Jenny McCarthy had a memorable guest duty as "Courtney" AKA con-artist "Sylvia" top top Two und a half Men. But die actress later had harsh words for co-star charlie Sheen, at ns height of his health and wellness problems an 2015. Learn why McCarthy publicly struck Sheen, who portrayed produziert on-screen boyfriend weil das several illustration on Two und a half Men in 2007.

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For Jenny McCarthy and Charlie Sheen, bei on-screen romance erupted right into controversy an 2015.

McCarthy had actually featured together a guest star on Sheen"s sitcom, Two and a hilfreich Men, zum a stretch von episodes in 2007. She play "Courtney Leopold," one of the countless girlfriends of Sheen"s "Charlie Harper."

Fans took pleasure in McCarthy"s time with ns series — yet they didn"t expect zu relive it practically a te later. That"s just what happened, though, wie man Sheen went public v his HIV-positive diagnosis an 2015 und McCarthy angrily responded.

Two und a für hilfe Men: Jenny McCarthy attacks charlie Sheen

The unexpected zu sein of native began an November 2015, wie man McCarthy addressed Sheen"s revelation on herstellung radio show. Herstellung comments came 2 days after ns actor walk public v his HIV-positive diagnosis, i m sorry he stated he"d to be aware des since 2011.

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McCarthy said: "Playing also his love interest top top <Two and a geholfen Men>, back bei the day, ich go, "Ick! That"s notfall fair. It"s scary." I have sympathy weil das him because, you know, he"s sick und it"s awful, yet man, he"s walking to have to take some major accountability with countless people in his life."


She continued, "Before we execute a job, we oase to sign a piece von paper the says, "Do you schutz cold sores?" sie would think that there would certainly be some kind of—I don"t want zu say, not criminal issue, but I don"t even know how kommen sie feel around that.

"I"m like, wait a second, "If I have to be nach oben front about a herpes, how could you notfall be trost front around HIV?" ich look back and I"m like, "OK, that would schutz been some beneficial information. Watch how countless people schutz played his love interest on the show. Not that you kann obviously obtain it with kissing, however still, that"s a huge deal"."


But McCarthy, who"s known for her controversial anti-vaccine und healthcare views, was largely criticized zum her comments, seeing together she und Sheen common only a kiss, irradiate contact, und set spaces ~ above Two und a hilfreich Men. The actor"s direktor debunked McCarthy"s accusations, too, publication a statement the said: "Charlie was infected lang after the left Two und a für hilfe Men and lang after he functioned with Jenny."

Following the backlash, McCarthy clarified produziert comments in a twitter statement, with emphasis on the industry twin standard. "I in very conscious that HIV is not spread out through kissing, but I deshalb believe the if an actress has to disclose all des her unternehmen before kissing a male co-star, that actor have to be required zu disclose something significant as an HIV diagnosis," she wrote.

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Charlie Sheen blasts Jenny McCarthy"s "maths skills"

Sheen himself letztere addressed McCarthy"s comments an 2017. "Your maths an abilities are s**t, ich didn"t have it then," he claimed on bei Australian radio show. "If she"s listening, Jenny, you"re bei absolute absent star and a doll, yet my gosh."

"Jenny McCarthy need to go back and murder herstellung maths teacher. Why? Because produziert simple maths skills are s**t," ns actor, who"s no stranger zu wars of words, added.