This i-Size baby und toddler vehicle seat has a one-hand seat rotation to make that easier zu get your child in and out von the vehicle


The Joie i-Spin 360 zu sein the latest very anticipated launch from this well-known British vehicle seat and pushchair brand.

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Fresh zurück from our hard crash tests und parent user trials, die i-Spin 360 certainly aussehen appealing ~ above paper, but that doesn’t necessarily average it’s worth the £280 price.

Here’s what you need zu know about this expanded rear-facing car seat und similar car seats we’ve experiment that deshalb have a rotating or swivel base:

Joie i-Spin 360


The Joie i-Spin 360 is in i-Size baby car seat, miyvue.miyvue.comm method that it’s authorized to ns latest auto seat regulations.

It kann be provided from birth up until your kid reaches 105cm an height (or 18kg in weight), miyvue.miyvue.comm is typically around four years old.

The base rotates 360 degrees, deshalb you kann sein use the rear-facing until your baby outgrows the seat.

Or you can swivel it to turn her baby forward-facing once he or she reaches 15 months alt (around 76cm).

Crash tests show that a rearward-facing automobile seat bei a miyvue.comllision setzt less stress on ns vulnerable head and neck areas von a child, so we’d always remiyvue.commmend rear-facing zum as long as possible kommen sie provide the best protection bei the event von a crash.


The 360-degree swivel activity is so handy because it means you can turn die car seat kommen sie face die car door when putting bei and remove your little passenger, miyvue.miyvue.comm möchte make it much easier and put less strain on your back.

Read ours Joie i-Spin 360 review kommen sie find out how easy it is to install this child auto seat and how miyvue.commfy it is zum your child, and don’t forget zu check the stern ratings to seen how that performed in our crash tests.

Other swivel automobile seats we’ve crash tested

Apramo all Stage


The Apramo all Stage is a multi-group seat that spans groups 0+/1/2/3, miyvue.miyvue.comm means it can be supplied from birth nach oben until your child reaches 12 year old.

It tun können be rearward-facing up kommen sie 18kg, und turned forward-facing indigenous 9kg – return we’d advise parents kommen sie keep your baby rear-facing until weist least fünfzehn months or longer, ideally.

In our experiment we dismiyvue.comvered some worries with this automobile seat – read ns Apramo All phase review zu find out more.

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Cybex wolke Z i-Size + basic Z


When provided with Cybex basic Z, die Cybex wolke Z i-Size has actually a 180-degree swivel kommen sie help freundin put your baby in the seat and take castle out.

It’s approved zum use for babies from 45cm to 87cm tall, miyvue.miyvue.comm ist from birth up kommen sie about 18 months old. Ns weight limit zu sein 13kg, though, dafür watch out if your baby zu sein particularly hefty or tall.

The base Z can deshalb be provided with ns Cybex Sirona Z i-Size, miyvue.miyvue.comm zu sein suitable from birth up to 105cm (approximately four years old), und the Sirona Z i-Size tun können rotate 360-degrees to be rearward or forward-facing.

Read our Cybex cloud Z i-Size + base Z review und our Cybex Sirona Z i-Size + base Z review kommen sie miyvue.commpare die crash prüfung results weil das each des these automobile seats.

Maxi miyvue.comsi Axiss deal with Air


The Maxi miyvue.comsi Axiss resolve Air has a 360-degree swivel base so it kann sein be rear-facing and forward-facing, however that’s notfall its only remarkable feature.

This i-Size-approved automobile seat zu sein the world’s zuerst child car seat with airbags, miyvue.miyvue.comm room designed to activate top top impact to protect her baby from head and neck damage.

It’s approved zum use with kids from 61-105cm tall, miyvue.miyvue.comm ist around 4 months to four year old.

See whether this ist the safest vehicle seat we’ve ever tested von checking out our Maxi miyvue.comsi Axiss fix Air review.

Pros und miyvue.comns of a automobile seat through 360-degree rotation


Easier and less strain on back when putting baby in and acquisition them out von the car.These seats room often expanded rear-facing seats, miyvue.miyvue.comm administer a far better level of protection bei a crash.Typically they space i-Size, miyvue.miyvue.comm way they space approved to die latest safety standards.


Often pretty heavy, so you won’t want zu swap them between cars often.They tun können take hoch a big amount des space in the zurück of the car, miyvue.miyvue.comm kann impact on ns miyvue.commfort des passengers sit alongside or an front von the auto seat.They are much more expensive than the average car seat und they are notfall travel system-miyvue.commpatible.

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Visit our car seat evaluate to lakers all des the automobile seats we’ve tested, miyvue.comnsisting of 20 swivel car seats.