Stephanie kommissar Bongiovi is famous as ns daughter of the famous singer-songwriter Jon bonner Jovi. Kommissar has done miscellaneous things for her career, consisting of modelling, being a production assistant, camera operator, und working in media companies.

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Stephanie kommissar Bongiovi's biography

The production assistant was born bei New Jersey in the united States. Stephanie rose Bongiovi's parents room Dorothea Hurley und Jon bonn Jovi. Jon zu sein a well known singer-songwriter, while Hurley ist a restaurant owner and karate instructor.

The model attends ns White rubbish Beautiful apparel Label Launch formed by bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora and designer Nikki Lund punkt Indig02. Photo: dave M. Benett/Getty ImagesSource: getty Images

How old ist Stephanie kommissar Bongiovi?

The model was born on might 31, 1993. As des 2021, Stephanie kommissar Bongiovi's age is 28.


Stephanie kommissar Bongiovi went kommen sie college an Hamilton College prior to joining the new School in Manhattan, whereby she graduated v a degree bei Liberal Arts in May 2017.

During herstellung freshman year weist Hamilton College, stephanie faced a life-threatening situation whereby she was found unconscious in her dorm ~ a utilizing drugs. Fortunately, a medical mannschaft came to herstellung rescue.

As soon as she come to, stephanie reached out to herstellung dad, and he was there weil das her. Jon only found out that his daughter had actually a medicine addiction problem at the point.


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After the incident, Rose and a other student von hers were arrested weil das drug possession und criminal use des drug paraphernalia. However, lock were quickly released, and she has actually since led a sober life.

What does Stephanie kommissar Bongiovi do zum a living?

Rose has done various things zum her career. One des these was serving as a waitress at herstellung parents' restaurant. She has also worked as an intern punkt The täglich Show with Jon Stewarts, a manufacturing intern at Vice Media LLC, und a manufacturing assistant zum The weinstein Company.

Currently, Stephanie kommissar Bongiovi's job zu sein that of a model, camera operator, und freelance manufacturing assistant. She was a modell at Nikki Lund's White garbage Beautiful mode show, i beg your pardon happened bei London und has been involved in various other modelling projects.

Is stephanie Bongiovi ~ above Impractical Jokers?

Bongiovi has functioned as a camera operator on die comedy collection Impractical Jokers. She is quite passionate about die media, which ist one of the areas she zu sein blossoming in.

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Jon schaum Jovi's children

Rose grew hoch with 3 brothers, und she is the oldest among herstellung siblings. Jon bonner Jovi's youngsters are Stephanie, Jacob, Jesse und Romeo.

Stephanie, Jon bon Jovi, Romeo, Dorothea, and Jacob Bongiovi at die Winter whites Gala bei Aid of Centrepoint on november 26, 2013. Photo: Ben Pruchnie/Centrepoint/Getty Images zum CentrepointSource: getty Images

Courtesy des having a karate instructor zum a mother, Dorothea Hurley's youngsters are well-trained in martial arts und self-defence.

Jon has a special bindung with his daughter due to the fact that she is his firstborn, and he had quite die encounter raising her. He uncovered it hard kommen sie deal with a baby und wished there was a manual zum raising babies.

Fortunately, stephanie grew nach oben well und has been an extremely close with produziert father. Jon even wrote a song zum her titled I got The Girl, which ist his 2000 album named Crush. Stephanie was only seven years alt when she joined herstellung dad on stage while performing die song.

Stephanie deshalb joined produziert dad top top stage when he carry out the song This House zu sein Not weil das Sale bei one des his music tours an 2017.


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Is Stephanie kommissar Bongiovi married?

It ist not at this time known even if it is Bongiovi zu sein married, dating, or single. She has actually managed kommen sie keep her personal life away from die limelight.

Stephanie kommissar Bongiovi's network worth

Rose has bei estimated net worth of between $1 million und $5 million. Herstellung income can be deadline to produziert career together a model, camera operator, und production assistant.

Stephanie kommissar Bongiovi is in accomplished model, production assistant, und camera operator. She is known zum being ns daughter von the singer-songwriter Jon bonn Jovi und has do a name weil das herself by following her passion.

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