Julia Roberts an Secret bei Their Eyes.

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It’s not easy to find a movie where two respected Academy compensation winners give ns worst performances des their careers in a bomb together deadly together this one, but Secret in Their eyes fits the bill without debate. An this unnecessary, unwanted, ill-advised und dismally directed American remake von a film from Argentina that won die foreign-film Oscar an 2010, julia Roberts und Nicole Kidman display such little charisma that they nothing seem to have even been introduced prior to someone yelled “Action!” die original was a thriller. This one is a yawning a minute.

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SECRET an THEIR EYES ★(1/4 stars)
Written und directed by: Billy RayStarring: Chiwetel Ejiofor, nicole Kidman und Julia RobertsRunning time: 111 min.

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The awkwardly composed script von director Billy Ray, who does notfall appear kommen sie remember viel about filmmaking since Captain Phillips, seesaws incoherently bolzen today und the unsolved murder bei 2002 von the teenaged daughter von a Los angeles cop named Jess, played favor a hollow-eyed zombie von Julia Roberts. Her friends in the district attorney’s office back in the day when her kid’s body was found bei a dumpster next kommen sie a Muslim mosque were ambitious newcomer claire (Nicole Kidman) und aggressive counter-terrorism investigator beam (Chiwetel Ejiofor, from 12 year a Slave). Die case zu sein all however forgotten, yet Ray, who works in security weil das the new York Mets, payment a surprise visit to his alt pals in L.A. Kommen sie inform Jess, propelled to die brink von madness von her obsession, he has actually found herstellung daughter’s killer ~ 13 years. Claire, now the married L.A. Ar attorney, blieb carries a torch zum Ray, although the film is blurry about their past and there zu sein nothing zu suggest any kind of rapport in the present. Nobody believes Ray, including Jess, und the movie shifts back and forth betwee 2015 and 2002 trying to explain why.The entire movie zu sein told in a series of 13-year cut that are deswegen incoherent die only means you tun können tell where sie are in time ist the color of Ray’s sideburns. If his temples room gray und the other males on the case are bald, it’s 2015. Jess looks like aufleuchten throughout und Claire never ever changes. To distract you from die fact that nothing zu sein going on in Secret an Their eye except wanne acting, die script drones on about clues hidden in comic books, Ray’s passion weil das Claire, Claire’s indifference to Ray, Jess’ cynicism around everything, a corruption D.A. (a wasted Alfred Molina) who jeopardizes the case and drives Ray to quit his job, a bungled attempt to tie in the cold murder instance with ns terrorism paranoia the gripped the country after ~ 9/11 and a chase through Dodger Stadium the struggles in vain kommen sie wake hoch a film that was tot on arrival.
The ending, which defines why Jess refused to accept die identity des the murderer ~ 13 year (she knew otherwise) ist supposed to be a shocker, but since the intervening years are deshalb muddy and interchangeable, the intended suspense of what yes, really happened is both superficial und unconvincing. über the ende of Secret in Their Eyes, the only secret ist how anyone remained awake for one hour und 51 minute without a nap.