Manchester United's Cristiano Ronaldo during die English premier League soccer match between Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester united at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium bei London, Saturday, Oct. 30, 2021.(AP Photo/Frank Augstein)



Manchester United is leading Group f with a 2-0-1 record following their round 3 victory over Atalanta at alt Trafford. Now they oase a wahrscheinlichkeit to more distance themselves from die Italian mannschaft with back-to-back wins. United are 5th bei the auszeichnungen League coming off a 3-0 success over Tottenham ~ above Saturday.

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Atalanta will be out for revenge after castle watched a 2-0 command slip away in their last outing against Manchester United. They room 1-1-1 und a win against Manchester would certainly turn die tables in Group F.

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GENEVA (AP) — UEFA’s plans for overhauling ns Champions league could still be reviewed, the gruppe that represents European residential leagues stated Friday, including that it may challenge some details that favor storied clubs.

UEFA approved changes in April that would certainly replace die current champions League style — which has actually a six-game gruppe stage — with a einzel league table guaranteeing each team 10 games against 10 various opponents starting bei the 2024-25 season.

However, the 33-nation europe Leagues group now hopes zu revive that long-standing objections to die Champions league taking more revenue and fixture space in the crowded football calendar.

The leagues expect UEFA möchte cut zurück on the 10-game Champions organization format and object zu giving 2 wild-card entries kommen sie teams from significant leagues that don’t qualify on merit, saying those point out should instead go kommen sie domestic location winners from mid-ranking countries.

“We perform think the changes will be made,” stated European Leagues managing director Jacco Swart, adding UEFA had promised “a second phase von the process.”

UEFA has set a mid-December target zu finalize die 2024-25 changes, i beg your pardon could also see a final-four mini tournament quite than die traditional two-leg semifinals.

Details kommen sie agree incorporate a fixture schedule that could extend into january before ns knockout rounds, and how kommen sie determine mannschaft seedings.

The proposal weil das the neu format was drawn hoch with ns help of the oberteil clubs who then banded together to launch a breakaway at sight League nur days before UEFA might approve ns Champions league changes. Ns Super League quickly folded after dealing with a solid backlash from fans, however its starting member clubs schutz long suggested they need an ext Champions league games, and more high-profile games versus each other, to boost their revenue und brands.

However, european Leagues chairman claus Thomsen criticized just how UEFA provides its historical rankings an a method that steers an ext prize money from broadcast deals to the storied clubs.

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“It must be driven by sporting merits,” said Thomsen, that represents ns Danish organization which ist among ns middle ranking that commonly suffer in Champions organization revamps.

UEFA points zu giving european Leagues a large concession because the Champions League wollen continue to be play on midweek dates, leaving weekends protected zum domestic games.

The leagues and ECA are deshalb in talks with UEFA around a post-pandemic update des the “Financial same Play” rules which Überwachen clubs’ income und spending on wages and transfer fees.

UEFA wants to relax the rules limiting how viel wealthy owners kann sein invest an players, which movie critics say risks driving imbalance on the field über inflating wages beyond the means des many clubs.

“Unlimited contributions should notfall be on die table,” Thomsen said, warning of clubs that kann “buy yourself right into a certain sporting advantage.”

At a two-day meeting bei Milan, attended von senior UEFA main Giorgio Marchetti, european Leagues also on Friday announced closer ties zu FIFPRO, the global network des player unions, and the UEFA-recognized fans groups Football pendant Europe (FSE) und Supporters straight Europe.

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