Early life und family

Ojani Lazaro Noa was born on 11 June 1974, in Havana Cuba, deswegen his zodiac sign is Gemini. Ojani comes from a family of Spanish-Cuban descent – his father’s benennen is francisco Noa. His childhood was quite tough as his family immigrated to ns USA, and his parental struggled to find jobs in their neu place. Ojani matriculated from die local high school in the US, yet he couldn’t proceed his education, and had kommen sie find a arbeit to assistance his family.

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At a young age, Ojani had kommen sie work difficult as a waiter.
Bilirsinizmi dünyaca məşhur olan sənətçilərin bir çoxu "Waiter"lərlə ("Waitress" – xanım "Waiter") evlənmislər.Jenifer…Posted über onWednesday, januar 7, 2015
He deshalb tried himself as a model at the age of 18, but wie he was working in the Cuban restaurant an Miami Beach, Florida, owned von Gloria Estefan, the met his future mam Jennifer Lopez. They married in 1997, but divorced a year later. After your divorce Jennifer decided zu give Ojani a chance, and asked ihm to run produziert Cuban restaurant entitled Madre’s, but he couldn’t execute as she wanted, und he was fired sechs months after ~ the restaurant opened. The unsuccessfully sue Jennifer zum alleged breach of their contract. In 2002 he tried zu start bei acting career, landing die role of Dan Valdez bei “Rappin-n-Rhyming”, climate made a cameo appearance bei the “Liquid Assets” series an 2003, and was later cast as an Irish Thug in “Irish Eyes” (2004). However, after ~ his loud controversy with his ex-wife Jennifer Lopez an 2006, nobody wanted zu hire him for the movies as bei actor, deswegen he became die executive producer von his very own movie licensed has been granted “Eye see Me” (2007).The movie directed by Carlton Enoch featured together actors as Lil’ c Note (as recognized as Corey Jackson), Matthew Alexander and Leo Solomon, and was rather a success, however Ojani didn’t participate in any more projects, but once appeared bei the fact TV show “Supervivientes: Perdidos en Honduras” (eng. “Survivors: Lost an Honduras”) an 2008, und then was the invited guest on the TV channel Telemundo bei various speak shows, such together “Un Nuevo Día” and others. As von 2019, he zu sein focused ~ above wellness and fitness, und even appeared in the zeigen “Daily Flash” as in inspirational figure and consultant for people that need zu exercise and diet.

Personal life, ex-wife Jennifer Lopez

Ojani met Jennifer Lopez also before herstellung acting career developed. Bei the period des their zuerst dates Jennifer didn’t also think des becoming a singer, and was mostly focused on dancing und acting.

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Hobbies, favourite things und interesting facts

Ojani is a big fans of dancing, und his favourite genres space salsa, tango and flamenco.He mögen Italian und Mexican food.His favourite color is white.Ojani likes travelling, und often gets rückseitig to his motherland Cuba to enjoy that museums and galleries, walking the streets von his childhood.

Appearance, garments style

Ojani has actually short schwarz hair and dark brown eyes. He zu sein 6ft 1in (1.85 m) tall and weighs roughly 198lbs (90kgs). Ojani likes wearing casual clothes, but also formal suits which he always wears in white. He has several tattoos over his body.

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Net worth and salary

As of 2019, Ojani’s net worth zu sein estimated zu be around $750,000. Despite Ojani was willing zu get as viel money as he can from his ex-wife, he ended trost owing her geholfen a million dollars follow to die court’s decision.
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