king Of Queens: 10 dinge That do No Sense around Arthur Jerry Stiller"s role on die hilarious sitcom king of Queens is unforgettable. Und yet, there"s plenty von inconsistencies surrounding die character.

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King von Queens: 10 sachen That make No Sense about Arthur
few characters say much more with their arms 보다 they carry out with your words. Zum as alt as the late, an excellent Jerry Stiller was during die production of king of Queens, the was the most kinetic character on-screen über far, waving his arms bei frustration every couple des minutes. Being somewhat von a spirituality successor kommen sie his character in Seinfeld, Arthur is bei arguably better personality than frank Costanza.

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King von Queens ist a beloved sitcom, one of kevin James’ finest roles, und it features the greatest senile old einer on TV. However, there’s still a last of sachen that don’t do sense about Arthur, even if it is it’s his actions the don’t fit with his character, inconsistencies bei his background, or his ridiculous schemes.

Arthur könig of Queens
strangely enough, Arthur’s piano an abilities have kommen sie into concern on an ext than one occasion. Arthur has declared he kann do many sachen over the years, und most of them have turned out to be lies, yet in in episode bei which Arthur it s okay his own apartment, doug is surprised that Arthur tun können play ns piano.

However, letztere on in the series, Arthur gives kids piano lessons without ever teaching them anything, und when he zu sein asked von Deacon zu play ihm something, Arthur can’t play a einzel note.

Arthur can be over die hill, but wie it comes kommen sie his eyesight, Carrie’s father’s vision has been die subject von many inconsistencies over die years.

In one episode, wie Arthur zu sein on one von his tirades, screaming ns house down, he says, “I swore off glasses bei 1976,” yet ever since die very zuerst episode, die character has been wearing glasses on und off, which renders it one des the most nonsensical sachen Arthur has ever before said, des which there room many.

being very of its time bei the 2000s, there room a lot of illustration of king of majesties that have aged poorly, and this zu sein one von them. After ~ Arthur had actually been obtaining out of hand way too often und there ist some suspicious task going on throughout the house, Carrie decides zu spy on him über installing a monitoring camera an his room.

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The idea of Arthur gift spied on wie he think he has actually privacy renders no sense, specifically as he is being spied on von his own daughter, together he could be doing anything.

7 interview References

an another episode that makes Arthur seem viel dumber than he actually is, the character floor a an excellent job, only kommen sie get fired when his employer finds the end that all des his referrals on his resume, which has NASA, room fake.

This provides no feeling because, together being as old as Arthur is, he has held a number von different jobs that he has talked about at length, deshalb there was never any need kommen sie fake his references.

to speak what freundin want around Arthur, together he kann be annoying und manipulative punkt times, and he’s virtually always thinking about himself, yet he’s so a great host. Here, every these personality traits kommen sie into play as he decides to host a casino night.

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The night ist one of his stupidest schemes, together he believes the it’ll make er a ton of money, but ns guests end up winning much more than losing and, in the end, Arthur can’t afford kommen sie pay world their winnings. The scheme is deshalb dumb and though Arthur might be opportunistic, yes sir absolutely no way the character is this stupid, zu begin with.

5 His Civil zu sein Boxset

Arthur zu sein no stranger to war, and it’s what makes nach oben many von his finest quotes. Bei his room, which nur happens kommen sie be a dingy, verfault basement, one des the few things Arthur owns ist a civil War box set from PBS.

However, all within die same scene, the kasten set randomly switches to a Great war collection, and in the next cut, the switches right zurück to die Civil War boxen set. Surely the switch might only have been intentional, yet there’s never any kind of explanation for it.

together Arthur isn’t great hinweisen handling money, he racked trost a significant amount des debt v Spencer und somehow also his walker, Holly. Instead of paying die debt back, Arthur sneaks them into movie screenings weist a movie theatre and knocks every trip of his debt.

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He does it almost versus their wollen as they save reiterating you will do it rather have cash, but it goes also further when Arthur tries marketing them overpriced liquid from ns inside of his jacket. Die whole arc is ridiculous and as much of a penny pincher Arthur is, he is smarter than kommen sie think his friends would be ok with this.

3 not Being Able to Tell die Difference between Characters

wie Holly enters the kitchen zu take Arthur ~ above his jeden tag walk, she strikes a conversation with ihm just together she usually would. Arthur speak to her just together he would certainly with any conversation, but a pair of minute passes and he tells produziert that she was Carrie, his daughter.

It’s clearly a hoax at the expense of er being senile, but after years of knowing both of the characters and this belästigung never having happened before, it doesn’t make any type of sense, specifically as it never ever happens afterward either.

v sitcoms constantly exaggerating present stereotypes, even if it is it’s racial profiling or turning old people into senile lunatics, king of Queens ist a culprit von both, especially ns latter. Though Arthur is hilarious and his schemes are rather ambitious, he never truly acts in the method that Doug and Carrie expect er to.

In one scene, Carrie doesn’t want to give er the iron due to the fact that she’s afraid he’ll try to make a grilled cheese sandwich with it. Though it tun können be funny weist times, he’s treated together being viel crazier 보다 he actually is.

1 Living through Doug und Carrie

If Arthur really zu sein as mentally turbulent as Doug und Carrie say, why schutz they notfall sought out professional help? the closest Arthur has actually ever kommen sie to acquiring help is when Carrie hired Holly to take ihm out on to walk every day.

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And also then, Arthur treats produziert horribly and it’s an ext like in abusive und toxic partnership than anything. Instead of seeking help, Carrie and Doug treat er like a prisoner, keeping him downstairs in the basement.