Jeep Grand Cherokee 30 Crd Motor Mercedes

While turbo-diesel SUVs are common bei Europe, they’re an extremely scarce here. As well as Volkswagen and Mercedes, just Jeep has actually ventured kommen sie market them. Their erste effort, die 2005 Liberty CRD, conveniently sold out. Fine now, chapter two an the Jeep diesel story is unfolding v this 2007 cool Cherokee CRD. While the badge states Jeep, die engine zu sein all Mercedes, and the result is a marital relationship made zum the mud.

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The challenge zu sein to obtain Americans zu view diesel power in the same way Europeans do. Here an the States, diesels are ausblüten fighting a 1980s stigma des being noisy, dirty, und unreliable. But near-premium vehicles, like the full-size Jeep grand Cherokee CRD, nur might start convincing ns American masses von the virtues des the contemporary clean-diesel.

CRD denotes ns Common Rail Turbo Diesel engine supplied von Mercedes-Benz. This 3.0-liter double-over-head-cam turbocharged V6 generates 215 speech and in asphalt-grinding 376 pound-feet von torque indigenous 1600-2800 rpm. This underpins Cherokee’s huge towing capacity of 7400 pounds.

The V6 turbo-diesel’s common rail direct-injection system uses newly occurred Piezo injectors.

The clean diesel technology, inquiry ultra-low sulfur fuel, produce 20 percent less CO2 emissions 보다 comparable gas engines. The CRD is currently 45-state legal.

It so runs much more efficiently, to die tune von 30 percent, with government Fuel economy ratings of 18 city/23 highway. Ours Cherokee restricted CRD 4x2 have to return 20 miles-per-gallon in everyday driving. A grand Cherokee v a gas-fueled hemi V8 can do 15.

Grand Cherokee CRD power is channeled über a 5-speed automatic through manual transition mode. The top 4x4 package is Jeep’s Quadra Drive ii system, uniting a full time two-speed lieferung case with available Electronic minimal Slip Differentials weil das extreme trail-rated capabilities. In Overland trim, tow hooks and skid key are deshalb standard.

But this Diesel zu sein very much at house on the pavement, too. Our CRD surged indigenous 0 zu 60 an 8 secs flat. That’s only a second off the gas 5.7 liter Hemi. The quarter-mile was covered an 16.2 seconds hinweisen 84 miles-per-hour. The CRD showed nicely quick off die line und down the stretch, as well as impressively quiet und smooth.

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Handling zu sein defined by in independent front and a 5-link solid axial rear suspension for on-road comfort und off-road maneuverability. Stability regulate comes standard.

The Cherokee CRD feeling light and well-balanced, und not top-heavy weist all. The chassis zu sein very solid and well-planted, regardless of some human body roll. The “torque-iness” von the Diesel provides it possible kommen sie induce some oversteer, yet that’s notfall the vehicle’s natural tendency. Four-wheel discs with ABS and Brake Assist offered us in acceptable median stopping distance of 132 feet native 60 to 0.

From ns outside, the großartiger Cherokee CRD exudes classic Jeep styling. That profile is all auch familiar, adorned with roof rack rails und standard 17-inch aluminum wheels.

Up front, von course, is Jeep’s seven-slot grille flanked by SmartBeam wagen dimming headlamps.

More impressive attributes lie within ns handsome großartiger Cherokee cabin des wood and chrome trim. Restricted CRD trim comes invited with requirements such as power leather seats through heat and memory, a boston Acoustics Sound system with 6-disc CD/MP3 capacity controlled by steering-wheel placed audio controls, dual-zone automatically climate control, and six airbags through roll detection.

Back-up Camera, park Assist, and Navigation room standard on the top-level Overland CRD trim.

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The rear seat is comfortable if a wenig short on foot room, while supplying a 60/40 split fold, und total cargo volume is small for its class at 67.4 cubic feet.

While our prüfung CRD was a 2007 model, 2008 pricing reduces ns cost of the CRD option to $1,655 and less. Basic MSRP now ranges indigenous $38,315 weil das a minimal 4x2, zu $45,145 weil das the Overland 4X4.

The Jeep grand Cherokee CRD provides a hard case for both itself und clean diesel modern technology as a whole, especially an a large SUV. With deswegen many pluses and virtually no drawbacks, it might be ns best shot yet weil das diesel kommen sie grab America’s attention, once und for all.