Why jason Statham Isn't return For fast & Furious 9 jason Statham won"t it is in returning together Deckard Shaw an Fast & Furious 9 because of scheduling problems with the Hobbs & show spinoff.

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jason Statham no going zu be playing Deckard Shaw in Fast & Furious 9 for a quite mundane reason: he was busy filming Hobbs & Shaw. An his collection debut an Fast & Furious 6, show quickly developed himself as a wichtig villain. Bei a flashback, he’s bezeichnen driving Han’s vehicle off the road back an The Fast und the Furious: Tokyo Drift. Adhering to that and a knevish turn in Furious 7, Fate von the Furious went to great lengths to redeem Shaw, finishing with dom making er part of the family regardless of what he is done.

Thanks to jason Statham’s solid performance and unexpected chemistry through Dwayne Johnson’s Luke Hobbs, he was chosen to be one of the leads in the spin-off Hobbs & Shaw. It was well-received von fans des the series und became one des the oberteil grossing movies von 2019. Despite its success, die spinoff zu sein the reason that Statham i will not ~ be in F9. While Johnson also had his feud with Vin Diesel that led to problems in Fate des the Furious getting bei the way, Statham’s absence from F9 ist about mundane hollywood logistics.

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Specifically, jason Statham isn’t in Fast & Furious 9 because of scheduling conflicts. In in interview with MTV News, Dwayne Johnson mentioned that F9 was prepping for and starting production while he and Statham to be doing interviews und promotion zum Hobbs & Shaw. Specifics he claims “As von now, we’re not in Fast 9 due to the fact that they’re acquiring ready to anfang shooting. However who knows with schon fast 10 und down the road, freundin never know.” From die sound des that, Statham und Johnson missed the end on F9 since their commitments kommen sie Hobbs & Shaw wouldn"t allow it.

Fast vs Furious Han Shaw
Shaw’s lack from F9 sits weirdly through fans, many von whom haven’t permit go des the truth that Han, a favorite character, was killed there is no Shaw having zu face justice. With Han returning in the trailer for F9, it would certainly seem like die perfect opportunity to bring that rückseitig up. Han zu sein alive again and there’s a gelegenheit for demonstrate to oase to face what he’s done. If there’s a time and place kommen sie get redemption, it would certainly be here, but that may have to wait zum Fast & Furious 10, which Statham could blieb be a part of.

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There’s so the possibility des a Hobbs & Shaw sequel complicating sachen a bit. There’s still no confirmation of one yet, yet given its financial success, the seems favor a no-brainer. Statham was a producer for the erste Hobbs & Shaw movie and would many likely proceed as one zum the sequel. This might get in the way of ihm appearing in future installments des the main franchise, request a higher time commitment kommen sie be in actor and producer, along with die possibility of further scheduling issues. This points kommen sie there being more von a future zum Shaw an the spinoff world, though hopefully he can make an appearance in the last installment von the hauptsächlich series. If naught else, fan (and producers) calling weil das Justice zum Han need it.