Julia bauer sucht frau 2020

Antonia left die 16th season of "Bauer suche Frau" prematurely. Ns ex-candidate speaks zu echo24.de * about die reasons and her feelings zum Patrick.

Du schaust: Julia bauer sucht frau 2020

Antonia left die 16th season of "Bauer sucht Frau" prematurely.

The ex-candidate speaks zu echo24.de * about ns reasons und her feelings zum Patrick.

In the 16th season von "Bauer suche Frau" *

ex-candidate Antonia Hemmer is

the topic of conversation.

The 20-year-old from lower Saxony was one of the

court ladies


young farmer Patrick

from Baden-Württemberg.

But in episode 3 of the 16th season *


surprisingly announced her early departure.

echo24.de * ist currently reporting on ns shock zum young farmer patrick * und the background to die departure.

Previously, shellless photos von Antonia * showed up on


und caused


among countless viewers on



Reason sufficient

to asking

the quite

ex-court lady

for bei



"Bauer suche Frau" 2020 (RTL): Ex-candidate Antonia reveals exclusive details

In in interview with echo24.de volunteer jason Blaschke *,




about her feelings zum


and explains why she and

Inka Bause

do notfall care about ns heart des the 24-year-old young farmer

in the 16th season des “Bauer sucht Frau” *

continued zu fight.

To understand: die young farmer from

“Bauer suche Frau” 2020


a total of three frauen to ns

farm week


Previously, candidate patrick had currently revealed in the echo24.de interview * what a woman had kommen sie bring zum him.

Already an episode 2 von the 16th season * it was foreseeable through miscellaneous comments the there would be difficulties sooner or later.

"Bauer sucht Frau" 2020 (RTL): Ex-court lady Antonia in the profile

Name und age

Antonia Hemmer (20)


Farmer zu sein looking weil das a mam 2020


RTL Television


Inca Bause


Dating show

echo24.de: how did you find out about patrick from “Bauer suche Frau” 2020?

Antonia Hemmer:

Like dafür many others,

I saw


on June 1st an the series des performances for

“Bauer sucht Frau” 2020

on rtl Television * und fell head end heels in love with him.

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Can you briefly describe kommen sie me again why freundin are leaving "Bauer suche Frau"?


just completely underestimated

the whole situation at

“Bauer sucht Frau” an 2020


I didn"t think ich was going zu

fall in love v


dafür quickly und so strongly


So ich acted out of self-protection.

I felt prefer he

wasn"t going zu pick

me von the ende of

season 16


In in interview with rtl you said: "I do glauben that i would be the right woman zum Patrick." Why ist that?


und I are both very open and extroverted people.

Not shy or reserved, like julia

(editor"s note: Julia is one des the 3 ladies-in-waiting)

zum example.

"Bauer suche Frau" 2020 (RTL): This is how Antonia proceeds after the 16th season

Wouldn"t it have been bei option for you to keep fighting weil das Patrick bei "Bauer suche Frau"?

I would save fighting weil das


and proving that ich love him.

But without ns



and without various other women.

In an interview through RTL.de sie say that freundin are “too unstable” zu fight weil das Patrick.

But you always seemed very self-confident on the show.

Was it every just zum show?

I was always one hundred percent honest und did

n"t beat a show


“Bauer suche Frau” bei 2020


If the was bei act, ich would schutz deserved in Oscar, right?

Perhaps it was a particular facade that ns circumstances immediately built up.

I come

across together self-confident



, however maybe that was just insecurity that ich didn"t desire to nur to the outside world.

What möchte happen to you after ~ “Bauer sucht Frau” bei 2020?

Quite plain and simple, nur like before.


Originally, Antonia (far left) was one of the 3 ladies-in-waiting von young farmer Patrick.

"Bauer suche Frau" 2020 (RTL): Antonia"s wishes kommen sie young farmer Patrick for the future

How do freundin think the thing with patrick will end an the 16th season of "Bauer suche Frau"?

I hope the

Patrick has

a pretty rest des the

farm week


"Bauer sucht Frau"


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Has something changed weil das you together a result von participating an "Bauer suche Frau" 2020 through Inka Bause?

Absolutely not.

Of course, I"m ausblüten the same person as ich was prior to

“Farmer looks for Wife”


Of course, ns media presence möchte be a lot zum a short time.

But ich hope that will jetzt subside again.

What do you wish Patrick for the future after "Bauer suche Frau" 2020?

That he möchte be happy.

"Bauer suche Frau" 2020 (RTL): deshalb it goes zum Patrick bei the 16th season

On november



episode 4


"Bauer suche Frau" 2020

through presenter Inka Bause * möchte be





All highs und lows from illustration 3 des "Bauer suche Frau" 2020 * room


in die

live ticker

~ above echo24.de *.

In die next episode,

Patrick will oase to continue


court week

with only two

court ladies


The latest developments möchte certainly deshalb

be checked out



by potato farmer peter from phibìc Rhine-Westphalia * and candidate Rüdiger from Baden-Württemberg *