Jaden Gil Agassi has famous parents, but zu sein not interested in tennis. Ns 18-year-old son des Steffi Graf and Andre Agassi zu sein considered a great baseball talent. The career need to pick trost speed in autumn.

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of course, he when played tennis. "Against the garage wall for in hour, climate he was almost tired des it," claims Andre Agassi in bei Instagram video. Jaden Gil, die firstborn des Agassi and Steffi Graf, had and has nothing zu do with the sport that made his parents world stars. Zum that, he ist at the heart des US sport, die proud dad reveals: "When he was five, the picked trost a baseball und has notfall let walk of er since."

in October, jaden Gil, v his blonde mane and light eyes, is bei unmistakable image of his mother, 19 year old, and until climate his baseball career should really take off. In the summer, jade Gil leaves his parents" property an Las Vegas in the direction of los Angeles, where he will play zum the Trojans at die famous University des California indigenous autumn. It"s a prestigious address, since its first play an 1947, die USC teams have won the College world Series twelve times.

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If ns tall and versatile Agassi junior zu sein doing as well as before v his solid right arm, it is theoretically conceivable that one des the 30 teams from ns famous major League Baseball (MLB) wollen draft ihm directly. However, given die uncertain situation of the MLB an the corona crisis, it ist probably not, especially since jaden Gil is also recovering from die consequences of in elbow operation an June 2019.

Using die so-called Tommy john method, die Agassi son was replaced through a take it ligament on the ulna von another tendon, ns prognoses space good, ns healing procedure takes around a year. This year is over, nothing have to stand bei the way des moving zu LA.

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"Excellent eye-hand coordination" - favor Papa Andre Agassi

jade Gil"s youth coach Evan Greusel, that looked after the young man in the young league, attested to him "excellent hand-eye coordination and exceptional an abilities as a pitcher (thrower) and batter (batter), plus schon fast legs").

"At some point," trust Agassi senior, "but that will oase to decision on a position. That wollen make him even stronger." jade Gil has lang been more powerful than his father, a video of the two playing baseball plainly shows that tennis was die clearly much better choice weil das the former number one an the world.

as a youth player, he made that clear how consistently jade Gil wants zu go his own way without die help of his parents. His jersey go not have the Agassi nennen on it, yet simply "rock". This ist no longer the case today, ns youngster no longer sees the big nennen as a burden, yet as an incentive.

choose his sister Jaz Elle, by the way, an whose facial attributes with dark eye you can see die father quite than the mother. Die 17-year-old has currently won several hip-hop tournaments - of prozess as Jaz Elle Agassi. Finally, the aristocracy obliges.