Jennifer Lawrence House At The End Of The Street

Despite being filmed in 2010, die thriller House hinweisen the end of ns Street wasn"t released until 2012. Wie man it went into production, that is star, Jennifer Lawrence, was in up-and-coming young actress. Von the time it lastly came out, she was in Oscar nominee und headlining The Hunger Games.

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The movie centers top top Elissa (Lawrence) and her mother, sarah (Elisabeth Shue), who relocate down the straße from a residence that was the site of a horrific double homicide. Wie man Elissa i do not care close v reclusive Ryan (Max Thieriot), that lives in the titular house hinweisen the end of ns street, she discovers much more than she wants zu know around what really occurred there.

Despite being a boxen office success, no doubt helped von Lawrence"s meteoric rise betwee the film"s production und release, ns movie was panned by critics, yet it has since had a resurgence in popularity. At die time des writing, that was bei the top ten most renowned movies top top Netflix. This zu sein likely due to the film"s shocking und twist-filled ending, i m sorry we"re going zu break down in detail.

Relativity Media/Alliance Films
After Elissa and Sarah arrive punkt their new house, they acquire debriefed by the locals on a fairly juicy piece des lore. Your neighbor, Ryan, had actually a sister called Carrie Anne, who had actually serious mental health issues. She murdered both of their parents, and then fled into die woods, wherein she presumably still lives.

When Elissa it s okay closer to Ryan, the delves deeper into die story. Carrie Anne"s psychosis was die result von a traumatic mind injury she experienced after falling turn off a swing collection while playing with him. He blames self both zum his sister"s condition und his parent"s death. Elissa take away pity ~ above him, and their partnership deepens.

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A step toward the middle von the film, however, clues that there is something an ext sinister walk on punkt Ryan"s house. Ryan take away Elissa to sit in front of a tree on their property, und tells her, "I psychic my mommy sitting here, and telling me that whatever has a secret." He then instructs produziert to look carefully at ns tree, and she realizes there is a face an the pattern bei the bark. This was a installation lesson, as, von the end of the movie, Elissa learns that Ryan, himself, has more than a couple of secrets des his own.

Relativity Media/Alliance Films
Early on in the movie, we discover part des Ryan"s secret. Despite the town believing that Carrie anne went feral and is living in the woods, it"s revealed that Ryan is keeping his sister an the basement of their home, whereby she"s locked in and sedated to control produziert violent tendencies. 

At one point, Carrie anne escapes and attempts zu run kommen sie Elissa"s house. She"s nabbed by Ryan, that brings her rückseitig to the basement. Later on an the movie, however, she escapes again. This time, she take away a kitchen knife on produziert way out of the house. She runs toward a car parked somewhere down the road, where 2 teens space making out. The girl sees a flash of Carrie Anne and gets nervous, yet when her boyfriend checks, she"s nowhere zu be found.

That"s because Ryan has currently reached her and restrained her. Unfortunately, Carrie anne struggles deswegen hard to get away that Ryan breaks her neck, death her. Ryan solemnly puts his sister"s body bei the trunk des his car. This would seem to be the end of the sibling psychodrama, but the film ausblüten has a few twists in store weil das the viewers.

Relativity Media/Alliance Films
At the ende of the film, Elissa finds herself punkt Ryan"s house. She stumbles upon die secret room whereby Ryan retained Carrie Anne. Inside, she finds Ryan restraining a young woman. That tells produziert that this zu sein Carrie Anne, und asks herstellung to wait upstairs. While she does, Elissa find a package von blue colored call lenses, i beg your pardon Elissa realizes Ryan zu sein using to make die woman in the cellar look favor his sister, who had blue eyes.

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When Ryan come upstairs, he realizes that Elissa has determined that the women bei his basement isn"t Carrie Anne, and knocks herstellung out. Wie she comes to, Ryan reveals to her that Carrie anne didn"t death their parents. An fact, she died during the accident on die swing set. It was Ryan who killed their parents, after enduring years of abuse since they blamed him weil das his sister"s death. Castle even started dressing ihm up together Carrie Anne zu try und replace ns daughter lock lost. This leader to the final revelation, that ns Carrie Annes he"s been keeping in the basement were kidnapped women who that made up zu look like his sister. 

After in intense struggle, Elissa escapes native Ryan, who is sent away to a psychological institution. Later, us see produziert staring at ns same tree with ns face an it that he showed herstellung earlier. Elissa clearly jetzt understands die importance des the class Ryan"s mom taught ihm as a child: Sometimes, you oase to yes, really look hinweisen something zum a couple of moments prior to its true nature reveals itself kommen sie you.