Jury The Voice Of Germany 2019

Claudia Emmanuela Santoso relocated from Indonesia kommen sie Germany in 2018. The talented singer has nur won the German truth talent show "The Voice des Germany."


All 4 coaches turn around bei their swivel chairs to check out the singer throughout the blinda audition phase von the many recent casting weil das The Voice of Germany— und that is unusual. Highlights musicians themselves, the coaches try to win young talents weil das their respective teams kommen sie win the show. Bei the erste rounds, the jurors sit v their backs to die participants; die singers"voices alone are kommen sie convince die jurorsto pick a singer weil das their team.

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At her zuerst appearance a few weeks ago, claudia Emmanuela Santoso gott to select which team she wanted to join, each headed von a star. Rea Garvey, Sido, Alice Merton und Mark Forsterall hit your buzzers when the 18-year-old singen "Never Enough" from the film The biggest Showman. Herstellung vocal power convinced castle all. "We can go right to die finale," stated Rea Garvey. An the end, Santoso determined the mannschaft headed by pop musician Alice Mertons ("No Roots"). "You absent my world," in emotional Merton said.

From German language classes straight to die stage

Santoso wasthe hands-down favorite ahead von the finals — die talent show is in its 9th season — on november 10. The young woman left the Indonesian city of Cirebon zum Germany in the summer of 2018 und soon signed up zum the spreading show.

She just took German language classes in Indonesia zum three months, Santoso said miyvue.com, including that she und her cousin, who so attended the class, actually watched The Voice des Germanyin their house country. "I believed that if one day ich live in Germany, i would like to take part an the auditions."

She was enrolled in a music institution at the age von four, take it piano and violin lessons und trained produziert voice. The young singer has actually been posting clips of herself on her Instagram account zum quite a while. Herstellung success top top TV has garnered herstellung more than 120,000 subscribers.

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Claudia Emmanuela Santoso lives in Munich in southern Germany

Is she a robot or a machine?

A video von her zuerst performance top top The Voice des Germanygarnered herstellung more than 21 million views on YouTube. Round after round, she cemented her great talent. "I oase the emotion that you are a robot or a an equipment ...How can you sing deshalb perfectly? It"s unbelievable," stated German rapper Sido. The young singer — that laughs with glee wie showered v praise, flashing herstellung braces— has definitely won ns hearts of the coaches und the audience alike.

People in her hometown of Cirebon flock zu public venues to watch her performances in the German casting show. Ns Indonesian daily Kompas reported about claudia Emmanuela Santoso, und the Indonesian Consul General bei Frankfurt congratulated produziert on twitter on herstellung success.

"I hope zu learn a lot von participating an The Voice des Germany," the young talent said, including she hopes zu make neu connections, fulfill people und get zu know the entertainment industry. "The most necessary thing zum me zu sein to create something, my own das lied or a single," she said. "I want kommen sie give my very own concerts — yet I so want kommen sie continue my studies." Santoso forschung music bei Munich.

In Munich, die young woman ist active in in Indonesian community — the helpsagainst feeling homesick.She moved kommen sie Germany alone, without produziert family. Lock watched her erste performances native home via video messenger, but zum the finals ~ above Sunday, ns family washeadedto Germany kommen sie support claudia Emmanuella Santoso, hopingfor a an excellent triumph.

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They weren"t permit down, together Santoso won with 46% of the audience vote. She und the various other finalists will anfang at tour von Germany ~ above December 6.

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