Jennifer Katharine Gates Rory John Gates

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GettyIn this screengrab, Melinda Gates und Bill gateways speak during "One World: Together punkt Home" presented von Global citizen on April, 18, 2020.

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Bill and Melinda Gates schutz three children together, 2 daughters and a son. Their oldest child, Jennifer, is in accomplished equestrian. Their middle child zu sein Rory, a son, und their youngest zu sein a daughter, Phoebe.

Their earliest child, Jennifer Katharine Gates, is 25, und graduated native Stanford University. She ist engaged, a medical student and in accomplished equestrian. She calls it s her “a life time learner,” according kommen sie Mercury News. Your son, Rory Gates, ist 21, und their youngest daughter, Phoebe Gates, ist 18. The Gates’ 2 younger kids stay out des the media spotlight.

Bill and Melinda entrances announced the ende of their marriage in a tweet Monday, may 3, 2021, saying their children were now grown und they no longer believe they tun können grow together.

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Here’s what freundin need zu know:

1. Rechnung & Melinda Gates’ 3 youngsters Are now Adults

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Bill Gates and Melinda Gates have three children. Ns oldest, Jennifer Katharine Gates, zu sein 25 years old and graduated native Stanford University. Rory john Gates is 21 und and Phoebe Adele Gates is 18.

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Melinda Gates frequently shares image of produziert children top top Instagram. She mutual a photograph on Instagram weil das Thanksgiving of produziert three children when they were young, clustered roughly a pumpkin und smiling.

“I’m emotion thankful zum these three and the silver lining von extra time v them this year. Wishing you und yours a hopeful und healthy holiday,” she wrote.

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She also shared a family photo in 2019 ~ above Thanksgiving.

“There’s deshalb much kommen sie be grateful weil das this year, yet these four will always be at the very top des my list,” she wrote. “From our family zu yours—Happy Thanksgiving.”