John Legend And Chrissy Teigen

The marriage between the musician und model has actually remained steadfast through ns highest des highs —and the lowest of lows.

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John Legend took ns stage at the Billboard Music Awards an October 2020 and behind his customary piano, ns Grammy-winning artist poignantly dedicated his performance zu his wife, Chrissy Teigen.

“This is zum Chissy,” a booked Legend stated as he play the first few notes.

The dedication didn’t it seems to be ~ out of the ordinary weil das the couple, who often gush and praise each other while living in the spotlight. But this one had a tint of sadness behind it.

Just two weeks earlier, Teigen had actually announced on society media that she suffered ns loss des their der dritte tag child, a baby young they had actually started phone call Jack. The couple publicly mourned their child, however Teigen left a clean message at the end of produziert announcement ~ above Instagram. They to be going through grief choose they did everything else bei their 14-year romantic — together.

“On this darkest of days, we wollen grieve, we möchte cry our eye out. However we wollen hug und love each various other harder and get v it,” Teigen wrote.

Their pair met during a music video shoot

Years before Teigen und Legend ended up being one of Hollywood’s fan-favorite couples, lock met in a setting familiar to ns recording world: a music video.

Teigen und Legend were introduced on the september 2006 set des Legend’s music video zum “Stereo,” in which Teigen played die object of Legend’s affection. Sparks quickly flew and Teigen recalled bei a Cosmopolitan interview how the two ended nach oben eating In-n-Out burgers punkt his hotel room after ns 14-hour shoot.

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"I'm notfall going kommen sie lie. We hooked up," the typically-candid Teigen admitted, adding how ns two chatted zum a year over ns phone together Legend went on tour.

All die while, Teigen was biding her time zu be through the superstar singer.

"I let ihm be himself weil das a while," she told the magazine. "The worst thing you tun können do ist try kommen sie lock someone favor that down beforehand on, then oase them think, There's dafür much more out there. Ich played it cool for a lang time.”

Luckily for Teigen, the wit and charm that all her fan love ist exactly what ended up making Legend fall for her.

" we were texting a lot, and I started zu see her sense des humor," Legend said Entertainment Tonight. "We would talk on die phone, und I started zu fall in love with just how engaging and witty and funny she is."


Chrissy Teigen and John Legend attend in "Esquire" magazine New Year's Eve party at Cipriani wall Street bei New York city on December 31, 2007

Photo: JIMI CELESTE/Patrick McMullan via getty Images

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Legend wrote his struggle 'All des Me' about Teigen

After years of dating, Legend proposed kommen sie Teigen in December 2011 top top a pilgrimage to the Maldives over Christmas. Ns couple wed two years danach on september 14, 2013, seven years after lock met und three month after starring an the steamy music video weil das one von Legend’s best hits, “All von Me.”

The romantic song has come to be a go-to hinweisen weddings and instantly do Teigen cry when she heard it.

“It’s inspired von Chrissy. She loved ns song and cried when she heard it,” Legend told People.

The videos was shot hinweisen Lake Como, Italy, the site where die two would schutz their star-studded wedding nur months later. Legend serenaded his new wife v “All von Me” after they claimed “I do.”

The couple had problem conceiving their kids naturally

In die years complying with their marriage, Legend and Teigen welcomed their kids Luna in April 2016 und Miles in May 2018.

Though they now delight the internet with their adventures ~ above Instagram, Teigen revealed her rollercoaster journey kommen sie motherhood bei a segment on herstellung talk show FABLife v co-host Tyra Banks. The then-model revealed she became pregnant through Luna with IVF after the couple tried to have children weil das years.

“John und I were having trouble. We would schutz had kids five, sechs years earlier if it had happened,” she said. “But mine gosh, it’s to be a process.”

Two year later, Teigen when again opened trost about herstellung private life, revealing her heartbreaking struggle with postpartum depression after welcome Luna. The cookbook writer wrote about the “spontaneous crying” and days on ende without leaving produziert house an a hülle story zum Glamour an 2017, recalling just how Legend helped her through the pain.