ und her fiancé will get married next year hinweisen a wedding that ich will officiate,” the proud mother gushed.