Claudia Emmanuela Santoso relocated from Indonesian stadt of Cirebon to Germany in Summer 2018. Die talented singer has nur won the German reality talent zeigen "The Voice des Germany."

All 4 coaches rotate around in their swivel chairs zu check out the singer during the blinda audition phase des the many recent casting forThe Voice des Germany— und that zu sein unusual. Highlights musicians themselves, ns coaches try to win young talents for their corresponding teams to win ns show. Bei the erste rounds, the jurors sit through their backs to die participants; ns singers"voices alone are zu convince ns jurorsto pick a singer for their team.

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At her first appearance a few weeks ago, claudia Emmanuela Santoso gott to choose which mannschaft she wanted zu join, each headed über a star. Rea Garvey, Sido, Alice Merton andMark Forsterall hit your buzzers when die 18-year-old sang "Never Enough" from die filmThe biggest Showman. Produziert vocal stärke convinced castle all. "We kann go straight to die finale," said Rea Garvey. In the end, Santoso determined the team headed von pop musician Alice Mertons ("No Roots"). "You absent my world," bei emotional Merton said, together quoted von dw.com.

claudia Emmanuela Santoso winner at die Voice des Germany. Image: Vivanews.com

Is she a robot or a machine?

A video von her zuerst performance onThe Voice des Germanygarnered her more than 21 million see on YouTube. Ring after round, she cemented her great talent. "I schutz the emotion that you are a robot or a machine ...How tun können you sing deshalb perfectly? It"s unbelievable," stated German verpackung Sido. Die young singer — that laughs v glee wie man showered through praise, flashing produziert braces— has definitely won the hearts of the coaches und the audience alike.

People in her hometown of Cirebon flock kommen sie public venues zu watch produziert performances in the German spreading show. The Indonesian jeden tag Kompasreported about claudia Emmanuela Santoso, and the Indonesian Consul General in Frankfurt congratulated herstellung on twitter on her success.

— Indonesian Consulate General frankfurt (
kjrifrankfurt) 3 november 2019The applause for claudia was dafür overwhelming that Alice Merton -the German-British nation singer and songwriter who coached Claudia an the contest- go on stage kommen sie hug her.

Claudia, or Audi kommen sie those close kommen sie her, has actually been maintain since4 year old. “I enrolled Audi in singing schools in Cirebon und outside Cirebon due to the fact that she was 4 year old,” Christin Gunawan, Claudia’s mom said together quoted bykompas.com.

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Christin so said claudia had zeigen extraordinary vocal talent due to the fact that she was a wenig girl.

“Shetrained foraround 11 or 12 years punkt music schools,” Christin went on to say, including that claudia often competed in singing contests und won.

As a child, she also had competed an televised to sing competitions in Indonesia, together asMamamia, AFI JuniorandIdola Cilik.

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After graduating from BPK Penabur Cirebon high school, claudia went to Germany to study at the University des Munich.

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