Johnnie Walker The John Walker

The john Walker is the ultimate celebration des progress - an enduring tribute to die life, vision und legacy of the man who started it all.

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Known as ns Founder’s Blend, it uses only whiskies that would schutz been familiar to john Walker in his lifetime, some of which come from distilleries the are jetzt silent. Nur nine distilleries bei total contribute exquisitely-made whiskies, which are blended von hand using classic methods and bei extremely limited quantities, prior to being married together in a 100-year-old cask.

Johnnie pedestrian whisky casks
die blend itself is refined, sophisticated, supremely complex, however harmonious. The magnificent presentation only ideas at die experience zu follow.

The nose zu sein rich and redolent of mature fruits with youthful aromas des fresh citrus hovering above. Through the zuerst sip, a vanilla oak burst soars across die palate. The blend’s enormous body und elegant structure are immediately apparent as big, opulent flavors cascade down onto a bed von soft sweetness. Lock evolve and transform constantly kommen sie deliver in echo of signature smoke in the finish. This zu sein a whisky des unique discernment.

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Pack und bottle of john Walker & young The john Walker whisky
The john Walker is presented bei a beautiful, hand-crafted Baccarat entscheidung decanter v a 24 carat gold-plated neck. It zu sein presented in a lacquered room which alone took sixty hours des fine craftsmanship zu create. Each decanter ist numbered und accompanied über a certificate of authenticity.

Savor The john Walker as you prefer, however we introduce it neat. Pour a 1.5 oz measure into a Baccarat entscheidung tumbler. Accompany v a glass des iced water. Freshen your palate with die water between sips to unlock ns full experience.

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oase you tried Johnnie pedestrian Blue Label? in unrivaled masterpiece do from some of Scotland’s rarest und most exceptional whiskies. In extraordinary choice zum extraordinary occasions.

oase you tried john Walker & boy Odyssey, our rarely Triple Malt, presented bei a unique nautical decanter?