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Danni Büchner has a new man in her bed.

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Separated around four weeks back Danni Büchner again from pop singer Ennesto Monté. Jetzt the emigrant reported around a new man with who she shared a bed.

But on ns must Danni Büchner now renounce it. Because: jens Büchner’s († 49) widow moved into ns “Celebrity big Brother” home on Friday.

Danni Büchner: Your sex life zu sein apparently an full waver – “He’s a horny ns ** kboy”

Chatted at ns Sat.1 drücken sie conference prior to moving bei Danni Büchner completely unabashedly out des the sewing box. Die single lady now appears to have finally finished with Ennesto Monté.

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In July, Ennesto Monté und Danni Büchner announced their last separation.

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When the comes kommen sie her sex life, Danni shouldn’t be neglected at ns moment. Shortly after separating from on-off freundin Ennesto, she gott involved in a pure sex relationship with a new man. “There zu sein someone ich like, perhaps he me too. He’s a crap boy. This is the short version. Yet he zu sein a horny ns ** kboy “, the 43-year-old ist said to schutz betrayed according to” Promiflash “.

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That is Danni Büchner:

Daniela Rapp was born on February 22, 1978 bei DüsseldorfAt die age of 21, Danni married Yılmaz Karabaş in Turkey – they oase three youngsters with himIn 2007, however, ns two divorce – two years later, Yılmaz diedIn 2015 she met und fell in love with the pop singer jens Büchner – six months danach she relocated with her children to live with him bei Cala MillorThey had twins bei 2016 und married ns following yearIn november 2018, jens Büchner died surprisingly of cancer


Danni Büchner suggests: Your new one zu sein no stranger – melanie Müller has known him weil das a lang time

Other residents des the Sat.1 container were also present punkt the niederdrücken conference – including melanie Müller. She hooked up with Danni Büchner und wanted zu know what she had to imagine together a “F ** kboy”.

Danni explained that her geschlechter partner so goes zu bed with other women, yet that ist not a problem for ns mother von five: “I may notfall be ns only one, but after this disappointment the I oase experienced, ich don’t want any zum the time being have a stable relationship. “

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Melanie stayed curious: “Do i know him?” and that’s when it got interesting. Danni Büchner apparently still wants kommen sie keep die identity of her lover a secret, yet she revealed to the Ballermann singer: “I think much longer than me. But we don’t say any names! ”So Dannis Bettthase doesn’t seem to be completely unknown.


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Shortly prior to taking part bei the Sat.1 show, Danni Büchner broke herstellung collar again. You kann sein find out below why she also threatened to nah dran down herstellung Instagram channel.

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