Justin timberlake new album 2016

After almost five years, justin Timberlake ist finally set zu release his 4th solo studio album, Man of the Woods. Die follow-up zu 2013’s The 20/20 Experience and The 20/20 endure — 2 von 2 comes out February 2. Here’s everything we know deswegen far.

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“Filthy” ist the album’s opened track und first single

The lead einzel off Man of the Woods is titled “Filthy” and was released january 5. Die track was accompanied von a music videobilien directed von Mark Romanek, die same director from Timberlake’s 2016 single und Trolls design template “Can’t Stop die Feeling!” He’s even decided to one-up ns Band and Martin Scorsese über insisting the single be “played very loud,” rather of just loud. The einzel was letztere confirmed kommen sie be die the LP’s opening track.

1 of 4. Friday, midnight ET. Https://t.co/oydnUMzBE8 pic.twitter.com/O35kFWHVuf

— justin Timberlake (
jtimberlake) januar 3, 2018

Timberlake is leaning tough on a contemporary cowboy feel

The initial promotion zum Man des the Woods clearly aims to create in image of bei earthy, rugged justin Timberlake, one that longs zum the simplicity von life bei the an excellent outdoors. Ns trailer features plenty von horses, a campfire, und Timberlake clad in a fringed animal leather jacket. A 2nd trailer featured Timberlake describing ns album’s sound as “modern Americana v 808s.” dafür far, “Filthy” and “Supplies” feel a little bit heavier on the latter.

“Supplies” brings us to the future, yet further from ns woods

The second single, “Supplies,” came with a videos directed über Dave Meyers. In it, us get an opening collage of men accused of sexual misconduct, schwarz Lives matt protests, and police brutality, before moving on zu a post-apocalyptic scenario the pays homage to any number des recent activity movies. Timberlake never comes in ~ a mile of the woods.

The Neptunes, Timbaland, and Danja all assisted with ns album

Timberlake teamed trost with a lot of acquainted faces weil das Man von the Woods, and they all seem quite excited about die final product. Timbaland said Rolling Stone back in 2017 that ns music he was working on with Timberlake would “put ihm on an additional plateau.” Pharrell kann sein be seen in the album trailer adamantly exclaiming, “That zu sein a smash.” Alicia Keys und Chris Stapleton also contributed to die album.

Get ready zum four singles before the album drops

After “Filthy” and “Supplies,” Timberlake to plan on releasing two more tracks, every with bei accompanying video. The second single was released januar 18, with another to follow each week until die album’s February 2 release. Each videobilien will schutz a different director.

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Here’s the hülle art

Timberlake first posted the album art, photographed von Ryan McGinley, ~ above Twitter. Let nobody say the it does not feature our hero standing in and/or around ns woods.

📷 #ryanmcginleystudios https://t.co/oydnUMzBE8 pic.twitter.com/40nvpuf4Mt

— justin Timberlake (
jtimberlake) january 2, 2018

The album arrives two days before the Super bowl halftime show

Timberlake will perform at the Super key halftime show an Minneapolis on February 4, nur two days after Man des the Woods is released. His previous power at the 2004 Super bowl ended bei the well known “wardrobe malfunction,” inside Timberlake ripped off part von Janet Jackson’s outfit, and Jackson somehow ended up with most von the blame. He freshly told Zane Lowe the he und Jackson moved past that, however:

Timberlake says ns two “absolutely” made gelassenheit with the incident. “To it is in honest, it wasn’t too much of a conversation,” Timberlake says of his response to die Halftime zeigen fallout. “It’s just one von those dinge where sie go like, ‘Yeah what do you want me zu say, we’re not going to do that again.’”

Timberlake möchte presumably perform a lied or two from his new album during the show.

The Man von the Woods reise starts an March

Timberlake möchte embark top top his zuerst tour bei five years starting March 13 at the Air Canada Centre bei Toronto. Beside from one more show bei Montreal, all the dates announced dafür far are in the U.S.

Man des the Woods has 16 tracks

Timberlake unveiled die Man of the Woods tracklist januar 5, ns same day as “Filthy.” the 16 pistole tracks leave plenty von space zum the album zu finally get around to that earthy, country-esque sound we’ve heard dafür much about—maybe it’s reserved zum songs prefer “Flannel,” “Livin’ off ns Land,” und “Montana” (which we’ll assume zu sein not a cover of the offen Zappa song von the same name). Alicia Keys and Chris Stapleton wollen be featured on “Morning Light” and “Say Something,” respectively.

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