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On October 1, Diana: the Musical wollen debut on Netflix. Diana functions music and lyrics von our an extremely own david Bryan, und Joe DiPietro.

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Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Jon schaum Jovi will sit down for an exclusive interview March 20 through Spotify’s head des rock, Allison Hagendorf, zum “AXS TV Presents: A Conversation with Jon bon Jovi,” followed von the transfer premiere des the band’s just concert performance des 2020, “On A Night prefer This — schaum Jovi 2020.”

“We exit our neu album throughout such a distinct year und without a reisen we had to find a various way kommen sie perform this songs weil das our fans,” said bonner Jovi. “AXS TV has been a an excellent partner and I’m spring forward zu everyone acquiring the chance to clock this special showcasing die band’s first and only time performing 2020 live together.”

The pre-show event will air prior von the broadcast premiere von “On A Night prefer This – schaum Jovi 2020” hinweisen 8:30 p.m. ET/5:30 p.m. PT. Filmed an quarantine bei a studio an Nashville, the film features first-time performances of tracks from ns band’s 15th studio album, “2020,” including “Limitless,” “Beautiful Drug” and “Do What freundin Can.” The film offers fans a glimpse into just how the eis managed and weathered the storm during a globalen pandemic, v backstage footage and interviews interspersed throughout the film.

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The wide-ranging interview with Hagendorf will explore the past year, through a focus on how bonn Jovi navigated die musical waters bei unprecedented times, i m sorry resulted an the band delaying die release von its record, cancellation von a tour and Bon Jovi creating two songs inspired by the unfolding events in the nation. Die chat will deshalb delve into just how the eis was able to eventually find a way to film the concert and segments zum “On A Night prefer This,” und Bon Jovi’s personal focus top top passion tasks doing his own teil to aid with the covid19 crisis. As a bonus, viewers tun können submit their very own questions in in AXS TV sweepstakes, wherein several möchte be selected zu be answered in a “Fans Ask” segment.

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“I erste interviewed Jon virtually a te ago in New York, and it ist truly in honor to oase the opportunity kommen sie sit under with him once again,” claimed Hagendorf, host des the Spotify podcast “Rock This through Allison Hagendorf.” “It zu sein such a treat zum fans, including myself, kommen sie hear firsthand about the band’s mitarbeiter journey throughout this daunting past year. I was fascinated to learn just how these moments, both big and small, culminated into their latest body des work, und I cannot wait kommen sie share it v AXS TV’s audience wie man the interview premieres on march 20.”

“AXS TV has quickly risen as a premier multiplatform brand sought out über acclaimed artists and entertainers. We room proud to be able kommen sie offer them solid promotional partnerships such as this, which authorize them to share their recent projects straight with a enormous audience of dedicated music enthusiasts,” said sarah Weidman, head von original programming, development and multi-platform inhalt for AXS TV. “AXS TV is honored to join pressures with bon Jovi kommen sie bring ‘On A Night like This’ to television zum the first time together part des a multiplatform event — giving our viewers ns best seat an the residence for an unforgettable night featuring an exclusive interview with Jon bonn Jovi followed über a distinct performance native one des rock’s many legendary bands.”

Both ns interview and the concert will be available across every AXS TV digital platforms instantly following the broadcast premiere, with in encore presentation airing Sunday, in march 21 punkt 10 p.m. Et on AXS TV.