Cameron Diaz und Justin Timberlake continue to be one von the most renowned celebrity pairings des the "00s. As reported by People, Diaz met Timberlake at the Nickelodeon Kids" choice Awards bei April 2003 and "had joined herstellung new beau on the road as he toured v Christina Aguilera" von that July. However, despite seeming like ns perfect match bei many ways, die couple"s liebe story came to in abrupt end in early 2007, shocking fans worldwide. But why specifically couldn"t two des Hollywood"s most beautiful stern make their connection work?

During herstellung romance with Timberlake, ns actress uncovered herself thrown into the spotlight an ext than ever before before, deswegen it"s unsurprising that Diaz decided kommen sie take a step back from showbiz an more recent years. During a 2019 interview with InStyle, she revealed, "I began when i was 22, deshalb 25 years ago — that"s a lang time. Ns way i look at it ist that I"ve given much more than hilfreich of mine life to ns public." While ns former couple"s differing approaches zu being famed might have contributed to the split, there are actually several possible explanations weil das why their liebe didn"t last forever. 

Join united state as we check out why justin Timberlake"s romance with Cameron Diaz was relatively short-lived. 

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Cameron Diaz"s relationship with justin Timberlake routinely made headlines — partly because von the period gap bolzen the pair. If Diaz was born ~ above Aug. 30, 1972, Timberlake"s birth date was Jan. 31, 1981, meaning that lock were nearly nine year apart bei age. When it"s notfall one of the most scandalous period gapx in celeb relationships, it"s worth noting that both stars oase since resolved down through partners closer kommen sie them an age. An 2015, Diaz married good Charlotte guitarist Benji Madden, who was born on march 11, 1979, meaning that there"s much less than seven years betwee them. Meanwhile, Timberlake wed jessica Biel, who was born on march 3, 1982, in 2012 — so there"s a wenig over a year age gap in that marriage.

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In 2004, Diaz addressed the age gap bolzen herself und the former NSYNC singer during bei interview v W magazine. She explained (via People), "It"s not like this ist the erste time an the history des human relationships that civilization were drawn kommen sie one an additional because von who lock are, notfall what period they are." und really, who can argue through that?

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Although Cameron Diaz eventually tied die knot v Benji Madden, she wasn"t always into ns idea von marriage. As freshly as 2014 (the year before ns two gott hitched), she said Marie Claire, "I"m not looking zum a husband or marriage or notfall not looking weil das that stuff. I"m living, und not reasoning what ich should or shouldn"t be doing with my life." if Diaz"s relationship with Madden must schutz changed her mind, she was originally pretty staunch about the fact that she didn"t want zu become anyone"s wife. 

According kommen sie People, Diaz showed up on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2006 and said of herstellung relationship with justin Timberlake, "I"m a commitment-phobe. don"t want zu ." Explaining herstellung opinion that marital relationship wasn"t necessary, the movie star later alluded to ns pressure placed on women zu get married and start families, telling Marie Claire, "We live an a die gesellschaft where everyone has kids, so they want other civilization to schutz kids. There is this society that states celebrities are supposed zu be just like us, so people think, "I oase children, why doesn"t she?" yet I"m notfall going zu do something because it"s expected." 

Ultimately, Diaz took a leap des faith with Madden. "I don"t understand if ich was ready , but ich knew Benji was special," she said InStyle in 2019. "He"s nur a great man."

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Although there could be innumerate factors why justin Timberlake und Cameron Diaz parted ways, one can be the they felt ns same around marriage at die time. Namely, the previous boy maßband star didn"t seem zu be bei any rush zu walk down ns aisle, either, and he wasn"t afraid zu say dafür with a couple of eyebrow-raising comments in a very public forum.

Appearing ~ above The Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2006, the titular host asked (via TMZ), "I need kommen sie know ... Should ich get a bridesmaid dress jetzt or not?" Timberlake comment with, "Go ahead, reserve one ... The only point is, you will schutz to stay the same size weil das the next fünfzehn years." That very same year, ns pop stern reaffirmed his ideas about marriage und children during an interview with British GQ. "Men room monkeys, man," he said. "Listen, as zum marriage and so ~ above ... I schutz my two dogs for kids so you should ask them just how I"m doing!" ns publication provided that Timberlake"s girlfriend at the time, Diaz, was within earshot, und he appeared kommen sie try zu correct his price with, "Never say never, however why damage a great thing?" 

But it would seem that die damage had already been excellent — the doesn"t precisely make sense zum a couple to stay together when neither appear to be in it zum the long haul.

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After splitting up an January 2007, justin Timberlake und Cameron Diaz to be forced zurück together again zu launch die movie Shrek ns Third. Yep, the exes reunited for several red carpet events that summer and even posed for photos together, proving the they stayed cordial also after calling the quits. 

While their arbeiten on ns third Shrek movie would have been completed during their relationship, the friendly exes decided kommen sie make one more movie together wie man they co-starred an 2011"s Bad Teacher. Diaz and Timberlake"s personalities even hooked up in the movie, which must have been a little awkward, but they to be nothing yet professional around it. Von casting Timberlake in the movie, Diaz joked kommen sie Digital Spy, "And then we begged him, begged him our hands und knees."

Considering the fact the they chose zu make a movie together once they were date other civilization proves that there was no wanne blood bolzen the stars. Und who doesn"t love an amicable breakup? However, it"s not too surprising, considering Timberlake and Diaz previously highlighted your desire to remain friendly in their breakup explain (via People): "We have, an fact, ended our romantic relationship, und have done deshalb mutually and as friends, with ongoing love und respect weil das one another."

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Justin Timberlake und Jessica Biel"s connection started in 2007, und the pair walk on kommen sie tie the knot in October 2012. However, it would certainly seem that wie their romance started, Timberlake might ausblüten have been date Cameron Diaz. According to People, in an excerpt from his 2018 autobiography, Hindsight and All ns Things ich Can"t See an Front of Me, Timberlake discussed how he met and fell in love through Biel ... And the timeline seems a little messy. Die singer wrote, "Then the gelb Globes came up, und that"s when we plan on seeing every other. We were both blieb seeing other people, maintaining ourselves safe from obtaining hurt, from really placing ourselves the end there. It take it a bit weil das both des us kommen sie admit kommen sie ourselves that us were really, really into each other."

In januar 2007, it was reported the Diaz and Timberlake to be spotted fighting hinweisen a gelb Globes after party, bei what People referred to as a "40-minute face-off bei a next room." the publication revealed, "According kommen sie witnesses, Timberlake was chatting with actress jessica Biel when Diaz approached. Biel stepped away, und the former pair had a severe exchange." Diaz und Timberlake would certainly announce their breakup work later, und it would certainly seem that die "Cry Me a River" performer had already set his sights on someone else.

Along with ns suggestion that justin Timberlake fell zum Jessica Biel while the was still with Cameron Diaz, over there were also claims of infidelity during ns couple"s relationship. An 2005, MTV News reported that British tabloid News des the World was forced to print bei apology to ns singer-songwriter after running a story arguing that he"d had bei affair through a modell called Lucy Clarkson. After die tabloid lost ns court case und was forced to pay Timberlake libel damages, his publicist said, "Yet again, a tabloid has actually been captured lying. Thankfully, die judicial process worked." However, whispers von alleged cheating continued. 

During a 2014 appearance on The Graham Norton Show, Diaz discussed infidelity without specify name names und said, "There"s a moment an everybody"s time wherein ... They uncover that somebody has actually betrayed them weist some level." She added, "It"s okay if you did. Everybody gets cheated on." Yikes. While promoting produziert movie, The various other Woman, which zu sein about a serial cheater, Diaz revisited herstellung anonymous infidelity claims und told die Express, "Whenever there"s in end, there"s a new beginning. You can"t waste her time und energy dwelling on what occurred or what could"ve been or what might"ve been. Relationship come, relationship go, or they continue to be or evolve, however we continue to be alive." 

Whether or not Diaz"s connection with Timberlake ended in this way ist unclear, but weist least the actress has actually a healthy approach kommen sie moving forward with herstellung life.

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Many celebrities find themselves gift followed by the paparazzi, dafür it"s unsurprising the Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake were well-known subjects zum photographers betwee 2003 and 2007. Diaz discussed produziert interactions with ns paparazzi during a December 2006 interview with W magazine — including in incident bei which die two were "surprised" by a couple photographers who"d been hiding bei foliage near ns Chateau Marmont bei Los Angeles. According to ns outlet, "Diaz grabbed a camera indigenous one of them and, the claimed, win him in the neck und tripped him. The photographers sue Diaz und Timberlake zum assault, und the case was settled in 2005." 

Of ns incident, Diaz explained, "Something happened bei our industry, an our society, and there was in explosion von this really aggressive group of people. I don"t also know if they"re people, these paparazzi." A similar situation happened to ns couple in 2006, v Diaz informing W, "This man jumps out des the bushes in the middle von the night and starts chasing me under the street ... I"m literally screaming. And Justin"s comes out of the house. He think his girlfriend"s obtaining assaulted." back the fotograf quickly drive away, Diaz was clearly shaken by the event, and the then-couple contacted the police about die scary incident.

There are clearly some significant downsides to being famous, and perhaps the stress des being bei such a high-profile romance contributed to ns couple"s ultimate split.

Despite gift together zum over three years, Cameron Diaz und Justin Timberlake never ever officially lived together. In 2006, Timberlake said GQ (via CBS News), "I schutz my own house. It"s an extremely important. Healthy. Don"t sie ever need your own space?" follow me with ns then-couple"s insistence that they didn"t want kommen sie get married und settle down, castle both so valued their independence. Despite now being married kommen sie Benji Madden, Diaz told InStyle bei 2019, "I favor doing my very own thing." can it be the Diaz"s liebe of being independent, und Timberlake"s desire zu keep his own place, führen zu to their 2007 split?

Regardless des why ns couple walk their different ways, they blieb appear zu be on good terms, and have both moved forward with their lives — not only in marriage, but also with children. While Timberlake welcomed a son, Silas, through wife jessica Biel bei 2015, Diaz gave birth kommen sie a daughter called Raddix on Dec. 30, 2019.

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While it"s notfall always die case wie man it comes kommen sie celeb breakups, things weil das Timberlake and Diaz seem to oase worked out weil das the best in the end — and we"ll constantly fondly psychic one of Hollywood"s many glamorous couples of the mid-"00s.