Just Tattoo Of Us Schlimmstes Tattoo

It take away a certain kind of individual kommen sie appear on a show like Just Tattoo of Us. ~ all, what kind of sane, unassuming person would let someone leaving a hideous permanent unterschrift on their bodies just zum a bit von telly time?

But they carry out – und we love watching them.

Here, us revisit some von the worst tatts we schutz ever viewed on ns show.

WARNING: Those of you with a delicate nature may discover some des these images und stories incredibly (and deliciously) offensive! Seriously: they"re repugnant.

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Right, top top with the horror.

1. Ns SLUT stamp


Blood could be thicker 보다 water, but that doesn"t mean you kann trust a household member kommen sie choose a tasteful tatt zum you.

When cousins Lauren and Sophie appeared on die show, there were tears aplenty wie Lauren made decision to schutz the verführerisch word "SLUT" etched on to Sophie.


Apparently it was a destruction at ns fact that her cousin had slept with 4 of produziert boyfriend"s mates. The greedy minx!

2. The bloody tampon


Oh dear… as we every know, every tattoo on the nur has a story zu tell, und this details one – a bloody tampon being removed – has actually a particularly unusual one.

So please continue with caution.


Alicia explained kommen sie Charlotte and Bear the she had determined to entwurf her friend Louisa"s etching after having actually once excellent a great deed zum her.

"She had actually gone home with a yes, really ugly boy," she explained. "She was on her period and had forgot she had actually a tampon in so ich had kommen sie assist through removing her tampon."

We don"t rather follow ns logic, yet what a an excellent friend, eh?

3. The soiled fingers


Attention-seeking Big brother 2016 pair Ryan Ruckledge and Hughie Maughan squared up zu each other after lock copped an eyeful of the unsightly tattoos they had actually designed for each other.

For Hughie, Ryan had chosen a picture des his own orange challenge scrawled ~ above Hughie"s butt cheek surrounded von the ominous words PROPERTY of RYAN RUCKLEDGE.


Unsurprisingly this led to Hughie kommen sie freak out and screech blue murder (in his pants).


But don"t feel too sorry zum Hughie, because die tatt he designed for Ryan was even worse – fingers with, er, poo top top them!


The story behind ns image? We could tell you, but freundin wouldn"t thank us zum it. It"s basically what you think the is.

4. Dad figure


In some ways, the tattoo the Charlotte Dawson"s mate katie Salmon designed zum her zu sein actually a quite sweet and touching choice, as it depicts her late, comedy-legend dad, Les Dawson.

And how amazing – weil das this nur – Charlotte in reality loved the finished result und shed some tears of actual love not anger.


But hang on a minute. As lovely as die heartfelt tribute is, nur think about die reality des this tattoo.

We"ve checked out what Charlotte gott up kommen sie on Ex on the Beach and Celebs walk Dating, deshalb just imagine what a buzzkill this tatt can be wie she und a fella are acquiring jiggy...

5. Dumped!


While Just Tattoo of Us ist supposedly a cheeky, fun series, some contestants do have a rather typical agenda.

wie man former Ex on ns Beach star Maisie Gillespie showed up on in ep with her boyfriend Ollie, that wasn"t just zum profile-building – that was so to make a life-changing decision.


When her beau ultimately removed his are afraid goggles, he was horrified to seen that ns tattoo she had actually designed weil das him was of in image des a man"s legs poking out of a skip accompanied by the ominous words "DUMPED".

Yep, ns vengeful minx had actually kicked produziert boyfriend to ns kerb in the many outrageous von ways.


"What a twat," to be the zuerst words Ollie can muster together he got his head around the full horror of having die permanent stamp etched ~ above his leg. But don"t feel too viel sympathy zum him. According to Maisie, he had been lie to produziert about messaging his ex.

However, wie Maisie saw ns romantic entwurf that Ollie had actually dreamt up zum her – a heart-shaped lock with die words "I liebe You" under – she was shellshocked and clearly felt wanne about produziert drastic decision.

6. Trump rump!


What"s worse than having actually a tatt of your ex etched permanently on your body? A tattoo of one of the world"s many divisive leaders, that"s what.

Well, that"s what a guy called Cory was stuck with when he und his freundin appeared on ns show.


But while most civilization would kick off about being stuck with a dodgy tatt prefer that, excitable Cory said he in reality loved it and even went as far as kommen sie say that he thought trompete was a bit of a legend.

Bear synthetic up die experience best wie he said: "Cory came in with one arse in his pants und now he"s leaving through two!"

7. Revenge


When Bronte saw die tattoo her cheating boyfriend Jack had designed zum her, she damaged down an tears – because the seemingly innocent bild of bei umbrella was actually a mean-spirited reference kommen sie his ex-girlfriend april (as an "April showers"). The rat!


But the bewegt miss had her revenge. When Jack unveiled produziert design, he was horrified to see an image of Bronte staring zurück at er from his chest with ns words: "I oase a girlfriend."


The idea, she said, was that he would never be able zu cheat on herstellung again.


Presenter Scotty T"s reaction to ns vengeful tatt was priceless: "Now that Jack has got his bird ~ above his chest, he"ll never get an additional bird ~ above his bellend again!"

8. Ns squatter


Charlotte und Scotty didn"t understand where to look when Kierra saw ns dodgy tatt that produziert mate Rihanna had designed zum her.

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Forget cute flower or bunnies, herstellung pal had come up with a design depicting a naked woman squatting together she – how zu put this? – perform a toilet act.


Her mate described that die idea was inspired von the time Kierra indulged in a really intimate geschlecht act, i beg your pardon caused produziert to monitor through. TMI, anyone? Not zum this show, it"s not.

When it came kommen sie Kierra"s design for produziert mate, Rihanna was perturbed von the bild of a pile of gold bars and a shovel, saying that she was a gold digger.

While she was a wee little peeved at the insinuation, we reckon she was relieved that wasn"t together gross as ns one she"d picked zum Kierra.

9. Motherf**ker


Not countless guys und gals feel happy about showing their parents your fresh tattoo, however poor omar certainly had no intention von showing his mate"s dirty work to his family members after their appearance on die show.


Why? Because ns offending image depicted er having sex with his mother, doggy-style.

And just to make it clean who the two frisky pups were, his mate insisted the their surname were so included around the image.

However, omar surprised everyone über saying that he didn"t actually think that ns tattoo was that all the "bad" und that he had actually previously make jokes around having geschlechter with his mother zum laughs, adding "incest zu sein a funny topic".


10. Grain cheater


Serial cheater Fran gott his nur desserts wie his brother asked for a box of grain be etched on zu his calf with the words "No. 1 grain Cheater".


While most guys would have been cringing about die stamp, Fran took it in his stride und laughed that off.

11. Clap


PJ was most definitely up weil das a laugh wie he walk on Just Tattoo of Us, but wie he clapped eye on ns tatts his girlfriend Harrison had actually designed for him, the was notfall only shocked yet heartbroken.

Instead of good old-fashioned, stereotypical skull and cross bones, his wicked pal had chosen kommen sie turn ihm into a walking sexual-health refers featuring related words choose "HPV", "clap" und "herpes"…


Tearfully, PJ go off die set questioning his friend, "is this how wenig our friendship means zu us?"

Later Harrison, in in emotional conversation through his bezza, tried to explain the he was merely worried about PJ"s lifestyle und had issued ns tatts together a sexual-health warning zu him. Awww, sweet, no?

12. Be afflicted with Cheek


When Scotty t joined the show as presenter zum series three, replacing original host and Charlotte"s ex Stephen Bear, the agreed kommen sie undergo a distinct stamping designed von Ms crosby herself.

But if he believed his Geordie Shore finest mate was going zu be kind to him, he was wrong.


The conniving wee minx had ordered the show"s tattooist kommen sie etch Bear"s shocked confront into Scotty"s bum.

Luckily Scotty t was able to see the funny side und joked, "That"s the face he made wie man he gott sacked!" prior to laying into Charlotte und the show"s team von firing a round of "f**k yous" at them.

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