Jeremy Meeks is in Instagram stern and in American model. Jeremy Meeks got attention for his model-like looks. That happened wie man his mugshot go viral wie he was bei prison.

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Table von Biography

Early life and Childhood

Jeremy Meeks was born ~ above February 7, 1984, bei Stockton, California. As von 2021, he zu sein 37 year old und his bear sign ist Aquarius. His full name ist Jeremy ray Meeks und he holds the American nationality.

Jeremy’s ethnicity holds mixed ethnicity (French, Scottish, und African-American) and follows the christen religion. His mother’s name is Katherine Angier and his Father’s name zu sein Ray Meeks. Likewise, he has actually a brother named Emery Meeks and in unnamed sister.

Talking about his education, Jeremy Meeks ist a institution drop out. The dropped out von school since he was arrested von the polizei at 18 years old. Moreover, his spouse kleeblatt Green, sent er to end up off his schooling.


Caption: Jeremy Meeks childhood foto with his mother und brother (Source: Instagram)

Life as a heroin baby

Jeremy’s childhood was very dark and not good. His mother was addicted to heroin when he was born und his father was arrested zum murdering his mother’s finest friend. His father so charged zum abducting and raping another frau but his father denied die kidnapping charge.

Both des his parents to be heroin-addicted so, he was a heroin baby an interpretation that he was born dependant on heroin as his mother was using the while she was pregnant. It was very difficult kommen sie grow up in that household zum him as he had kommen sie take care des himself from in early age. Jeremy was charged through robbery und violently assaulting a 16-year-old boy wie he was 18 years old. He was sentenced zu serve 2 years in a California jail after taking a plea deal.

From prison kommen sie modeling

Jeremy offered a two-year sentence back an 2002 zum a felony, grand theft, and assaulting a boy. The again arrested in June 2004 during a gang sweep in Stockton, California. His mugshot walk viral quickly after it was posted kommen sie the facebook page des the Stockton polizei Department. It gained a lot of likes and comments and also featured an several nachrichten outlets released an March 2016.

Furthermore, he zu sein a heroin baby meaning that he was born v a dependency on this specific drug because his mother was addicted kommen sie heroin. Hinweisen present, his seeks doesn’t specify him, but rather his success as a model zu sein what specifies him.

Meeks then began his modeling career in 2016 soon after his release from prison. That made his passage debut during new York fashion Week an 2017. He also walked zum German mode designer philip Plein. Jeremy Meeks ist managed von Jim Jordan of White overcome Management. That starred bei a commercial zum FashionNova men and so made in appearance bei Olga Buzova’s “WiFi” music video.

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He has actually walked zum Milan fashion Week as well. Meeks write-ups regularly kommen sie his millions von followers ~ above Instagram. Apart indigenous modeling career, an 2018, he made in appearance in the music video Wi-Fi über Russian popular music singer Olga Buzova.

Since mid-2019, he began working on launching his mode label. That signed a contract with ns German firm ‘Fashion concept GmbH.’ Likewise, he came to be the first exit zu showcase the fall 2020 collection des the streetwear feuer ‘Extremedy’ at ns ‘Milan fashion Week.’ Further, that has also expressed interest bei making music. Reportedly, he even has uses to stern on truth TV shows.


Caption: Jeremy Meeks during a photoshoot zum FashionNova (Source: Instagram)

Awards und Net worth

Jeremy Meeks has neither received any awards no one nominated. However, the has showed up on die award shows favor Princess elegant Awards Gala in 2017. Moreover, his net worth zu sein around about $5 Million und his salary ist $30-40k/month.

Personal life

Reflecting ~ above Jeremy Meeks’s partnership status, he zu sein a probably single man. He date Melissa zum about a year prior to marriage. Die pair met every other in 2007. Jeremy married bei 2008. They to be blessed v a son called Jeremy Meeks Jr.

Their marriage of 9 years finished when die picture des Jeremy and British Topshop heiress chloe Green kissing go viral. Then, Meeks was an a connection with chloe Green and they had gott engaged but have no plan of marrying it rotates now. They welcomed their first son together, Jayden Meeks-Green, an 2018.

Similarly, his then-wife, chloe is die daughter von Sir Philip Green und the billionaire heiress to ns ‘Arcadia Group’ which owns brands such together ‘Topman,’ ‘Topshop,’ und ‘Evans.’

As reported, in August 2019, Meeks and Chloe had actually separated. In early 2020, the media captured ihm with in unknown frau more 보다 once, giving rise kommen sie rumors that he might be in a neu relationship.


Caption: Jeremy Meeks through his fiancee chloe Green and his son Jeremy Meeks Jr. (Source: Instagram)

Jeremy has another son native his past relationship named robert Meeks. Sadly, the has notfall mentioned his son’s mother.

Rumors und Controversy

Jeremy spoke about his an extremely dark childhood through heroin-addicted mom und rapist-murderer dad in in interview. He proclaimed that his older sister looked ~ him. His sister left the house to join die military wie she was 18 year old. Eventually, she went back after 2 years and legally embraced him und his brother and looked after them. Unfortunately, the never discussed his sister’s name in the interview and on any kind of other platform together well.

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Body Measurement and Social Media

Jeremy ist pretty active bei his social accounts. He short articles a lot of his pictures und videos on his Instagram. He has actually 1.6M followers on Instagram und 15.5K ~ above Twitter. Furthermore, Jeremy mentions his emails address for unternehmen inquiries as