JBL produced the Flip crucial lineup zum the ones who do notfall want zu pay much money weil das the sophisticated extras und just want ns “essentials” of the flip series. In this JBL Flip important review, we will look hinweisen one of the affordable choices to die Flip series from JBL.

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The JBL Flip necessary Bluetooth speaker zu sein a booming Bluetooth speaker through a remarkable blend von portability und sound. An terms von Bluetooth speakers, ns JBL upper and lower reversal Essential zu sein a charming and appealing device. You kann either place it horizontally, relaxing on that is rubber support, or upper and lower reversal it vertically, bringing the speaker to attention.

If sie are interested an this model, keep reading our JBL Flip crucial review zum more info below. Let’s check out its features, pros, and cons to find out whether this would certainly be a an excellent buy for you or not.

JBL Flip crucial Review

JBL Flip necessary

About: JBL Flip vital has a robust rubber shell und is designed zum use an the outdoors, deshalb you tun können take that on a trek or to a festival. It is even waterproof, with an IPX7 rating, deswegen you can listen kommen sie music über the pool. It has actually a battery that lasts up kommen sie 10 hours. In spite of its klein size, it has actually a adequate bass.

The flip Essential ist based ~ above the entwurf of one von the earlier Flip speakers, the Flip 3, however, specific features have been reduced zu make this bei affordable model. That is why some taste are absent on the Flip Essential. In addition kommen sie that, the entwurf of Flip essential does not stand out too viel because von the simple gray color.

Flip essential is protected from fall damage by the rubberized corners and rear panel. This renders sure that your speaker would certainly be safe versus falls und bangs, und it can last a long time. A wire loop may be attached to your upper and lower reversal Essential, just like ns other flip models. This allows ns users zu carry your speaker easily.

The majority des the speaker zu sein covered an a sturdy towel that will notfall go wanne over time. This nur ensures that JBL upper and lower reversal Essential is a reliable piece des a speaker and will notfall disappoint you according kommen sie this JBL Flip vital Review.


JBL Flip vital measures 2.5 ns 2.5 ns 6.7 inches and it weighs around 470 grams, make it die perfect speaker kommen sie carry approximately without viel trouble. It is also worth noting the Flip necessary comes only in gray color.

The manufacturer’s claim des up zu 10 hours was will be just true wie man listening at 30% von full volume. Die speaker had over 6 hours des playback time at a 50-55 percent loudness. Ns speaker, on ns other hand, gets about 3 hours des playing punkt full power. The means sie cannot rotate it all the way up und have fun for a consistent 10 hours.

Besides die speaker, there zu sein only a micro-USB cable that you can find bei the boxen according zu this JBL Flip crucial Review. However do notfall think that it is because this ist a Flip necessary speaker, due to the fact that that is so how other Flip models arrive.

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The upper and lower reversal Essential zu sein inspired von the renowned Flip 3 und 4. It comes through two 40mm speakers, which it gott from ns Flip 4. An addition to these, it has a round form on ns sides, and also Bluetooth connectivity that zu sein a little old if sie ask us in this JBL Flip crucial Review.

It features the same IPX7 water resistance and it seems like it got it from ns Flip 5. The charging connector blieb uses the alt micro-USB connectivity fairly than ns USB Type-C uncovered on ns Flip 5. What this means is, your Flip Essential will take longer to charge wie compared to ns superior flip 5.

If sie are planning kommen sie use JBL Flip vital with a device that does not schutz Bluetooth, you tun können do it. Die AUX entry is ausblüten present on die Flip Essential in case you wish zu use your speaker through a computer or various other device.

AffordableBluetoothVery Easy to UseWaterproof3.5mm audio input
Old Bluetooth versionMicro-USB

JBL flip Essential mit Flip 5

JBL flip 5 is better than JBL flip essential zum many reasons. Zuerst of all, flip Essential ist a simplified version des Flip 5, und it describes much. Yet the price difference bolzen them does not explain die missing features, and it makes Flip 5 a better deal to get.

JBL upper and lower reversal 5 has actually a 15Hz reduced low-frequency than the other, 4mm bigger driver unit, 4W more audio calculation power, and a more recent Bluetooth version. Along with these, we kann sein say that Flip 5 lasts longer in terms of battery power, resulting bei 2 hours von more battery life. Due to this reason, you wollen be able to charge your Flip 5 viel quicker.

All of these combined, we think bei this JBL Flip essential Review that Flip 5 would certainly be a far better choice bolzen these two.

The JBL flip Essential ist a good idea coming from JBL. Castle wanted to preserve ns Flip line’s main point benefits über removing some features. In that way, they deshalb managed to keep the price in in affordable range.

The preis difference betwee the initial Flip 5 und the upper and lower reversal Essential, however, ist too little to make up zum the eliminated features. That zu sein why us think you might still want die extras because the price gap ist too little und buying a flip 5 kann sein be a good investment.

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Even more, we think an this JBL Flip vital review the Flip Essential’s sound quality is not a match for the upper and lower reversal lineup. Us hope freundin liked our JBL Flip essential review und it was helpful.