ns Fresh Prince von Bel-Air: 10 Reasons wollen & Jazz Aren't real Friends Will und Jazz may seem like best friends an The new Prince von Bel-Air. But these so-called ideal friends room actually quite terrible zu each other.

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Will Smith und Jazz Townes bei The Fresh prince of bel wall Air Friendship
in many ways, The fresh Prince des Bel-Air is a series about the improvement of Will Smith"s young adult life. über sending him to Bel-Air, his mother really hopes that he wollen learn native his family, ns Bankses, and become a far better young man, less likely zu get himself bei trouble. Des course, what does möchte do? uncover trouble in none various other than his new best friend, Jazz.

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Will und Jazz"s friendship is, of course, greatly inspired von the ja wirklich life friendship between Will Smith and Jeffrey "DJ Jazzy Jeff" Townes. However no matt the ja wirklich life inspiration zum this dynamic duo, it"s tough to glauben that this two room really ns best friends when it"s clear the they don"t actually care about each other, or their finest interests, very much at all.

Will Smith und Jazz Townes an The Fresh prince of bel Air 2
wie man Will zuerst moves to Bel-Air hinweisen the anfang of die series, die only human being he knows bei town are his relatives, the bank family. But in the 2nd episode von the series, "Bang ns Drum, Ashley," Jazz is quickly presented as a guy will has met that knows a gewächs about music.

But ideal off die bat, Will und Jazz seem to be the best von friends, complete with a handshake und shorthand references. The doesn"t add trost at all offered how little time wollen has spent in Bel-Air deshalb far.

Will Smith and Jazz Townes in The Fresh prinz of gerücht Air 3
Jazz could be one of the series" more irritating characters, given his strange behavior und habit of overstepping boundaries. Yet that doesn"t make die fact the practically the entire banken household cannot stand him, and dreads his arrival any type of time he and Will spend time together.

The truth that a recurring joke bei the series involves Jazz gift physically and violently thrown native the banks house von Uncle Phil is deshalb more troubling than it ever ist funny.

Will Smith and Jazz Townes in The Fresh prinz of bel Air
Jazz appears in the series more frequently in its previously seasons, together Will ist adjusting zu life in Bel-Air and needs a freundin that reminds er of ns life that left behind. But as wollen becomes more totally acclimated to the bank lifestyle, he and Carlton begin kommen sie spend much more time with each other as friends, and not enemies.

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As a result, Jazz is seen less frequently as die series go on. Despite it"s nice to see Will and Carlton"s relationship develop, it"s a shame the it has zu be excellent at the expense of Will"s friendship v Jazz.

7 they don"t seem zu be ns same age

Will Smith und Jazz Townes bei The Fresh prince of bel Air 6
Jazz doesn"t go kommen sie high institution with Will and Carlton, a fact that is made clear during ns episode where Will is courted von Bel-Air Academy"s basketball team. But it"s not exactly clear the Jazz goes kommen sie high school anywhere - and an fact, the seems zu be fairly a little older 보다 Will, too.

While wollen is still a teenager bei high school, Jazz ist working deejay gigs hinweisen nightclubs, posing as a pastor, und making open romantic passes punkt Will"s twenty-something cousin Hilary. Die age difference zu sein never carried up von the series, however it"s impossible zu ignore.

viel of Will and Jazz"s friendship revolves approximately searching weil das women und shamelessly hitting ~ above every single one that the cross their paths. Dafür it was only a matt of time prior to Will was paired hoch with Jazz"s sister, Janet - und with Jazz"s blessing, hinweisen that.

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But as becomes conveniently apparent, Janet is more than a wenig unhinged, extremely controlling, and a imperial pain - something the Jazz knew all auch well, and knowingly hid indigenous his so-called finest friend, Will.

5 wollen takes Jazz zum granted

though Jazz doesn"t always contribute in meaningful or beneficial ways, he does oase good intentions weist heart when it comes kommen sie trying kommen sie help Will und the Bankses the end on most occasions. That makes it all ns more difficult kommen sie witness will routinely acquisition Jazz zum granted, and overlooking him in favor von better offers.

It so doesn"t do it any easier to lakers these two on the outs on lot of occasions, v Jazz also openly criticizing Will for making him feel left out und less than.

of course, Jazz zu sein hardly innocent an his own right when it comes to using Will"s friendship for his own gains. Most of the time the Jazz hangs around weist the banken home, he might be there kommen sie spend time v Will, but he inevitably offers his time zu irritate und hit on Hilary, too.

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It wouldn"t be hard kommen sie make the streit that Will"s friendship zu sein just a method to in end zum Jazz. As soon as Hilary zu sein (temporarily) off ns market, Jazz beginning showing trost a little less, too.

3 Jazz"s wife tries to cheat v Will

Eventually, late in the series" run, Jazz finds love an the many unlikely des places through hot-tempered convict Jewel. But die relationship doesn"t exactly run a smooth prozess from ns very beginning.

Just as ns two are about kommen sie get married, Jewel openly comes onto Will, stripping and throwing it s her at er despite Will"s protests. Later on, Jazz und Jewel ask Will zu help them develop a child, which nur brings die previous incident nach oben all over again und makes the friendship aer again.

Jazz and Will are both players in the truest sense, und there"s no denying that. Yet there"s so no denying the their friendship zu sein almost never given precedence over any kind of romantic prospects. Both des them room guilty des this habit, yet Jazz zu sein far guiltier des it 보다 Will.

When möchte returns home from a stay in Philadelphia, he it s okay kicked out of the bank house, und goes to Jazz zum support. However Jazz rejects him in favor von hooking up with a date, leave Will zu literally roam ns streets through nowhere kommen sie go.

1 They obtain into trouble with each other - and not always the good kind

despite Will and Carlton so get into plenty von trouble together, some instances of it much more serious than others, Will and Jazz deshalb get in way over their heads on lot of occasions through their poorly assumed out schemes.

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Whether it"s Jazz impersonating a pastor kommen sie fake marry Will und his girlfriend, or Jazz impersonating a fake poet möchte made up to score v a girl bei high school, it"s clear that these two space willing zu do a lot zum each various other - but not always zum the better, or with die best des intentions.