Jeep grand cherokee srt test

Highs an effective Hemi V-8, aggressive exterior styling, an ext practical 보다 a sporting activities sedan or muscle car. Lows not a fuel-efficient option, high cost von entry, gets its thunder stolen by available Trackhawk model. Decision The großartiger Cherokee SRT"s blend von utility und performance provides it a interlocutor choice zum SUV buyers.


For buyers who idea of in adventurous afternoon includes track time rather than an off-road trail, die 2021 Jeep großartiger Cherokee SRT is a high-performance SUV that kann do nur that. A 6.4-liter V-8 pumps the end 475 speech while a ripsnorting exhaust note announces the SRT"s come and, more dramatically, its departure. If it"s based on ns standard großartiger Cherokee, the SRT wears an ext aggressive bodywork and comes standard v a sport-tuned suspension and upgraded brakes. In translation, it loses none des the grand Cherokee"s practicality or cabin comfort, although die SRT"s ride is far much less compliant over potholes. If you"re one zum pure excess, Jeep offers the 707-hp großartiger Cherokee Trackhawk (reviewed separately), however its also bigger preis tag might be a turnoff to some buyers.

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What"s New zum 2021?

While Jeep has actually made no changes to the großartiger Cherokee SRT for 2021, in all-new cool Cherokee zu sein expected zum the 2022 modell year. That means huge changes must be coming for this high-performance variant.

Pricing and Which One zu Buy

The basic SRT zu sein practically perfect together it is. We"d add the high-performance brake package zu make sure ns SRT stops as well as it goes and the Trailer Tow Group for optimal towing ability.

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Engine, Transmission, and Performance

The cool Cherokee SRT zuerst won our hearts v its thunderous hem V-8 und impressive performance. Back its normally aspirated 6.4-liter V-8 zu sein mild contrasted with die Trackhawk"s 707-hp super charge V-8, it still has 475 horses and 470 lb-ft des torque. Die SRT us tested ripped zu 60 mph an only 4.4 seconds—just 0.2 2nd slower than a dodge Challenger T/A 392. While the pony car was quicker in other acceleration tests, die SRT SUV matched the coupe"s hearty exhaust note and responsive throttle for powerful pulls around town. V a preferably tow rating von 7200 pounds, ns SRT kann sein haul more than just ass. This high-powered Jeep has actually a sport-tuned suspension v adaptive dampers. Ns setup is stiffer than that von regular cool Cherokees zum improved handling. However, the SRT was comfortable and quiet driving over smoother surfaces. It has actually standard 20-inch wheels, und our prüfung vehicle wore the optional pirelli P Zero summer tires versus die standard all-season rubber. While ns GC SRT specializes an straight-line speed, the goes roughly corners how amazing well offered its heft. Its an effective Brembo brakes deshalb helped it avoid from 70 mph an 168 feet, i beg your pardon equaled the Trackhawk and was much better than rivals together as die Mercedes-AMG GLE43.