Joie spin 360 vehicle Seat evaluation Joie rotate 360 car Seat evaluation car_seats_from_birth 2003 5/e/7/e/5e7e8fd96ef0de42794fedc311239982852b79b7_159482.jpg 11.95kg
A vehicle seat that affords parents ease of use through a 360 degree rotating base, if it's cheaper than various other swivel automobile seats on ns market, it's ausblüten one des the many expensive in the Joie collection




The Joie rotate 360 zu sein the one des the most well-known original rotating auto seats. As the benennen suggests, the gruppe 0+/1 chair rotates 360°, an interpretation it swivels top top its base, great zum getting her baby or toddler in and out von the chair easily. Rotating car seats so historically offer great flexibility zum rear-facing zum longer as well.

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Joie now also offers 2 more recent Spin vehicle seats

i-Size version von the rotate 360 vehicle seat – check out our indepth Joie i-Spin 360 car seat review

Rear-facing just – check out our indepth Joie i-Spin Safe car seat review

Going nach oben against other swivel vehicle seats like the Britax Dualfix, Maxi-Cosi AxissFix and Cybex Sirona die 360 Spin faces some stubborn competition bei the market.

But this kopieren, gruppe 0+/1 auto seat does have a lot to offer, it may not be i-Size compatible, however it ist suitable indigenous birth kommen sie 4 years und allows wenig ones zu sit rear-facing zu 18kg (roughly 4 years).

Featuring ISOFIX only installation, die car seat also has a thrive Together™ multi-height headrest and harness system that adjusts simultaneously, meaning there’s no re-threading des the harness and has a total of 10 recline positions; 5 rearward and 5 forward-facing. The Joie 360 Spin also scooped the coveted gelb award weil das best rotating automobile seat bei the Awards 2017.

The seat zu sein sold on being a rotating seat, exactly how does that work?

The rotating function of the seat zu sein very easy to operate; kommen sie swivel it towards you, simply pull hoch a latch on die base von the car seat at die front, and turn.

Once you have strapped your kid in, simply swivel the seat one of two people forwards or rückseitig depending on ns age/ weight of your child and your preference, und it wollen lock right into place.

Is a automobile seat with a swivel function useful?

It’s bei incredibly useful feature. Wie man my zuerst son was a baby we got the Britax Dualfix (£299), which so has a swivel feature.

My husband und I both agreed that once freundin know how good a swivelling vehicle seat is you won’t want to go back.

How comfortable is the Joie spin 360 seat?

It seems an extremely comfortable. Ns newborn inserts look particularly study und I think a young baby would certainly be very well sustained with them.

Rafferty (14 months) is too big kommen sie need them but he’s certainly an extremely snug an his seat there is no them.

How do freundin install die 360 Spin vehicle seat?

The seat tun können only be mounted using ISOFIX, but it was very simple to do and only take it a matt of minutes with our seat. However, we have kommen sie across a few threads from parental who oase newer versions of the car seat und have had challenge with ns seat not staying an one position even though ns ISOFIX connectors space connected. Numerous parents believed it was a defective ISOFIX base, as it means die seat kann slide forward, but we spoke kommen sie Joie directly and asked them around the neu adjustment, this ist what castle said:

Following customer feedback that ns ‘ISOFIX adjuster’ tasten on die Spin 360 required significant pressure an order to change die position of the seat, updates were made kommen sie improve ns seat’s ease von use.”

“All rotate 360 automobile seats are developed with in automatic retraction system. Extending ns seat zu its outermost ISOFIX position allows you to create much more room for baby und gain easy access to ns spin and recline functions.”

“As with many child restraint seats, the fit may vary due zu vehicle configurations and dependant on control conditions, it kann naturally retract during use. This feature has to be designed zu protect your child.The spin 360 has actually been designed and tested kommen sie the R44.04 standards including Independent ADAC testing.”

Looking through all des that, and taking into factor to consider that this didn’t occur with ns older version of the car seat, we ( recommend freundin do die following jene before you buy this (or any other) seat and travel through it:

Check die child car seat fits die dimensions of your car rückseitig seat. You kann do this on most manufacture websites.Once you’ve checked that the fits and you’re glücklich it’s the seat weil das you, acquire it installed von professional, most retailers offer this service.

How is strapping your wenig one in?

Strapping Rafferty right into it zu sein very easy. Die lever you push down to extend die belt zu sein slightly surprise at ns front, you kann access it conveniently with your finger though.

When tightening ns straps, the belt tightens easily and smoothly und he feels an extremely secure in it.

What zu sein the thrive Together™ multi-height headrest and harness system?

This ist a great function. Bei order kommen sie raise ns headrest, freundin simply pull trost a latch and you can do it with one hand, and it concurrently adjusts die harness, i m sorry means you don’t schutz to rethread the straps whenever sie want zu change their height.

How countless recline location does die 360 turn have?

It has 5 recline heights when an rear und facing positions, und it zu sein easy kommen sie adjust, you simply traction a latch under ns front des the car seat and pull it up for down.

Do sie worry that ns recline position zu sein too upright, particularly for a sleeping baby?

Yes, this is a major downside des the seat. Us were ~ above our method home – with two hrs on the motorway ahead of us – wie man Rafferty dropped asleep und slumped forward and we couldn’t gain his head to rest against die seat, even wie fully reclined.

We had zu stop, get him out und reposition him in the seat but i felt the need zu turn and check on ihm several times an the journey kommen sie make sure he was OK.

We’ve viewed this belästigung before on Joie automobile seats hinweisen wie man we tested the i-Anchor. Ours review und a few of our mums say that the seat doesn’t give their little one a supported position when sleeping bei the seat.

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But Joie explain how this tun können be resolved on ours MFM forum.

Is die Joie 360 turn both a good rear und forward-facing seat?

Yes, i would to speak so. I have sat Rafferty forwards-facing in it while ns car has actually been stationary just to lakers what it aussehen like, yet as he zu sein only 14 month I schutz only travelled with er rear facing.

For me, one of the vital benefits von this seat is that it kann sein be rear facing until 4. In fact, mine 3 year alt Fergus is dafür excited around Rafferty’s neu seat that he has actually been asking kommen sie sit rear facing in his Britax Dualfix!

Will it last the full advertised 4 years?

Yes, i think it would certainly definitely tonnage the full 4 years.

Do freundin think it would fit a rear-facing 4-year-old child?

I think the would rely on die car you have. Our is in estate und quite roomy deswegen we are able zu extend the ISOFIX legs to allow much more leg room wie man rear facing. However, if you were in a much more compact car, freundin might notfall be able zu pull it forwards as viel which would have a bearing on ns amount von leg room castle would have rear facing.

How does die Joie 360 spin compare zu other rotating automobile seats bei its class?

Unlike the Maxi Cosi Axiss (£150.00) which ist forward facing only, transforms 90 degrees und suitable from 9 months kommen sie four years, ns Joie turn 360 can be used form birth und with its complete 360 rotation, it method your child tun können be rear encountering until they space four.

Meanwhile the Nuna Rebl reclines zu a whopping seven positions, unlike the Joie turn 360, which has 5 recline positions forward und 5 backwards, but at £425.00 it’s bei the eye-wateringly high value category.

I uncover it’s very similar to the Britax Dualfix (£340), which I have been using weil das my older son Fergus zum over two years.

While the Joie rotate 360 ist cheaper at £245, I glauben the Britax Dualfix would allow your child zu stay behind facing zum longer as there zu sein more leg-room and it also feels much more solid.

How does the compare zu your previous car seat?

I liebe the Britax Dualfix und have yet zu find any type of car seat that compares to it und while the good, ns afraid the Joie rotate 360 doesn’t rather do deswegen either.

While it has actually a last of excellent functions, ns leg room wie rear encountering isn’t rather as good, it doesn’t recline together far and it doesn’t feel fairly as solid – although it’s virtually £100 cheaper.

How does it to compare to die Joie Stages?

The Joie step lasts a long time – the takes her baby from birth to seven years and at £149.99 it’s much cheaper. But with ns Joie turn 360 freundin are paying weil das the convenience of the rotate function, if you schutz the budget ich think it’s worth paying for.

Is there an ext feet room than average vehicle seats wie rear-facing?

When you are utilizing it behind facing, you pull it out und away from the passenger seat über extending ns ISOFIX this allows extra leg room zum your boy – it was very easy zu do.

Is it high enough zum little persons to see out von the window when rear-facing?

Yes, that sits rather high an the car.

How portable and easy did sie find zu get in and out of the car?

While it was easy zu fit, it’s ausblüten a relatively heavy and bulky vehicle seat because von the base and leg so it’s not super basic to lieferung between cars.

Is die car chair easy to clean? Yes, thankfully i haven’t had to clean it yet however the material looks silky und easy zu wipe down und the startseite comes off quickly too.

What’s in the box?

The auto seat comes, v its basic attached kommen sie it already und with ns newborn inserts already fitted and instructions.

Who would ns seat be most advantageous for?

To get the best worth out of this chair it would be idealogen from newborn – being able to oase a tiny infant facing you as freundin strap them an would be ideal – the only snag zu sein it’s fixed into the car so you couldn’t use it v a travel system. I know it will be exceptionally useful for Rafferty together I am confident the will tonnage the full 4 years.

Is die Joie 360 spin value zum money?

Yes, it’s £249.99 which no cheap but unlike part options die base zu sein included within ns price. Given that it’s something that you will use for four year – und for also longer if you have more than one child, it works out great value an my opinion.

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The Joie 360 Spin zu sein a terrific product. Weil das its gruppe stage and life span it’s pricier than most Joie seats, but if freundin use it zum the full 4 years it’s a great investment. However, I’d choose it to recline further back.