Jo sung mo clarifies negative rumors about his wife

OriginSouth KoreaHangul조성모Record labelA&G ModesWebsiteOfficial websiteSpouseGoo Min-ji (m. 2010)Years active1998–presentRoleSingerOccupation(s)singerNameJo Sung-mo
Jo Sungmo (Hangul:조성모; born March 11, 1977) is a South Korean singer who mainly focuses on ballads. He debuted in 1998 with a sad, lãng mạn ballad titled "To Heaven." Jo is notable for his "million sellers", as his first few albums were widely popular.

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Education: Kyonggi UniversityDebut: To Heaven (1998)


Jo Sung Mo was born in Seoul in 1977.


Shortly after high school, he was part of a dance group called 4004 (also called 4Angels). The dance group never had an official debut before disbanding.

Jo Sung Mo debuted in September of 1998. He chose an unconventional method of releasing no information about the album or himself featuring actors (Lee Byeong Heon và Klặng Ha Neul) in his debut instead of personally appearing in the đoạn phim. It was became known as the "mysterious concept",<1>


His gamble paid off, & he became widely popular. Listed as one of the top sellers of Korean albums of all time, he earned the title "Crown Prince of Ballads".

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Jo Sung Mo entered mandatory enlistment on 30 March 2006, và completed his service on 23 May 2008.

Jo Sung Mo got married in 2010 to lớn former mã sản phẩm & designer, Goo Min Ji. They met in 2007 & dated for 3 years prior. They had their first child, a boy, on 26 October 2015.

His fanclub goes by the name Mariaontro


In năm ngoái, Jo was taken khổng lồ court over breech of contract và substandard performances for his 2014-2015 concert tour. He was originally agreed to lớn hold 18 concerts, but he stopped after 16 due khổng lồ a discrepancy with the performance agency over money. On 25 October năm ngoái, the Seoul Central District Court ruled against Jo & ordered hlặng to pay 100 million won ($890,000 US) khổng lồ the production house.


1 - To Heaven, 1998 (Sold Approximately 1,000,000 albums)2 - For Your Soul, 1999 (Sold Approximately 2,100,000 albums)2.5 - Classic, 2000 (Sold Approximately 1,600,000 albums)3 - Let Me Love sầu, 2000 (Sold Approximately 2,100,000 albums)Zoy Project 1st, 20014 - No More Love, 2001 (Sold Approximately 1,000,000 albums)5 - 가인(歌人), 2003 (Sold Approximately 400,000 albums)6 - My First, 2005 (Sold Approximately 150,000 albums)6.5 - Classic 1+1 Grand Featuring, 2005 (Sold Approximately 50,000 albums)7 - Second Half, 2009Digital Single - Forever One, 2009Digital Single - Days Being Loved, 2010OST album - Coffee house - I"ll Smile, 20107.5 - Meet Brave sầu, 2010 (65,000 copies sold on the day of release)Mini album - Thank You(EP), 2010Carol - Everyday Christmas, 2010OST album - Jeonwoochi - I Love sầu You, 2012OST album - Goddess of Marriage - Someday, 20138.5 - Wind of Change, 2014Digital Single - Jo Sung Mo Special Single, 2014OST album - Punch - Love to You, 2015


TaeGukGi: Brotherhood Of War, 2003 minor rolePerseverance Goo Hae Ra, 2015 as himself


1998 SBS 신인가수상1999 KBS Music Awards 대상1999 SBS 가요대전 대상2000 SBS 가요대전 인기가수상2000 KBS Music Awards Grand Prize2000 Golden Disk Awards 대상2000 KBS Music Awards 청소년부문 최우수상2003 MBC Top 10 Music Festival 10대 가수2005 제20회 Golden Disk Awards 본상

Music show awards

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