Jpg In Pdf Umwandeln Windows 10

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zu convert a JPG kommen sie PDF, you"ll need kommen sie change the file format on your computer"s default photo-viewing app. For windows users, this process zu sein done in the integrated Photos app, und for macOS individuals it kann sein be done bei Preview. These photo-viewing apps can so be used kommen sie convert JPGs right into other file formats choose PNG or TIFF.
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If you schutz a JPG file and need kommen sie convert it zu a an ext printer-friendly PDF file, you"ve come to the right place. It"s a straight-forward process that kann sein be excellent on your computer"s photo-viewing app, und there"s no need kommen sie use a third-party apps or website.

Du schaust: Jpg in pdf umwandeln windows 10

Here"s how kommen sie do the on a windows or Mac computer.

How to convert JPG zu PDF on windows 10

1. Double-click on the image you want to convert kommen sie a PDF. The bild should open an Photos, the default photo-viewing app for fenster 10. If the doesn"t (likely because you"ve changed die default app) open the Photos app and select ns photo freundin want kommen sie convert über clicking on die file name.

Quick tip: kommen sie convert an ext than one JPG hinweisen a time, open the Photos app, and, bei the Collection tab, click die Select button bei the top-right corner before clicking zu select multiple files. When selected, a check markierung will appear in the top-right corner des the photos.


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Click the printer icon at the top-right of the Photos menu bar or use the keyboard faster way Control + P.

3. in the Print pop-up window, click on the arrow pointing down under Printer to offen a drop-down menu. Select Microsoft Print to PDF, then click Print.

4. in the record Explorer pop-up, make sure PDF zu sein selected as die Save as type. Rename die file or keep the benennen as-is, select a destination zum the file, climate click Save.

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Quick tip: freundin can so convert her JPG kommen sie a number von other paper types, consisting of PNG, HEIC, TIF, und more.