Justin Bieber might schutz risen bei the credibility crest with the success von his new song "What Do freundin Mean", but it seems his credibility among Metallica fans is ausblüten pretty damn low. After ns singer carry out on die Ellen zeigen to encourage his neu album, many metals fans took zu Twitter kommen sie chastise his choice des clothing.

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The singer has come to be something des a continuous on Ellen DeGeneres" daytime speak show, und on Tuesday he visited the nur proudly sporting a Metallica t-shirt. And not zum the first time - the wore one on ns Graham Norton show last week too.

Unsurprisingly, metal fan did not take this statement lightly.

I wonder if justin Bieber actually listens kommen sie Metallica?

— blashé (
mikeblash1) november 11, 2015

what isn"t offensive: starbucks red cup what ist very offensive: justin bieber wearing a metallica t-shirt

— phoebe buffay (
malacrux) november 10, 2015

If justin Bieber kann sein stop wearing Metallica shirt that"d it is in great... Sincerely, those von us who listen to real music

— Lucas (
Metallica T-shirt pic.twitter.com/UyRD2MVDAQ

— ᴊᴜʟɪᴀ ᴍᴇʀᴄᴜʀʏ ☿☯ (
MissKittyKawaii) november 10, 2015

I nur saw a pic of justin Bieber attract a Metallica T-shirt. So, there"s that. *stares into ns abyss

— watercrafts n Hoes (
Poutymcgee) november 8, 2015

Justin Bieber wearing a Metallica t-shirt makes me feel really really sad

— Molly harvey (
mollharvs) november 3, 2015

Justin Bieber isn"t allowed kommen sie wear Metallica shirts. Nur no.

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— ♡ Inacia. (
InaciaArpin) november 11, 2015

In Bieber"s defence, and to those who doubted whether Bieber could name a single Metallica song, he did perform an acoustic cover of their lied "Fade zu Black" a few years back. And the band didn"t oase a belästigt with it.

Meanwhile, Bieber is set to perform at Capital FM"s jingle Bell null next month, together the likes of Coldplay, little Mix, ellie Goulding und Ariana Grande. For tickets und more information, visit here


Justin Bieber: plainly struggling zu maintain the new leaf he"s supposedly rotate over, Bieber left his Oslo gig after nur one song. After complaining that nobody was listening to him, his feet were climate grabbed von screaming fans in the front row, und he told the crowd, "I"m done, I"m notfall doing the show."


Morrissey: die Smiths frontmann is hardly known zum his easy-going personality, but he was perhaps justified in leaving a polish gig after nur 25 minutes, provided that an audience member had begun hurling "extremely offensive und chauvinistic" abuse weist him. It was subsequently asserted that ns remarks revolved about his recent cancer diagnosis, which surely would certainly be enough zu make even the most thick-skinned artist"s blood boil.


Lupe Fiasco: A bit von a Shakespearian throwback this - the chicago rapper had a tomato hinweisen him. Unsurprisingly, the wasn"t best pleased - "I"m gonna finish the show, however if there"s much more people favor that i need them die fuck out of here. I know what she aussehen like - fat, white bitch. Uncover her." in the ende though, that didn"t end up the zeigen - die audience members that beleived zu be responsible refused kommen sie leave, and he stormed off stage.


Courtney Love: another perfectly understandable at an early stage exit. The Hole singer was performing an Brazil when a fan decided to hold trost a picture of produziert late husband kurt Cobain. "I have to direkte with his shit und his ghost and his child every day," she said, "and throwing that up zu sein stupid und rude and I"m going kommen sie beat die fuck out of you if you do it again." prior to she left ns stage, she said the fan "go lakers the fucking foo Fighters."


Azealia Banks: The rapper was performing at Australia"s listen Out festival when, nur 90 seconds in, bei audience member threw a kann sein at her head. Understandably, she threw her microphone on die floor (as you tun können see in this still) and left the stage. The was to be the anfang of a tumultuous relationship betwee Banks und Australia.

Plan B: ~ trying and failing kommen sie rev up die 80,000 strong ireland crowd while supporting Eminem, Plan ns called ns audience "the tamest fucking crowd von my life." Amazingly, his later plea of "come on freundin cunts!" didn"t go down an extremely well either, deshalb he offered up and left.

Wiley: Wiley und UK festival just don"t gain along. Ahead von his performance at die horrendously called CockRock festival an north Cumbria, the tweeted speak how little he wanted zu play. As word spread, die crowd began kommen sie loudly boo him, und he left after fünfzehn minutes. "haters suck ur mum wtf" the tweeted afterwards.

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Eric Clapton: die iconic singer left the stage without explanation throughout a glasgow gig, resulting in boos from ns crowd - who"d forked the end up kommen sie £125 zum a ticket. After that a rep blamed "unbearable" technical challenges on his sudden exit.

The stone Roses: ns band"s drummer, Alan Wren, walked turn off stage before the ende of your reunion gig in Amsterdam a couple of years back. Ian Brown, who was unhappy with his bandmate, told ns crowd, "The drummer has actually gone home. I"m notfall kidding you, the drummer has gone home," prior to calling ihm a "cunt."

Macaulay Culkin: die Home Alone stern was performing with his Velvet underground tribute band The pizza Underground bei Nottingham wie man he was nearly hit über a flying kann sein during a Kazoo solo. Yes, a Kazoo solo. After fans then took your cue to start hurling drinks, that decided zu call the a night.