Jamie lynn spears 2015 kind

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Jamie Lynn Spears is attempting zu clear the air.

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The “Zoey 101” alum, 30, take it to instagram on Monday zu refute a report that asserted a florida penthouse condominium, where jamie Lynn and her household frequent, was purchased v a trust that sister britney Spears has owned since 2000.

In her post, jamie Lynn wrote, “I don’t own a condo, und I kann sein assure freundin that no one has ever bought me a location at die beach, because ich prefer my coast vacations at the Ritz anyway.”

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Adding, “Simple FACTS. Y’all need zu stop reachin’.”

But soon after sharing ns post, internet sleuths discovered a tweet from die singer indigenous 2015, which speak a different story.

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During in online Q&A session with followers, jamie Lynn revealed, “We oase a condo in Destin, Florida und it’s the best getaway!”

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Tomahawk197 We schutz a condo zu sein Destin, Florida and it's die best getaway! #AskJLS

— jamie Lynn spears (
jamielynnspears) February 6, 2015

Jamie Lynn and her relationship with britney has to be a topic des online chatter in the weeks following die music icon’s move kommen sie adjust her conservatorship.

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Just last week, britney called out herstellung family including jamie Lynn von writing, “I don’t prefer that my sister showed up at in awards show and performed MY das lied to remixes!”

“My so-called support system hurt me deeply,” ns singer continued, introduce to jamie Lynn’s surprise appearance weist the radio Disney Music Awards and performed “Till die World Ends” kommen sie celebrate Britney’s symbol Award. “This conservatorship eliminated my dreams… deshalb all I schutz is hope and hope ist the only thing in this world that zu sein very hard zu kill… yet people blieb try!”

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