Joe cocker jennifer warnes up where we belong

“Up whereby We Belong” is the theme lied to the movie An Officer und A Gentleman. The won die Oscar weil das Best original Song in 1983. The movie zu sein certainly a classic und the lied goes in addition to the film perfectly. Let’s discover out about die creation von the tune.

The entire procedure – native idea to inclusion in the movie und release – took only 30 days. Will Jennings wrote ns lyrics. He’s responsible for the words to many well known songs, consisting of “My Heart wollen Go On,” “Looks like We do It,” and many des Steve Winwood’s hits.

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Jennings said us: “Joel Sill, who was head of the music department des Paramount, request me kommen sie consider creating a song for this film. I watched a turbulent cut, loved ns film and I heard enough parts kommen sie make nach oben a song. I asked Joel kommen sie send me the work track and I stitched together ns verse, chorus, und bridge des the song and wrote the lyrics… Joel sent it zu Stewart Levine, a fine music producer, and Stewart und I talked the lied over on ns phone und he went in to the studio und cut die hit track with joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes.”

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Will Jennings told us around coming hoch with die words zu this song: “I in a working class person und these people in the film trying zu make it, they are my people. Die mountain imagery ist about striving zum the top – human being often don’t hear die lyric best – it zu sein ‘Where eagles cry, ~ above a hill high’ instead of ‘Where eagles fly, on a hill high’ – if you oase ever heard an eagle cry, ns power and beauty von it and all the grausam freedom des it, you will get ns distinction. As much as “All ich know is the way ich feel…’ well, if you schutz nothing else kommen sie tell you what zu do in your life, you oase to walk with ns way sie feel… if you are lost, you oase only her instinct und passion to guide you.”


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Lyrics from this Academy compensation Winning Song

Who to know what morning bringsIn a welt few mind surviveAll ich know ist the way ich feelWhen it’s real, i keep it alive

The road ist longThere room mountains in our wayBut we climb a action every day

Love elevator us trost where us belongWhere ns eagles cryOn a hill highLove lift us trost where we belongFar from die world belowUp where ns clear winds blow

Some hang on zu used to beLive their lives looking behindAll we oase is here and nowAll our lives, the end there zu find

The road zu sein longThere room mountains in our wayBut us climb a step every day

Love elevator us trost where us belongWhere ns eagles cryOn a mountain highLove lift us hoch where us belongFar from die world us knowWhere the clear winds blow

Time go byNo time zu cryLife’s you und IAlive today

Love lift us trost where we belongWhere die eagles cryOn a hill highLove background us up where we belongFar from ns world us knowWhere ns clear winds blow

Love background us up where us belongWhere die eagles cryOn a hill highLove background us hoch where us belong

The below clip is much older, unfortunately, joe was ill during ns performance. That is blieb beautiful.