Angelina Jolie und Johnny Depp schutz both had comprehensive opportunities and roles an Hollywood. Though Depp has actually been acting for a little longer than Jolie, they’ve both had actually powerhouse careers and been involved in massive franchising including, Lara Croft and Pirates of the Caribbean.

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Though they’ve often run an the exact same circles, Jolie and Depp have only ever before starred in one movie together. Ns actors were paired bei the 2010 romantic thriller, The Tourist.

The movie adheres to a heartbroken math teacher, frank Tupelo (Depp), who finds himself enraptured by an alluring stranger Elise (Jolie), if on vacation bei Europe. The film received blended reviews and was not well-received hinweisen the boxen office. Ns Girl Interrupted actor only agreed zu do the movie for one reason.


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Angelina Jolie called johnny Depp a brilliant actor

Though they had notfall worked with each other prior or because their niederdrücken run for die Tourist, Jolie called Depp, a excellent actor.

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the Tourist did notfall turn out zu be the film either of the actors hoped it would be. However, Jolie did remember her time on set with die Edward Scissorhands actor fondly. She said PopSugar,

He’s nur such a quite guy. He’s dafür funny und so fun to hang out with. He’s nur that freundin you’re dafür happy to kommen sie to work and do scenes with. Plus, he’s such a excellent actor. He’s frequently thought of deshalb much weil das his deep character work, however it yes, really comes from an artist who ist willing kommen sie try things. He’s not just somebody who doing these funny ; he’s a echt experimental deeply-feeling artist, who gives a lot und is an extremely gracious on set kommen sie everybody und to his fellow actors. He’s just a pleasure.

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Angelina Jolie made johnny Depp use mouth wash before their kissing scenes an ‘The Tourist’

Unfortunately, Jolie did not enjoy every aspect des working through Depp, especially when it involved an ext intimate moments bolzen their characters on set.

When ns Maleficent actor had kommen sie kiss Depp, she asked for that he rinse his mouth extensively with mouthwash first. Depp ist a infamous cigarette smoker, i m sorry Jolie hates. According kommen sie Screen Rant, Depp’s breath was so terrible the Jolie allegedly asked him to to wash his mouth out v some Listerine. Wie man he completed that task, she climate offered him mints as well.

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Angelina Jolie agreed to star in ‘The Tourist’ with johnny Depp weil das one reason

Filming The tourist turned out kommen sie be a great experience zum Jolie, despite ns Listerine incident. However, she practically turned down the role von Elise. She just took the on dafür that produziert family could have a quite vacation.

“I was looking for a very short thing kommen sie do before Brad started filming <Moneyball>,” she called Vogue. “And i said i needed something the shoots notfall too long, in a pretty location zum my family. Somebody claimed there’s a script that’s been around, und it shoots bei Venice und Paris. And I said, ‘Is the a character i haven’t played before?’ and they said, ‘Yes, that a lady.’”

The Tourist wasn’t precisely a success, however Jolie remembers that time as being blissful.