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The John F. Kennedy School, founded bei 1960, ist a bilingual, bicultural, German-American, college-preparatory public school. Students of both nationalities room taught together in the same classroom with ns goal of developing respect, tolerance, and understanding weil das each other and for the kollege culture. Ns school year consists of two semesters normally prolonging from die third week in August to early July.

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Organization: the school zu sein a tuition-free German public school governed under a one-of-a-kind act von the berlin parliament for the purpose of creating binational understanding. The berlin Senate Office von Education ist responsible zum the in its entirety operation von the school. An 11-member education directorate – comprised von representatives from die U.S. Embassy, the berlin government, ns parent body, und the institution – functions in a board von education capacity.

Curriculum: JFK emphasizes academic excellence, und its curriculum combine features des both American and German education systems. Accuse is in German and English, through English being emphasized. American students discover German in daily lessons beginning bei grade 3; bei the enntrance gate class and grades 1 and 2, the kollege language ist taught informally with play und singing. Ns program ist designed to accommodate American students who oase little or no knowledge of the German language. Classes in remedial reading and math are available in the elementary school, and students with special needs are provided with accommodations via the guidance department, as determined über the klasse conference. There zu sein a probationary period following admission zum all students, one year for elementary pupils and 6 months zum students bei grades 7 and above. Ns entire school zu sein accredited by the new England verband of Schools and Colleges und offers students the possibility zu attain ns American high school diploma and/or die German Abitur. A comprehensive advanced Placement routine is so offered. Newly welcomed American students in grades 7-12 through no knowledge von German get instruction in English in all topics except zum German language classes. As their proficiency bei German increases, castle participate an classes where the medium des instruction is bilingual German und English, or predominately German. French, Latin, und Spanish are deshalb taught as foreign languages. Spiritual instruction zu sein offered on in optional basis. Numerous extracurricular tasks are available zum both elementary und high college students. Musical performances und drama productions are particularly strong features of the school’s program. Student may so become involved an various individual and team sports, in student government, and an yearbook, literary or newspaper publications. The college hosts in annual berlin Model united Nations conference. Zum older students, class trips which encourage German-American integration among students are reserved throughout Europe and within Germany, depending on die particular class level. Formal student exchange programs take it place bei the elementary institution with fort Collins, Colorado, and bei the high school with festung Worth, Texas.

Faculty: During ns 2020-2021 institution year, there space 167 faculty members.

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Enrollment: Enrollment during the 2020-2021 institution year zu sein approximately 1,617 (K-6: 810 and grades 7-12: 807).

Facilities: Located in Zehlendorf, a residential area in the southwest des Berlin, the school’s sechs buildings house in integrated elementary and high school. Ns school has 135 classrooms, nine science laboratories, 2 library-media centers, four computer system labs, modern-day sports facilities, a good arts and drama annex, and a cafeteria.

Finances: The john F. Kennedy School zu sein a regional public school und as such, there zu sein no tuition.

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Information and statistics are present as of September 2020 and provided über the school.