Jelly Comb 1080P Hd Webcam Test

In this neu work-from-home world, name-brand webcams indigenous Logitech und Razer are either sold out or top top back-order, however there's no shortage von lesser-known models available top top Amazon. Us bought six des them ranging in price from $13 to $59; here's exactly how they measure up up.

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Left: Razer Kiyo. Right: Logitech C922

Logitech C922 1080p HD zum Stream Webcam

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Razer KiyoReview

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We’ll anfang with two name-brand webcams kommen sie establish a baseline. Ns Logitech C922 is a $100 model that kann record 1080p video at 30fps and 720p at 60fps. It attributes autofocus and light correction, a 78-degree field von view, und stereo microphones. Die C922 deshalb comes with a desktop computer tripod, so you tun können use it on a flat surface, and on ns top des your monitor. All of the non-name-brand webcams we tested don’t oase a tripod, yet they carry out feature Überwachen clips similar in design to die C922’s.

The C922 ist a klein but nicely built, measuring nur under 4 inches wide und just over in inch tall. Ns lens zu sein tiny, yet that’s standard weil das webcams. Die stereo microphones space a welcome touch, letting freundin capture mono or stereo audio, and generally acquiring a nice, complete sound.

The überwacht clip zu sein a flat slab of black plastic ~ above a hinge, with soft-touch rubber on the underside und on a small fuß that flips down to help stabilize the webcam versus the back of your monitor. Freundin can also fold ns clip closed and use a integrated tripod feet with ns included tripod, or any type of standard tripod.

The C922 records a nicely exposed picture, despite facial details look a little bit soft. Ns stereo microphones pick trost my voice fine enough zu hear, yet it"s rife through echoes und sounds distant.

The Razer Kiyo ist another $100 webcam. It can capture videos at 1080p30 or 720p60, and features in 81.6-degree field of view. The doesn’t oase stereo microphones or a tripod like die C922, however it features a built-in führen zu ring light weil das illuminating your confront even in dark settings.

The Kiyo is completely circular, with die lens placed directly in the center and the white runde light about it. The sides of the camera are a movable dial zum adjusting ns brightness des the runde light when in use. The überwacht clip ist a thick, puck-shaped base that folds zu work together a tabletop stand, or unfolds kommen sie attach to die top des your screen. It also features a tripod mountain hole.

The camera records a an extremely sharp picture, mirroring lots of detail an my beard and on mine shirt. Unfortunately, die microphone is dafür soft the it"s almost unusable; speaking clearly at the same volume weist which i addressed ns C922, all I can hear zu sein a quiet mumble in my test recording.

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So among ns more expensive, name-brand webcams, die C922 offers much better sound, while die Kiyo uses a far superior picture. Neither ist particularly excellent overall, v each showing some form of weakness in either visual clarity or sound quality.

The viel more high-quality $170 Logitech StreamCam reflects neither des these issues, with good sound und sharp 1080p60 video, yet it’s virtually twice the price of either von these name-brand webcams, und several mal more high-quality than the affordable modell we tested.

Now the we’ve established a name-brand baseline for webcams, let’s look at the lesser-known webcams we gott on Amazon. Above is a comparison video we shot des all eight webcams, so you kann see the difference between them yourself.



The Nexigo webcam is clearly aping die Kiyo’s design, with a circular human body and an LED runde light constructed around die lens. The ring light ist adjusted with a silver- touch sensor nur below the lens, quite than a rotating dial on the body von the camera. It sporting activities stereo microphones, seen v two small holes on die back. The Überwachen clip is about as well-designed as ns C922’s; the unfolds with bei extra fuß to aid stabilize die camera when it’s an installed on the top des a monitor, und it features a tripod screw mount as well.

Video quality ist about on par or contempt below ns C922, with a usually slightly fuzzy picture. The lens is so a fair bit tighter than the C922"s or Kiyo’s lenses, even though ns product buchseite says it’s “wide angle.” Sound quality ist markedly worse than ns C922, despite it’s in reality audible, which hülle it a step above ns Kiyo.

Jelly Comb


The Jelly Comb ist one des the nicer-looking webcams ich tested, through a scorseses cylindrical entwurf featuring a highlights lens und a strip des silver zu break trost the black plastic. Ns lens mountain tells 2 lies about microphones, however, with twin sets des molded “pinholes” des solid plastic to give ns impression des a set des stereo microphones, und a bit des metal grille tucked to ns right to hint weist another microphone larger than what’s in reality on ns webcam. Bei reality, the webcam’s mic zu sein the tiny pinhole to ns right of the lens mount. The überwacht clip zu sein nearly identical to ns one on the Nexigo, with the flip-out foot und tripod mount.

The prüfen recording i made with this webcam offers some des the best sound, tempered von one des the worst pictures of the bunch. Mine voice tun können be heard more clearly than on the C922, yet every detail an frame aussehen fuzzy.



The Vitade webcam ist nearly the same to the Nexigo, other than its runde light ist circular rather than pinched bei on ns sides. That has die same human body shape, the same touch sensor for the runde light (which is deshalb weaker than ns light on the Kiyo), und the same Überwachen clip together both the Nexigo und the Jelly Comb.

This ist where freundin can start to see that many des these webcams are using some von the same parts. It comes with on the video high quality side, as well. The picture and sound on the Vitade are similar to die Nexigo: the lens is a little bit tight, the audio ist muffled, and the picture ist a wenig fuzzy, but not unusable weil das video chat.

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This zu sein the greatest webcam von the group, und the only one v a removable cable. All of the various other models, including ns C922 and Kiyo, schutz hardwired USB cables, while the Depstech camera has actually a micro USB harbor on ns back. Other than that, the entwurf is big und dull, v a large, pill-shaped black plastic body with a flat confront featuring a lens set an the center. There room stereo microphones, und they’re actually mounted on the front unlike the Nexigo und Vitade. That really cuts corners ~ above the überwacht clip, though, together it doesn’t have a stabilizing foot or a tripod mount.