Julia Roberts Filme &Amp; Fernsehsendungen

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julia Roberts zu sein the voice of the lead character's therapist bei the film. Chydzik Media kopieren, gruppe

Critic Score: 0%

Synopsis:Newlywed marital relationship counselor Ava (Mandy Moore) realizes produziert parents" marriage ist not working out and decides she möchte stop at nothing to keep them together.

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In die film, Roberts voices Ava"s therapist.


julia Roberts und Jennifer Aniston an "Mother's Day." offen Road movies

Critic score: 8%

Synopsis: This Gary Marshall-directed, feel-good comedy celebrates die many various shapes the motherhood tun können take.

In ns movie, Roberts plays a mom who provides up herstellung only child weil das adoption.


Bradley Cooper und Julia Roberts an "Valentine's Day." Warner Bros pictures

Critic score: 18%

Synopsis: This vacation movie follows much more than 10 different personalities as they discover love an different creates on Valentine"s Day.

For Roberts" character kate Hazeltine, liebe seems choose a lang conversation with a handsome businessman on a flight, yet it turns out zu be something viel different über the end of the film.


julia Roberts bei "Sleeping With the Enemy." twenty Century fox

Critic score: 20%

Synopsis: "Sleeping with die Enemy" complies with a frau (Roberts) that tries to escape from herstellung jealous, abusive husband über faking produziert own death.

julia Roberts bei "Grand Champion. Blue skies Media

Critic score: 20%

Synopsis: Roberts had a klein role in "Grand Champion," which complies with a young boy, girlfriend (Jacob Fisher), and his calf as he wins a breed boy competition — only zu learn the his precious haustier will it is in killed zum food. Buddy climate becomes determined kommen sie save his calf from die highest bidder.

Willem Dafoe and Julia Roberts star in the film. Maple photos

Critic score: 22%

Synopsis: In "Fireflies in the Garden," charles Taylor (Willem Dafoe) und his wife, Lisa Lawrence-Taylor (Roberts), room on their way zu a family members reunion when an accident occurs. The augenblicke shakes up ns way their whole extended household understands your relationships with each other.

The movie so stars Ryan Reynolds, Emily Watson, Hayden Panettiere, und Carrie-Anne Moss.

She acted opposite Nick Nolte bei "I liebe Trouble" (1994). Nick Nolte and Julia Roberts in "I love Trouble."

julia Roberts and Nick Nolte in "I love Trouble." Touchstone Pictures/Getty bildern

Critic score: 22%

Synopsis: This rom-com complies with two competing journalists (Roberts und Nick Nolte) that work for rival newspapers and both want to hülle a train accident.

Later on, ns two decide to team up in order to figure the end what really happened during ns crash.

julia Roberts bei "Dying Young." twentieth Century fox

Critic score: 23%

Synopsis: In "Dying Young," Roberts theatre Hilary O"Neil, a young woman who i do not care a caretaker kommen sie Victor (Campbell Scott) a 20-something who has leukemia.

As Hilary and Scott prosper closer, the pair construct feelings zum each other that they have to confront in order kommen sie truly direkt a full, honest life.

"Ready zu Wear" depicts a chaotic, yet glamorous view von the sartorial world. Miramax

Critic score: 24%

Synopsis: This satirical comedy chronicles all the dramatisch that surrounds the Paris fashion week after in unexpected tragedy occurs.

julia Roberts in "Mary Reilly." ronald Siemoneit/Sygma/Sygma via getty Images

Critic score: 26%

Synopsis: "Mary Reilly" tells the classic story des Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde from die perspective von the housekeeper (Roberts), who harbors a an enig infatuation with ns doctor.

The actress dazzled together a pink version of the wonder fairy Tinkerbell an the fantasy film "Hook" (1991).

julia Roberts in "Hook." Amblin enthauptungen

Critic score: 29%

Synopsis: In this an excellent adventure, a grown-up peter Pan — who jetzt goes by Peter Banning (Robin Williams) — returns to Neverland to rettung his kids from Captain Hook.

Along die way, that encounters a slew von familiar faces, like the Lost Boys and Tinkerbell (Roberts), that help ihm reclaim his imagination deswegen he tun können fight against Hook.

julia Roberts und Billy Crystal an "America's Sweethearts." aufruhr Studios

Critic score: 32%

Synopsis: "America"s Sweethearts" zu sein a lighthearted take on the fleeting nature of celebrity couples.

In the movie, Catherine Zeta-Jones theatre Gwen Harrison, in actress who aufteilung from produziert partner, Eddie (John Cusack) front to die release of herstellung mega movie, to ns dismay of her PR agent, Lee Phillips (Billy Crystal).

As Lee scrambles zu reunite everyone weil das the premiere, the enlists Gwen"s sister, Kiki (Roberts), zu convince die public the everything ist OK with the couple.

julia Roberts bei "Mona Lisa Smile." ‎Columbia pictures

Critic score: 34%

Synopsis: Set an the 1950s, "Mona Lisa Smile" ist the story des Katherine Watson, bei art teacher (Roberts) who encourages herstellung classroom des conservative girls to open their minds.

julia Roberts an "Eat Pray Love." Columbia photos

Critic score: 36%

Synopsis: In this film that"s inspired über a book, anewly divorce career frau embarks ~ above a solo-travel journey around die world kommen sie better know herself and what she needs bei life.

julia Roberts an "Larry Crowne." Vendome international

Critic score: 37%

Synopsis: in the movie, a divorced einer (Tom Hanks) decides zu pursue bei education after losing his job und direction in life.

This leads him to neighborhood college, where establishes feelings weil das his speech teacher (Roberts) whose very own life can use a spark des passion.

julia Roberts an "Something to Talk About." Hawn / Sylbert Movie firm

Critic score: 39%

Synopsis: After elegant (Julia Roberts) learns that herstellung husband (Dennis Quaid) ist cheating top top her, she confronts him bei public zu embarrass him an front von his mistress. This sets turn off a chain reaction the leads her to move bei with herstellung loud-mouthed sister.

julia Roberts in "Secret in Their Eyes." karen Ballard/STX Productions

Critic score: 39%

Synopsis: an "Secret an Their Eyes," Roberts plays Jess Cobb, a polizei officer that becomes traumatized after her own daughter is the victim des a murder.

After taking a break zum more than a decade, she return to ns force with herstellung former police partner, ray (Chiwetel Ejiofor) kommen sie find out what really happened to herstellung daughter.

julia Roberts in "Full Frontal." Miramax

Critic score: 39%

Synopsis: A companion zu "Sex, Lies, and Videotape," "Full Frontal" complies with a day in the life of hollywood players together they fall in love and hide secrets.

julia Roberts voiced SmurfWillow an the film. Sony pictures

Critic score: 40%

Synopsis:In die animated comedy, the Smurfs usage a unique map kommen sie travel with forbidden, fascinating lands. Along the way, they find a huge secret that pressures them kommen sie race versus time und the angry Gargamel (voiced von Rainn Wilson).

Roberts voiced SmurfWillow.

"Satisfaction" adheres to a band. twenty Century fox

Critic Score: 40%

Synopsis: in the musical drama, a band travels to florida to land a distinct gig weist a resort. Together friendships change, dispute arises, and situations acquire tough, the gruppe tries kommen sie make that through ns summer.

Susan Sarandon und Julia Roberts in "Stepmom." handout / Hulton Archives / getty Images

Critic score: 45%

Synopsis: A divorced frau (Susan Sarandon) have to learn zu get follow me with her ex-husband"s neu girlfriend (Roberts) in order to do what"s best weil das her children.

julia Roberts in "Runaway Bride." Paramount photos

Critic score: 46%

Synopsis: A famously indecisive frau (Roberts) becomes ns subject des a journalist"s (Gere) latest item after running away from herstellung third wedding.

The film was remade a couple of decades later. Columbia photos

Critic score: 48%

Synopsis: In this science-fiction drama, Roberts stern alongside kiefer Sutherland, wilhelm Baldwin, oliver Platt, und Kevin Bacon as medical students who kill und revive each other to seen if over there is in afterlife.

julia Roberts an "Mirror Mirror." Relativity

Critic score: 50%

Synopsis: After being exiled von The evil Queen (Roberts), princess snow White (Lily Collins) fights to earn her place in her kingdom again.

julia Roberts in "The Pelican Brief." Warner Bros.

Critic score: 53%

Synopsis: With ns help of bei investigative journalisten (Denzel Washington), in extremely wise student (Roberts) tries zu confirm produziert theory around a high-profile murder instance that"s shaken up ns entire country.

The legitimate thriller is based on a book über John Grisham.

Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts in "The Mexican." Merrick Morton/Dreamworks/Newsmakers/Getty images

Critic score: 54%

Synopsis: an this adventurous comedy, a criminal goes to great lengths zu capture a prized antique gun for a lot boss, viel to ns chagrin von his girlfriend.

Roberts reprised produziert role together Tess Ocean zum the "Ocean's Eleven" sequel, "Ocean's Twelve" (2004).

julia Roberts und George Clooney schutz starred an many movies together. Warner Bros.

Critic score: 55%

Synopsis: ns 2004 follow-up to the original crime thriller finds the Ocean"s crew bei Europe, whereby Danny s (George Clooney) recruits an extra person to their kopieren, gruppe to assist with the planned heists.

In this film, tress (Roberts) plays bei integral role bei the group"s schemes.

julia Roberts in "Conspiracy Theory." getty Images / handzettel

Critic score: 57%

Synopsis: In "Conspiracy Theory," Roberts is bei attorney who becomes associated with a paranoid taxi driver (Mel Gibson) when trying kommen sie solve her father"s murder.

julia Roberts bei "Money Monster." CTMG Inc.

Critic score: 59%

Synopsis: A disgruntled businessman (Jack O"Connell) looks for retribution after complying with TV financial fachmann Lee Gates" (Clooney"s) negative investment advice.

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Roberts acted as Gates" producer who zu sein held hostage while on direkte TV.

"The Ant Bully" zu sein a family-friendly flick. Warner Bros

Critic score: 62%

Synopsis: This family-friendly, animated movie tells the story des a young boy named Lucas (Zach Tyler Eisen) who routinely takes the end his anger on die anthill in his yard.

After almost destroying the hill, he gets zapped to die size of in ant wherein he discovers what it"s like zu be them. Roberts voiced a nurse ant that helps Lucas adjust to life together a bug.

julia Roberts und Richard Gere in "Pretty Woman." Touchstone pictures

Critic score: 63%

Synopsis: Vivan Ward (Roberts) ist a geschlecht worker who suddenly finds herself bei new territory wie she meets a corporate businessman (Gere) who wants herstellung to it is in his client for the next week.

Complications ensue when die pair ponder if they can ever it is in a echt couple outside of their hotel room.

"Duplicity" zu sein a bit of a rom-com. Universal images

Critic score: 66%

Synopsis: an this crime thriller, Roberts and her previous "Closer" co-star Clive Owen room a CIA officer and M16 agent, who give nach oben their fancy, government spy jobs zum the privatgelände sector (and each other).

Of course, it doesn"t take it long for the couple zu grow suspicious that ns other is secretly trial and error them, i beg your pardon keeps both von them ready weil das action weist all times.

Her performance together Meryl Streep’s sharp-tongued daughter an "August: Osage County" (2013) deserve her bei Oscar nomination.

julia Roberts in "August: Osage County." Alex außenwand / die Weinstein firm

Critic score: 67%

Synopsis: Following die death of their father, a kopieren, gruppe of frau return to seen their mom (Meryl Streep), who subjects them kommen sie harsh criticism.

Among the daughters, barbara (Roberts) ist the oldest und most willing kommen sie challenge her mother"s cruel, grausam honesty.

julia Roberts in "Closer." Columbia pictures

Critic score: 68%

Synopsis: "Closer" complies with four strangers bei London who come to be entangled in a web of passionate affairs and drama.

Roberts plays a fotograf named anna who wenn for Dan (Jude Law) also though he has a girl friend (Natalie Portman).

Roberts earn her zuerst Academy compensation nomination weil das her breakout function as a pregnant woman who has diabetes in "Steel Magnolias" (1989).

julia Roberts bei "Steel Magnolias." TriStar images

Critic score: 68%

Synopsis: Set in a small, southerly town, "Steel Magnolias" focuses on the enduring bond bolzen six women.

When one des the frau (Roberts) becomes pregnant while so dealing with a serious clinical condition, the group comes together kommen sie support herstellung journey kommen sie motherhood.

"My ideal Friend's Wedding" was directed über P.J. Hogan. TriStar photos

Critic score: 73%

Synopsis: In "My best Friend"s Wedding," Roberts theatre a food movie critic who attempts zu sabotage her best friend"s (Dermot Mulroney) wedding ~ she realizes she has feelings for him.

In "Mystic Pizza" (1988), Roberts had die role von Daisy, a teenager who longs zu rebel since she doesn’t recognize what else kommen sie do.

julia Roberts bei "Mystic Pizza." IMDB

Critic score: 75%

Synopsis: The 1980s coming-of-age theater follows a gruppe of high-school girls as they navigate cultivation up und falling in love — all in between their shifts at die local pizza parlor.

julia Roberts and Tom Hanks an "Michael Collins." Warner Bros.

Critic score: 77%

Synopsis: The film chronicles ns story of michael Collins, who was a renowned leader during the irisch Civil War und one des the an essential figures fighting zum Ireland"s independence.

In the film, Roberts illustrated Collins" partner, Kitty Kiernan.

julia Roberts voiced Charlotte die spider. Paramount photos

Critic score: 78%

Synopsis: The film adaptation des E.B. White"s children"s story highlights the i can not qualify friendship des a farm spider called Charlotte (Roberts) und a pig named Wilbur (Dominic Scott Kay).

Throughout die film, Charlotte attempts zu stop Wilbur native being sent to die slaughterhouse.

Roberts appeared bei the music comedy "Everyone Says i Love You"(1996) with Goldie Hawn, danke für Barrymore, Edward Norton, und Lukas Haas.

julia Roberts in "Everyone Says ich Love You." Miramax

Critic score: 79%

Synopsis: Natasha Lyonne narrates this music spectacle about a rich rich mädchen who tries kommen sie set up produziert father (Woody Allen) through a new kollege (Roberts) ~ his divorce.

julia Roberts an "Confessions von a dangerous Mind." Miramax

Critic score: 79%

Synopsis: This Clooney-directed suspense dramatisch is based on the memoir von former game-show host chuck Barris (Sam Rockwell), that claimed kommen sie moonlight as in assassin weil das the CIA.

In ns film, Roberts played a CIA agent.

In her film "Ben ist Back" (2018), Roberts ist a mommy struggling zu help produziert teenage son remain sober.

ns movie ist set about Christmas. BBP west BIB, gmbh

Critic score: 81%

Synopsis: ~ above Christmas Eve, Holly"s (Roberts) son (Lucas Hedges) arrives residence unannounced und ready kommen sie be with his family.

However, some jene change bolzen the mother and son"s relationship wie they anfang to learn grausam truths around each other.

Roberts ist well known for playing Danny Ocean's elegant ex-wife, tress Ocean, in "Ocean's Eleven" (2001).

julia Roberts und George Clooney in "Ocean's Eleven." Warner Bros.

Critic score: 82%

Synopsis: The rat Pack-remake of this crime-heist film follows Danny ocean (Clooney) und his 11 friends as they setup to kleid millions von dollars native several las Vegas casinos.

Roberts play Danny Ocean"s ex-wife, Tess, who days a casino-owner named Benedict, otherwise recognized as the group"s nemesis.

She starred opposite tom Hanks an the gelb Globe-nominated drama "Charlie Wilson's War" (2007).

tom Hanks und Julia Roberts starred in the film. Universal pictures

Critic score: 82%

Synopsis: die biographical drama follows texas congressman charlie Wilson (Tom Hanks), that gets suddenly serious around building support zum those fighting the Soviets an Afghanistan after their country is invaded von Russia.

With the help of his freund Joanne Herring (Roberts), Wilson begins a complex, mystery operation that involves meeting through diplomats, lawmakers, und more kommen sie get the people the support castle need.

In one of produziert most memorable roles, Roberts portrayed bei American actress named anna Scott bei "Notting Hill" (1999).

julia Roberts in "Notting Hill." Universal pictures

Critic score: 83%

Synopsis: in this top rom-com, a chance encounter bolzen a renowned American actress (Roberts) und British shopkeeper (Hugh Grant) begins a months-long courtship that has everyone approximately them questioning how it works.

julia Roberts as Erin Brockovich. global

Critic score: 84%

Synopsis: bei "Erin Brockovich," the title character (Roberts) leads die charge against bei electric company an a substantial class-action lawsuit, despite produziert lack des formal training.

The film is based on true events that occurred in 1996.

Roberts stars alongside Owen Wilson und Jacob Tremblay. Dale Robinette/Lionsage

Critic score: 85%

Synopsis: Based on the novel by R.J. Palacio, "Wonder," tells die story des a 10-year-old ehrenvoll Pullman (Jacob Tremblay), who was born v Treacher Collins Syndrome, a rare genetic problem that results how one"s face bones und tissues space developed.

Throughout ns movie, August"s family helps er overcome ns cruelty he"s been subject zu because of bullying. Roberts plays August"s mother.

julia Roberts bei "The normal Heart." HBO films

Critic Score: 94%

Synopsis: In "The normal Heart," openly gay reporter Ned mainly (Mark Ruffalo) follows ns AIDS epidemic, trying kommen sie raise awareness while dealing with mitarbeiter tragedy.

In ns movie, Roberts play Dr. Emma Brookner, a physician who notices that plenty of of produziert male patients store turning trost with jeopardized immune systems.

The film is set in Hollywood. fine Line functions

Critic Score: 98%

Synopsis:In this hollywood satire, a big-name executive, management (Tim Robbins) starts receiving horrible death threats native a writer whose manuscript he rejected.

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In the film, Roberts play herself.

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