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Stefan Gödde ( Season 1 )Thore Schölermann (since season 2)Doris Golpashin (since season 1)

The Voice von Germany < də vɔɪs əv dʒɜ mənɪ ː > (English for The Voice of Germany ) is a German singing talent show, which ist broadcast by the TV stations ProSieben und Sat.1 since november 2011. It ist based on the talent show The Voice concept, i m sorry was zuerst implemented in late 2010 in the Netherlands under ns title ns Voice des Holland. The German auflage is produced von Talpa and Schwartzkopff TV Productions. The zuerst season won Ivy Quainoo ~ above 10 February 2012, the second Nick Howard on December 14, 2012, ns third going andreas on 20 December 2013.

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Approximately 150 participants wollen be invited weil das the erste phase of the television show, called blinda Auditions. There must die candidates, accompanied von a live eis to song on a stage before bei audience. The jury members, the singer or the singer at first only hear however not seen them because they"re sitting in a swivel chair through his zurück to the stage. You kann sein vote zum a candidate von himself throughout his presentation zu turn zu him, to seen him. The candidate come to die next round if he gets hinweisen least one of the four jury votes. Amongst those jury members who have turned around weil das him, ns candidate choose his coach for the further rounds. In the blinda auditions each des the four coaches zu get a group of 16 candidates.

It complies with a week of training, in which die coaches prepare your candidates referred to as to die Battle Round 2nd phase. In the battle Round 2 candidates of the same bahn group sing a song in a duet. Just one of the 2 candidates zu sein further decision des the respective coaches. Since ns third season (2013 ), a candidate that was not chosen von his own coach, möchte be taken over über a so-called leaders des the transmission Steal transaction from one of the other coaches.

In the last phase, the direkte shows, contact die candidates in ~ their bahn groups against each other und be evaluated von both die coaches und by die television viewers. Representatives von different coaches just meet bei the finals or, due to the fact that Season 3, every other in the semifinals. An the final, only zu decide ns viewers about die victory.

First Season (2011-2012)

The zuerst season of the zeigen was broadcast on 24 november 2011 to 10 February 2012 at the television. Moderated the zuerst season of Stefan Gödde and backstage über Doris Golpashin. The jury consisted von the pop musician Nena, die soul singer Xavier Naidoo, die singer and guitarist Rea Garvey und the duo Alec Voelkel und Sascha Vollmer of the band The BossHoss. Die winner of the zuerst season was Ivy Quainoo with herstellung song Do sie Like What freundin See.

Second Season (2012 )

From 18 October kommen sie 14 December 2012, ns second season von The Voice des Germany was broadcast. Ns four coaches has actually remained die same as bei the first season, wollen host ns second season von Thore Schölermann. Ns winner von the 2nd season was Nick Howard v his song Unbreakable.

Third Season (2013 )

The third season of The Voice des Germany was aired indigenous 17 October to December 20, 2013 ~ above television. The jury sat alongside ns existing coaches Nena und the duo von The BossHoss the zuerst time the rapper und music producer maximal Herre and the songwriter, singer und guitarist Samu Haber. The third season was again moderated by Thore Schölermann and backstage über Doris Golpashin. Ns winner des the dritter season was Andrew going v his lied Simple Man.

Fourth Season (2014)

Prior to broadcast the letzte of the third season, ns ProSiebenSat.1 Media announced a 4th season for autumn 2014. On in march 18, 2014 Alec Voelkel und Sascha Vollmer announced von The BossHoss the they space no longer accessible as coaches available. 5 days later, nena announced herstellung exit from ns show. On april 3, 2014 Samu Haber announced on facebook that he will be watching an the 4th season.

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Jury / Coaches

The Voice Kids

On October 25, 2012 Sat.1 announced that ns kid version of "The Voice children " (acronym: TVK ) kann produce native Talpa und Schwartzkopff TV Productions. It zu sein based on ns size des the original und focuses on youngsters aged betwee eight und 14 years. The jury consists of the singer- songwriters Lena Meyer- Landrut and Tim Bendzko und the rock musician henning Wehland. The winner des the Talent contest wollen receive a cultivate scholarship and prize money. The taste gate leads moderation Schölermann, along with the backstage presenter des Aline Drateln.

From april 5 kommen sie May 10, 2013 the zeigen was broadcast on Fridays hinweisen 20:15 clock Sat.1. Winner des the finale is Michèle.

The second season, in which tim Bendzko was replaced von Johannes Strate von gunslinger in the jury, launched on 21 march 2014.



In die media, the talent show met an part on critical voices. Bei the selection des candidates will prefiltered dafür striking sow numerous candidates attractive or mitbrächten moving stories.

Were so criticized the contracts von the participants. While the TV nur will the candidates typically prescribed, what lieder they would sing. Also after the ende of the show they were bound über the global Music Group.


The previous highest ratings des total audience ( 5.24 million viewers and 17.6 percent ) reached Sat.1 with the airing von the second " eine remote auditions " output of the second season ~ above 19 October, 2012. Many viewers from die commercial target gruppe (3.96 million viewers und 30.9 percent ) tuned bei on December 8, 2011, when ProSieben broadcast the fifth " blinda auditions " auflage of the zuerst season.

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The document low audience ratings von total audience (2.72 million viewers and 9.7 percent ) and the target demography (1.63 million viewers and 16.6 percent) reached ns semifinals von the third season ~ above December 13, 2013 an Sat.1.

Awards und nominations

Tien (TV channel)John dach Mol, Jr.The Voice (TV series)The Voice von Germany (season 1)Kim SandersThe Voice von Germany (season 2)The Voice des Germany (season 3)Singer-SongwriterRevolverheld