After fans have to be clamouring for more, Jeremy Clarkson has shown that a second series von Clarkson’s farm yard is in the works. Adhering to his experiences on amazonas Prime’s The cool Tour, die car enthusiast was able to direkte out what he’d to be wanting zu do zum a lang time hinweisen Diddly Squat Farm in Chadlington.

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One fans asked if his fellow großartiger Tour presenters would be seen in the upcoming series.

Shanetrain3825 wrote: “Anyone else hope the Hammond und May make an appearance ~ above Clarkson farm yard season 2 kommen sie race tractors.”

Jeremy conveniently responded: “Not a chance!!!!”

The three schutz collaborated on mirrors such as top Gear und The großartiger Tour zum over 20 years, and they’ve previously worked on solo projects during their time working together. Richard produced a new show this year, Richard Hammond’s Workshop, while james May released a new series von taking up culinary arts, and also a travel collection that was met with extremely positive reviews.

According to Richard, they don’t offer each various other comments on your work when they’re not working top top The cool Tour.

He said: “No, they do separate projects. We never… we do our own things.”

“I wouldn’t ask zum their feedback, it would be crude if lock did,” the added.


James then added ns following, jokingly saying they “hated each other really”.

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“First and foremost, us are arbeit colleagues, we arbeit together,” that said.

“There zu sein a rapport obviously, the wouldn’t work if freundin didn’t oase that.

“But, we’re not friends as in you’re friends through your old school mates, your gang you’ve grown nach oben with zum many years.”

He walk say, however, the he enjoys having them around zum one reason: “They wind me up”.


Jeremy so fronts the famous quiz show, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire ~ above ITV. Top top top of this, he’s deshalb recently revealed his on purpose to open a restaurant on his land. In his column weil das The Telegraph, die presenter appealed kommen sie readers questioning them just how he might transform his farm develop into delectable meals weil das customers.

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“I seen a kitchen full des pies and gravy and wipe-down chairs, with bad Company playing,” he joked.