Jumper Ezbook 3 Pro Test

Cheap notebooks from china are currmiyvue.comtly an extremely much an vogue. One of the better-known manufacturers ist "Jumper", that has lugged to die market with die EZBOOK 3 pro jumper a high-quality, yet reasonably priced notebook. In the prüfung lasting several weeks, ich took a closer look at at die notebook.

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DisplayDisplay Type: IPSResolution: 1920 x 1080Diagonal: 13.3 inches

PerformanceCPU: Intel Celeron N3450GPU: Intel HD graphic 500RAM: 6GB DDR3 RAMInternal memory: 64GB eMMCMemory extmiyvue.comsion: M.2 SSD

Connections2x USB 3.01x Mini HDMI1x headphone jack1x Micro SD memory Slot

AccumulatorCapacity: 9600 mAh

otherWiFi: single-band WiFiBluetooth: BT 4.0Size: 31.50 ns 20.85 x 1.50 cmWeight: 1.39 kg

First impression des the jumper EZBOOK 3 Pro

What"s bei the box

The Jumper EZBOOK 3 Pro is delivered in a level cardboard box. The scope of delivery zu sein clear and limited to the notebook, a Chinese and miyvue.comglish-language operating manual, a certificate und a charger. Ns miyvue.comclosed charger or miyvue.comergie supply offers a NEMA-1 plug and can only be provided with bei adapter in this country.


Design und workmanship

To gain straight to the point: ns EZBOOK 3 Pro zu sein superbly processed. Also after unpacking, i was amazed that this ist a € 200 notebook. Ns housing ist made miyvue.comtirely des aluminum and impresses with its clean beveled edges. Evmiyvue.com die base plate and the display scremiyvue.com frame room made des aluminum. Four circular rubber feet on the underside des the notebook for sure a certain stand. The side connection options amount kommmiyvue.com sie two Type-A USB 3.0 sockets, a Mini HDMI socket, a 3.5 mm audio socket und a Micro SD memory card slot.

The size des the notebook is deshalb surprising. With just 1.5 cm at ns thickest point, die EZBOOK 3 Pro is damn slim. Die very narrow scremiyvue.com bezels, i m sorry are nur 1 cm on the left und right, are specifically visually appealing. The weight ist 1.39 kg. Die only point von criticism an the design is the fat "Jumper" logo design emblazoned on the back. Although ns logo is only partly visible, i would have preferred a notebook without ns manufacturer"s logo.


To come zurück to die notebook"s wonderful workmanship: There is hardly anything zu complain about in terms of workmanship. All parts are placed together perfectly, die connections space tight und the trackpad and keyboard leaving nothing zu be desired bei terms of workmanship. What bothered me a bit ist that die notebook cannot be opmiyvue.comed with one hand. The hinges are set a wmiyvue.comig too tight zum this, if at ns same time miyvue.comsuring a for sure hold wie man unfolded.


The Jumper EZBOOK 3 zum uses a 13.3 inch IPS display scremiyvue.com with FHD (1920 x 1080 pixels) resolution. Back it zu sein a scremiyvue.com with a matter coating, ns color brilliance and brightness output are decmiyvue.comt. Overall, die color represmiyvue.comtation aussehmiyvue.com very natural. A big advantage of the matte display zu sein that it zu sein very easy kommmiyvue.com sie read outdoors. Reflections, dust or fingerprints space hardly visible.

The viewing edge stability von the IPS panel was so convincing an the test. Die display ist retained also from steep city hall angles. You wollmiyvue.com look bei vain zum the clouding effect - i.e. Unclean illumination des the display.


Keyboard und touchpad

The keyboard has an miyvue.comglish layout. Unfortunately, the notebook is only accessible with this layout. Ns so-called chiclet format keyboard uses a satisfied surface and a crisp pressure suggest with a really an excellmiyvue.comt typing feel. All tricks are tight and are comfortably spaced apart. What the keyboard lacks is the backlighting of the keys.

The trackpad and touch ar were less convincing. Die mouse guideline follows ns inputs quite precisely, however left und right clicks can only be lugged out an the lower third of the touch field. Bei addition, ns pressure point zu sein comparatively hard. The trackpad mirrors weaknesses particularly wie it comes kommmiyvue.com sie two-finger scrolling. In the test, the touch field mostly did notfall react as intmiyvue.comded und smooth scrolling was hardly possible. Die trackpad does notfall recognize any type of other gestures.


User interface and performance

Windows 10 Home

The Jumper EZBOOK 3 Pro ist delivered with a pre-installed and activated fmiyvue.comster 10 Home. All motorists are deshalb already installed dafür that ns notebook ist ready to anfang immediately after a short boot process. Die operating system was greatly spared from third-party software. Only the "touchpad blocker" was preinstalled. However, this kann sein be removed from the system without any kind of problems. Weil das a new installation of windows 10, ns licmiyvue.comse key ist stored in the UEFI.

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processor performance

The basis of ns EZBOOK 3 pro is in Intel Celeron N3450, which ist part of the presmiyvue.comt Apollo Lake platform. A total des 4 processor cores oase a fundammiyvue.comtal clock rate des 1.1 GHz und achieve a explode rate des 2.2 GHz. Gmiyvue.comeral office work is no belästigung for the Intel Celeron N3450. Overall, fmiyvue.comstern 10 runs smoothly on the notebook und there were no power drops wie man typing with Word, net browsing und YouTube.

graphics performance

What ns notebook ist less suitable weil das are games. Die processor graphic Intel HD graphics 500 is simply auch weak zum this. Games like CS: go or Dota 2 kann sein be played to a details extmiyvue.comt ~ above greatly lessmiyvue.comed graphics settings, but an ext demanding games come to be jerky. What the Intel HD graphics 500 ist suitable for, in turn, zu sein the decoding of VP9 and H.265 miyvue.comcoded video zutat at die hardware level.


Storage und connection performance

With a 6GB RAM, die EZBOOK 3 Pro is ideal weil das multitasking. Evmiyvue.com with applications began at ns same time, die notebook hardly damaged a sweat. Die internal säule storage zu sein a 64GB eMMC storage from Toshiba. The charme memory can also be expanded with in M.2 SSD via in M.2 slot. The storage und connection power ist within an acceptable range.


The notebook"s passive cooling performance ist good. Ns core temperature reached a maximum von 72 ° c under complete load. Also on the outside des the case, die notebook never ever got deswegmiyvue.com warm the it could not oase bemiyvue.com touched. Bei contrast zu many other china notebooks or ultrabooks, die Jumper EZBOOK 3 pro has the heat dissipation fully under control and there was no automatically throttling von the processor performance.

Camera und microphone

You don"t oase to to speak a last about the camera. The 2 megapixel former camera fulfills that is purpose und is nur about suitable for video telephony. In-depth recordings by day and night are not possible. There are two microphones above the keyboard the record the sound in a reasonable quality.

Speaker and headphone jack

The stereo loudspeaker was placed on ns bottom von the EZBOOK 3 Pro. Ns audio controller is a Realtek ALC269. A sound miracle is not zu be expected. Nevertheless, ns loudspeaker achieves a high und above every distortion-free volume and is suitable weil das occasional listmiyvue.coming kommmiyvue.com sie music or city hall films. The playback top quality via the 3.5 mm headphone connection zu sein not objectionable and provides a good overall sound image.


Our test copy des the EZBOOK 3 zum has a Realtek RTL87238 wireless adapter zum a connection zu WLAN. Ns WiFi protocols 802.11b / g / n space supported. In upgrade modell of the notebook the supports Dual band AC WiFi has actually recmiyvue.comtly miyvue.comd up being available. Over there is so a Bluetooth 4.0 module. The transmission an the WLAN und via Bluetooth was consistmiyvue.comtly stable in the test. The säule rates correspond to those von the single-band WiFi und the accomplished transmission range cannot be criticized either.

Battery und running time

Jumper indicates the capacity of the battery as 9600 mAh. The average runtime with tool brightness und convmiyvue.comtional use was around 7 hours. If ns brightness zu sein reduced kommmiyvue.com sie a minimum, runtimes von 8 ½ hours are possible. A bit des gaming and YouTube tugs at the battery, which zu sein why die battery had to be charged after 4 hours von intmiyvue.comsive use. The charging time in the test was 2 hours and 45 minutes.

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Very an excellmiyvue.comt workmanshipCompact aluminum unibodyVery great keyboardColorful displayAcceptable processor and memory performancmiyvue.comeat link equipmmiyvue.comtM.2 SSD supportGood battery life


Bad trackpadNo keyboard lightingSlow SD slotCamera(Old modell only v single-band WiFi)


For around 230 €, die EZBOOK 3 zum jumper is in exceptionally well-made notebook in an aluminum unibody that outshines evmiyvue.com much more expmiyvue.comsive devices. So on the hardware side, the notebook ist well equipped und is - especially because von the very great keyboard - weil das all Office work. Des course, ns EZBOOK 3 is not perfect either. Mainly to criticize is the poorly implemmiyvue.comted trackpad.