Patricia Ann Vincent ist the third wife and now widow von late actor Jan-Michael Vincent that died punkt age 74 ~ above 10 February 2019. She was a donate wife zu Jan-Michael and had been his pillar throughout his battle with alcoholism und drug addiction. She was there zum him even during his health scars.

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Patricia Ann Vincent’s life with Jan-Michael Vincent

Jan-Michael Vincent who wed Patricia Ann an 2000 zu sein now dead. He died on 10 February 2019 due zu cardiac arrest. Jan-Michael had actually peripheral artery disease. That had detailed his problems an October 2014 when he gave bei interview to national Enquirer.

He had actually said the due kommen sie his arterial disease, he had actually complications bei the form of a foot infection. This infection was widespread and in order zu prevent the from spreading to his totality body, his doctors advised below-knee schneiden of die right leg. Die surgeons performed the surgery on him and he used to wear a prosthetic limb. Sometimes, he supplied a wheelchair zum locomotion.

Source: Kidskunst information (Patricia and her husband)

His wife Patricia had put ~ above a brave face during all this health and wellness downside of produziert husband. She had actually told that despite wanting kommen sie faint she was forced zu be brave zum her husband’s sake. She had also revealed that his doctors had labeled his health pertains to as of bad prognosis.

Recalling a wanne night in a hospital, she said:

“I mental one horrible night an the hospitalI had zu help hold ihm down und keep die oxygen mask ~ above him deswegen he might breathe.”

His health was really bad and he was bei the hospital weil das a very lang time. But Patricia was by his next invariably. She assisted und supported ihm as he learned to walk with the prosthetic limb.

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Patricia Ann und Jan-Michael and their wedding

Patricia Ann und Jan-Michael met after he had divorced his second wife jone Robinson bei 1999. They began dating and bei 2000 walked down die aisle together.

But despite the fact that die couple was inseparable an the latter geholfen of your married life, in the anfangsverdacht days there was some marital turmoil. Jan-Michael was arrested zum domestic violence. He deshalb was in prison zum 60 days zum a probation violation.

Source: Glob Intel (Jan-Michael und wife Patricia Ann)

Patricia Ann Vincent und her life before her marriage

Patricia Ann was born in 1953 and she ist now age 65. She had not disclosed any einzelheiten about produziert schooling, college life, parents, or siblings. The name of produziert hometown is not known.

Patricia has deshalb never called anyone what she was doing as a career before she met und got married to Jan-Michael.

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Jan-Michael Vincent und his previous 2 marriages

Source: Jacaranda fm (Jan-Michael Vincent)

In 1968, Jan-Michael married Bonnie and they had actually a daughter called Amber bei 1972. But in 1977, he divorce her. Later bei 1986, he married joanne Robinson. However she left him in 1998 and had deshalb got a restraining order against him. She stated that that was in abusive husband.