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Cologne, German Köln, 4th largest city bei Germany and largest city of die Land (state) des North Rhine–Westphalia. One of the vital inland ports of Europe, it zu sein the historic, cultural, and economic capital des the Rhineland.


A large passenger watercraft passing Cologne Cathedral on ns Rhine River, bei North Rhine–Westphalia, Germany.

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The best distance across the city from west to east is around 17 mile (27 km) and from north zu south about die same. There space 85 districts, divided into nine Bezirke (city areas). Most of the city lies on the left (west) bank of the river, however it deshalb incorporates a cluster of suburbs on ns right bank, some des which were annexed in 1975. Ns climate von the region is temperate but humid. Typical temperatures an the Cologne area are 36 °F (2 °C) an January and 64 °F (18 °C) in July.

City layout

The semicircular shape von the Inner stadt was initially determined by a defensive wall, 4 miles (6 km) long, that was completed in about 1200. The wall attached several previously separate parishes and afforded protection weil das some 35,000 to 40,000 people. (At the time Cologne was bigger 보다 Paris.) die flat side von the semicircle was formed by the Rhine. Bei the 1880s the medieval fortifications were demolished und replaced über a chain des ring roads, called the Ringstrassen.


Cologne, Germany
Night view des Cologne, Germany, on die Rhine River.

Although Cologne has actually spread far beyond ns confines of the Ringstrassen, its focal allude is blieb within this area, die Inner City. Over there are found the main shopping und business streets—such as ns Hohe Strasse (north-south) und Schildergasse (west-east), both of which oase been close up door to motiv vehicles—as fine as ns city’s historic buildings. Number of bridges expectancy the river at Cologne; five of them to be rebuilt ~ World war II, und the rest were postwar additions.

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A big proportion von Cologne’s area consists of parkland, woods, lakes, sports facilities, und open areas. 2 major park systems follow roughly the concentric patterns von old fortifications around the Innenstadt. The zuerst is nur outside die Ringstrassen und includes (from north zu south) zoological and botanical gardens, die Stadtgarten, and the Volksgarten. The second, the Outer Greenbelt, zu sein a wooded area that stretches weil das miles around die western und southern edge von the city und contains considerable recreation grounds und the Müngersdorfer Stadium. On the right bank of ns river ist the Rhine Park, a large green area surrounding to ns KölnMesse, a convention centre v halls zum fairs and exhibitions. Also located on ns right bank is a spanned multiuse arena offering space zum sporting events and musical concerts.