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Ash vacuum - always clean stoves und fireplaces

Our Ash vacuum comparison offers you the opportunity kommen sie compare different models directly through each other. Basically, in ash vacuum cleaner ist easy to operate, has a one-of-a-kind filter for small dirt und dust particles und is made of sturdy metal.

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The incorporated technology in the ash vacuum cleaners allows quick und easy cleaning von fireplaces und stoves. Thanks kommen sie the power plug, which only needs to be connected zu the energie outlet, die ash vacuum cleaner can be provided directly. Convince yourself und choose one des our five Aschesauger bestsellers!



With fahrzeug wheels usable together industrial und dry vacuum cleaner notfall suitable together a wet vacuum cleaner with safety protect against if filter ist missing
NameAsh vacuum cleaner Kärcher ad 3 Premium Fireplace chimney sweeperAsh vacuum cleaner Rowi RAS Inox fundamental 800 werden chimney vacuum cleanerAsh vacuum cleaner Syntrox Germany 2 in 1 and wet and dry vacuum cleaner KaminsaugerAsh vacuum fox especially zum the extraction of chimney and pellet stove soot vacuum cleanerAschesauger Einhell with engine TH-VC 1318 chimney sweeper soot vacuum cleanerPriceCheck priceCheck priceCheck priceCheck priceCheck pricecomparison resultNote on the comparative grade

manufacturersKärcherRowi ash vacuumSyntroxFOX ash vacuumEinhell ash vacuumPerformance1200W800W1500W1200W500Wcontainer volume17L18L20L6L18L Suitable weil das hot ashes suction170 cm140 cmkA150 cm100 cm cable length4 m2,5 mkAkA2mtransport wheelsFeaturesThe Kärcher ash vacuum cleaner has two filters, a flat pleated filter und a metal coarse dirt filter.Thanks kommen sie its rollers und carrying handle, die ROWI ash vacuum cleaner kann be provided quickly.The Syntrox ash vacuum cleaner detects it, if no filter ist inserted und blocks the use. This prevents use there is no filters.The fuchs ash vacuum cleaner impresses through its compact entwurf with transferring strap.The Einhell ash cleaner has a screen that notifies about the level of the tank. If it transforms red, die container need to be emptied.

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Advantages through floor nozzle v accessory storage twin filter system with cable hook Made of stainless steel with fahrzeug wheels bagless bevelled input manifold With fahrzeug wheels usable together industrial und dry vacuum cleaner notfall suitable together a wet vacuum cleaner through safety stop if filter ist missing with textile strap very compact v filter cleaning duty incl. Brushhead through level indicator v cable rewind with handhaben Easy cleaning des the filter cartridgeSummaryThe Kärcher ash vacuum has many accessories und sophisticated functions. It is easy to clean and usable as a floor cleaner. That earned ns title as a comparison winner.The Rowi ash vacuum cleaner offers an excellent functionality punkt a reasonable price. It ist easy to build together und has enough energie to absorb also larger pieces.The Syntrox ash cleaner has a last of power and a very huge collection container. He also performs well on building sites and in the garden. Ns only drawback: According zu customers, he zu sein not used as a wet vacuum. However, this is stated in the product description.The fox ash vacuum cleaner zu sein the small, mobile helper zum quick chimney cleaning. It is built very compact and high quality and has a carrying strap. So it zu sein easy to handle und takes up little space when not in use.

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The Einhell ash vacuum cleaner ist made of stainless steel und easy to assemble. Unfortunately, that does not oase rollers that would certainly be very useful with in 18L container. With 500 W, it kann sein absorb dust und ash well, however occasionally fails on larger chunks.To the amazonas offer